Good Reads 4.1.2016

Happy April Fools Day!

I’m not sure what’s “happy” about April Fools Day, but we’ll just go with it. Come to think of it, there’s only one prank that stands out in my mind over the years and it was anything but happy. Many many moons ago, when Will and I first started dating, things were going great. Then we got to about 8 months into a real relationship, and he called me one day (we lived about 45 minutes apart at that point), and said we “needed to talk”.

Everyone knows that phrase never means anything good.

He proceded to tell me in very vague terms that things were changing and he just wanted to meet up to… talk.

OBVIOUSLY I thought we were breaking up, and in that moment had no idea of the date. Of course it was April 1. Of course he thought he was being funny.

So just a little PSA for all of you out there… April Fools Pranks must never include even a hint of a break up — it’s never ever as funny as you think it might be. In fact, I’m pretty sure I missed a great chance for a revenge prank on that one, but it’s really just not in my blood.

Anyway, obviously he wasn’t actually breaking up with me because we are happily married today, although for some reason when I bring that up he STILL laughs about it. Such a comedian, that one!

I would hit you guys with a prank today but I’m just about the world’s worst liar and I’d have to come clean in about 3.5 seconds. So instead, I’ll just let you take in these links, all good reads that I’ve found within the past few weeks.

Ranging from body positivity to the convergence of athletic training and personal training, I think we cover a pretty wide spectrum here!

Why I Won’t Apologize For Posting About My Run on Social Media  From Dr. Mom at Sammiches Psych Meds. Do you sometimes get annoyed by people who post every workout on social media? There could actually be some great benefits to it, and it’s not just about bragging rights.

Is Perfectionism Holding Your Training Back?  From the folks over at Breaking Muscle. This goes along with a couple of posts I’ve written lately, speaking to the fact that success doesn’t necessarily equal perfection and striving for that may lead to unrealistic expectations and let downs. Take the set backs in stride and keep moving forward!

What Is An Athletic Trainer and Can They Help The Fitness Industry? From the PTDC. As I’m in a unique position of being both an athletic trainer and a personal trainer, I can understand both professions and how they might benefit each other. But for someone who has never worked with an athletic trainer, that may not be the case. I’m a firm believer that fitness professionals should be open to working with health care professionals when needed — we’re all after the same goals, are we not?

Fat Loss Is Okay.  From Erika over at Hurst Strength.Does body positivity mean that you give up on wanting to improve yourself? Can you be working towards fat loss but still preach about body positivity and training for strength vs. aesthetics? Erika breaks it down here very well, and tells us that YES, you can work on both of these concurrently (and successfully).

Happy Friday everyone.. Have a great weekend!



7 thoughts on “Good Reads 4.1.2016

  1. omg Roberto played a similar April fools joke on me when we first started dating- it was the worst!!

    1. Seriously? Why do guys think this is funny?!

  2. Glad you two can laugh! I’m not a huge fan of April fools – a good day to stay off social media. 😉 Thanks for the reads!


    1. Haha, trust me, I can laugh about it now, but at the time it was a different story!

  3. Eek what a mean joke! I didn’t think of a good one this year, but last year I told John I was becoming a vegetarian and only wanted to cook vegetarian dinners from then on. He’s a big carnivore, so he didn’t take it well haha.

    1. It was so mean! He still thinks it’s so funny though. Ooh I like the vegetarian idea, I bet he was more than a little disappointed!

  4. I think it not really so good.

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