20 Week Update: Halfway There

So here I am at 20 weeks! My, these past few months have flown by and it seems so hard to believe that I’m halfway to having this little one in my arms.

14 and 20 weeks

Here I am at 14 weeks (left) and 20 weeks (right). Things sure are changing quickly, but I’m still feeling pretty great! 

First things first, for those who don’t follow me on Instagram, we found out a couple of weeks ago that we’re having a little girl!! It’s funny because I was 100% convinced we were having a boy (for no reason at all, just a gut feeling), but I couldn’t be more excited to bring a strong little lady into this world. Let’s not talk about the fact that my mothers intuition is already way off — hopefully that gets a little better as time goes on.


At this time, baby is the size of a banana. That seems so big to me! She’s in the super fast growth phase now, so things will be changing rapidly from here on in.

How am I feeling?

Overall, I’ve been feeling great for the last few weeks — I’m still pretty tired overall, and forget about me being a functioning human if I don’t get at least 8-9 hours of sleep, but no real symptoms besides that. I’m just kind of cruising along at this point, fascinated by my growing belly and in awe of the fact that this baby will be here in just a few short months!


As far as cravings go, I haven’t really had any super strong cravings that I can think of. I’m still loving fruit, and tomatoes have really been on my mind lately as well, but there hasn’t really been anything that I just have to have. I must say, I’m kind of waiting for some weird cravings to hit, because right now my eating habits are just about identical to my non-pregnant eating habits. And that’s quite boring, huh?


My workouts have continued to be pretty normal in terms of frequency/duration, although the intensity has taken a hit. I am still running about once per week, spinning once or twice per week as well. I also have been walking a ton, and frequently head out to walk some of the super steep hills by my house. Since I’m not lifting quite as much as I would like, I’ve got to keep these glutes in shape some how, and hills do a pretty good job of that!

As for workout intensity, knowing when to rest is key. There are some days when I know I can’t push through, and there are some days when I feel totally “normal” in terms of energy. For instance, the hill I run near my house is very steep and pretty long. Pre-pregnancy, I used to run all the way up and down without resting, for anywhere from 6-12 reps. Now, I run about 2/3 of the way up, walk the rest of the way up, and lightly jog down. I do this for only about 6 reps now before my body says “ok, that’s enough!”.

It’s all about paying close attention to the cues I get from my body on a daily basis.

And while we should all always “listen”, this is more important than ever before since now I’m caring for a little one inside of me, and not just myself! There have been a few times when I’ve done too much, and I’ve paid for it in the form of being completely lethargic and feeling horrible for the rest of the day. Trust me, I’ve learned not to hit that point again.

As far as the weight room goes, I have been lifting 2-3 days per week, usually full body lifts. If I’m feeling particularly lethargic one day, I’ll skip lower body stuff and focus on my upper body as I feel that stresses my body less overall. I’ve learned to really listen to my body well, and it’s gotten very good at telling me when I’ve pushed a bit too hard or worked out too many days in a row. I’ve come to really appreciate off days, and always feel 100% again after taking a day to totally rest.

Since I can only do so much to control what my body is going to do from the chest down during this pregnancy, I figure the one thing I have a decent amount of control over is my upper body (arms/shoulders). One main goal that I have for myself is to continue doing unassisted chin ups for as long as I can…and I can still do a couple! I also do a few sets of band assisted chin ups/pull ups just about every day to maintain my strength in this area. And surprisingly enough, my strength has actually gone up in some of my main upper body lifts, which I’m pretty happy with. I figure the longer I can keep doing unassisted chin ups, the easier they’ll be after baby when the weight starts to come off.


No consistent pain yet, although my SI joints do like to scream at me every now and then. I’ve found if I’m really diligent with foam rolling and also lacrosse ball rolling along my sacrum, I can keep it under control pretty well at this point. Other than that, my body seems to be responding pretty well thus far, and nothing has become too angry with me. I do get some pains every now and then if I don’t drink enough water or if I do a little bit too much, but I recognize those quickly and rest up when I need to.


Luckily I’m still sleeping well at this point! I haven’t invested in a pregnancy pillow yet, although I’ve had many people tell me that they’re totally worth the money. I’ve always been a side sleeper though, so I guess my body is used to sleeping in this position. I suppose as I get a little bit bigger a supportive pillow will probably be necessary, but I’ve been putting that off for as long as I can.

I think that’s about it right? Is there anything else to include in one of these updates? Anyway, happy Monday everyone, I hope you all have a great week!




3 thoughts on “20 Week Update: Halfway There

  1. Looking great, Steph! I really didn’t start getting uncomfortable with sleep (I’m typically a side sleeper as well but I find that I still worry about squishing the side of my belly) until about 30 weeks… Sleep since 31-32 weeks has been pretty inconsistent for me haha! I bought a body pillow but I pretty much just use it to help prop be up in bed. Any sleep that I get, I’m practically at a 45 degree angle.
    Other than sweets (which I’ve had a weakness for my entire life), I don’t crave much either. I eat a lot of sweets (from dark chocolate chip and almond kashi bars to coffee cookies and cream ice cream) and clementines (3-4 a day!).
    I’m happy that you’re still able to get some working out in. Other than the walking I do (at work and when I’m doing stuff around the house), I don’t get as much exercise as I had hoped I would at this point. But I wasn’t very active when I found out we were expecting, so I wasn’t going to kick into gear then…

    Keep up the good work, Momma! It’s such an exciting journey!

  2. Oh my gosh! Congratulations!!!! I just now saw that you are pregnant. I am pregnant with a girl too! 22 weeks. So neat to see another blogger going through the same thing.

  3. you look great! And as a fellow avid workout enthusiast, I love seeing how you’re still able to move a lot during your pregnancy! Can’t believe you’re halfway there 🙂

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