Moving On Up – New Services Now Available

And we’re moving on up!

Well, not exactly moving, because I’m still right here on this blog, but you know what I mean.

New services of Rondeau Health and Wellness have arrived, and you can access them all HERE at my new site.

Don’t worry, this blog will remain right where it is for the time being. I may switch over to self hosted at some point (probably, actually), but I’ve got a ton going on right now and I just don’t think I can add that to the list.

So for now, I’ll link over to the new site and let you go check it out!

Go on, I’ll wait.

Alrighty, now that we’ve all taken a peek, let’s chat!

As mentioned before, I’m now offering customized workout plans (for distance and local clients alike), Personal Training and Small Group Training services for those local to the Boston area, pre-written programs, and as always offering Rondeau Group Fitness classes on Tuesday and Thursday mornings right here in Boston!

Geesh, this is a lot, huh? But it’s a lot of exciting stuff that I hope you will take advantage of and also share with your friends who might be interested as well. Because sharing is caring!

Let’s break these down a little bit further, and then you can go read more on the services site as well.

Pre Written Programs – Do you ever find yourself wandering around the gym, not sure what to do next? Do you feel lost in terms of when to workout, for how long, and which body parts to challenge? Well take the guess work out with my Be Strong program. This is an 8 week strength based program geared toward those at the beginner to intermediate level of strength training/fitness, and will push you to be stronger, be confident, and #BeBetter! With your easy one-time purchase of only $29.99, you’ll receive a welcome pamphlet, 8 weeks of workouts, as well as detailed exercise descriptions. If you’re looking for an economic way to kick your fitness and strength into the next gear, this is the perfect option for you! You can read more about it at Rondeau Health and Wellness or buy directly here.

Custom Fitness Programs – Customized 12 week fitness programs designed just for YOU and your goals and needs. Please contact me for pricing, as well as to receive a questionnaire so that I can get to understand your goals and needs a little bit better. Do you want to shed a little fat? Do you want to get stronger? Do you want to feel more confident when you enter the gym? Do you want arms that will make jaws drop to the floor? Send me a message and let’s get you started on your very own, customized journey that is built around one thing. YOU.

Personal Training – High energy, positive personal training services for those local to the Boston area. Let me help you reach your goals with one on one attention and a program that was designed specifically for you and your body. You may choose to be trained in your home or at an outdoor location– the options are endless! This city can be an amazing place to get a workout in, and all you’ll need is yourself. I will provide equipment, motivation, and a positive atmosphere for you to reach your goals.

Small Group Training – For those who want some personalized attention but would like a little bit less of a financial commitment, small group training is the way to go! Gather a group of your friends, anywhere from 2-5 people, and we’ll set up training times just as we would for personal training. We can train in home if possible, but more than likely these would be outdoor sessions due to space for multiple people. Pricing per person can be found over at the new site, so if you’re interested, check it out!

Rondeau Group Fitness – As always, Rondeau Group Fitness is held every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 6:30 am. This year we have changed locations to Fallon Field in Roslindale, a great space with some hills, stairs, and open field space to challenge you in a new way every class! It’s a high energy class with great tunes and positive energy — if you’re local to the area, come enjoy your first class FREE with absolutely no commitment!

RondeauGroupFitness-Icon 300x300

I’m beyond excited to be offering these services to those local to Boston as well as people all over the world through distance coaching. Please let me know if you have any questions, and also please remember to share the new Rondeau Health and Wellness page with your friends and on social media. From small steps to larger commitments, there are plans and services here for everyone. I can help you find your #BeBetter moment, and I’m excited to have the opportunity to do so. Let’s go!



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