30 Day Health Boost

 Your health and wellness always deserves to be front and center.  And that is why I am launching my brand new online program, 30 Day Health Boost. With this program, you’ll join a community of other like minded people who are looking to make positive changes in their health right now. Why wait until January 1st? Your health deserves to be a priority right now. 

What is the program? It’s a group health coaching program designed to help you develop strategies to deal with your biggest health challenges, one step at a time. In this program, I’ll break down common challenges to fitness, nutrition, stress management and mindfulness and help you to find your fool proof way to a healthier lifestyle, without any drastic diets, fanatical fitness programs, or “magic potions”.

In this 30 day program, we’ll cover:

  • Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic motivation and how to make each work for you
  • Finding your “why”
  • The 6 easy building blocks of sane nutritional practices
  • Finding the right type of workout for YOU
  • How to program your own workouts
  • 3 Building Blocks of maintaining healthy change
  • Strategies to optimize your healthy changes and how to overcome setbacks and challenges

What is included?

  • 4 Modules – motivation and goals, nutrition, fitness, and maintaining changes
  • Webinars – Each week there will be 1 live webinar covering the current module, these will be recorded and available to you throughout the entire challenge. There will also be 2 live Q&A sessions throughout the challenge. 
  • Workouts – Each week I will deliver 2 workouts — one for home and one for the gym. Use one or both, it’s up to you!
  • Private Facebook Group – A private group to share wins, ask questions, and give and offer support to your fellow group members! This is also where we will have the webinars and Q&A sessions. 
  • Free Printables! Upon joining, you’ll receive your FREE meal planner worksheet, movement log, and my signature healthy living checklist. 

This program is for you if: 

  • You’re tired of the weight loss/healthy living roller coaster 
  • You’ve been trying the same things over and over with out any long term results
  • You have tried one too many “quick fix” plans only to see your progress disappear as soon as you finish the program
  • You have tried all of the pill/juice/powder/meal replacement plans out there and you just want to live and eat normally but STILL see results
  • You want to make some changes to your health and wellness but feel too overwhelmed to start 
  • You’re busy and tired but are ready to start making your own wellness a priority
  • You’re looking for sane strategies for long term success, long after this program has ended! 

So let’s get going! Give me those details. 

You’ll get all of the above for just $39.99. This is a tiny fraction of the price you’d pay to work with a health coach privately for a month!

Registration for the current session is now closed. Please contact me to be put on the list for our next round of the 30 Day Health Boost!

Click Below to start your quick registration, and you’ll receive your invoice and FREE printables within 24 hours! 

Registration is now closed for the current session. Contact me to be put on the list for the next round of the 30 Day Health Boost! 

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