Monday Musings {3.21}

Well hello there!

I hope everyone out there had a wonderful weekend — perhaps you were celebrating St. Patty’s day? If you’re in the Boston area like me, the parade was yesterday, and it sure tends to get a little rowdy around here. So hopefully you’re not feeling a little under the weather from your Sunday Funday, or maybe you are and it was all worth it!

It’s time for another round of Monday Musings, my time to ramble on about whatever it is that comes to mind. So grab your cup of coffee and snuggle into your favorite over stuffed chair, today we’re talking motivation, inspiration, and the latest happenings in my world.


Never stop learning, always find a way to #bebetter. 

I spent the first half of this weekend at the Perform Better 1-Day seminar here in Boston. I’ve attended their 3-day seminar in the past (and loved it), so when I realized that I would be able to make it to this, and that it was right down the street, I was pumped! The speakers for the day included the always amazing Martin Rooney, as well as some other incredible names in the strength and conditioning world: Mike Boyle, Charlie Weingroff, and Lee Burton. The entire morning was made up of lectures by each presenter, and then in the afternoon we were split into groups to cycle through hands on sessions with each of them.

Although they are all wonderful, I have to admit that I was the most captivated by Martin Rooney. I’ve heard him speak before, and every time I do he lights a fire under me like no other. He’s one of the most energetic, most motivating people I’ve ever heard speak, and he displays a passion through his words that is almost hard to believe. His talk was on coaching, and the keys to becoming a better coach. And do you know why I appreciated this so much? Because the way that he went about it forced me to look at the way that I do everything with this blog, with my group fitness, and with individual clients, and figure out a way that I can really be better. It wasn’t about tearing us down or telling us exactly what to do, it was about giving us the tools to look within ourselves and our work, and figuring out ways to become the very best at what we’re doing. Am I ready to make some of these changes? Well, I’m certainly working on it and I hope to be able to look back in a few months and realize that my hard work is starting to pay off. Ready go!

My body can do whatever the heck I want it to do. 

This one might sound kind of funny, but it’s true. As most of you know, last week I was in Florida with the women’s lacrosse team that I work with. While we were there, because we were staying in houses, I didn’t have access to a gym or any type of formal workout equipment. What we did have was about a 1/2 mile loop around the housing development, and a few resistance bands that I had packed in my bag. So do you know what I did? I ended up running 4 days out of 5, adding in a circuit on one of those days, and doing a resistance band circuit on that 5th day. If anyone here has been paying attention, I generally run ONCE per week. One whole time. And I really like it that way; I find it relaxing. I pick it up if I’m training for something, but otherwise the rest of my time is spent in the weight room, with some kettle bells, or on a spin bike.

Well, without any of those things at my disposal, I knew it was up to me to make the most of it. So instead of making excuses, I was able to get up early every morning and go on a run to start the day. I did about a 5k every one of those running days, and might I say that I was a little surprised at how well my legs held up with 4 runs over the course of 5 days? After the 3rd, I expected to get sore and tired, and thought that 3 would be good enough. But believe it or not, I woke up the next morning feeling fresh, and made that 4th 5k happen. Were they all pretty? No, not really, but I will say that I was really happy with my splits for most of them, picking up the pace with each mile even in the heat.


Not to mention that this was my view while running.. not bad, huh?

Mostly, it was just nice to see that my body will respond to whatever I ask it to do — within reason of course. If I do get stuck without a gym or other equipment any time soon, at least I know that these legs can stand up to multiple runs, even if it’s not my norm. Sometimes we just have to lace up and move on without making excuses, and when we do, we might discover something about ourselves that we didn’t even know was in there. Winning!

Hello, Spring! 

Yes, even though we didn’t really have a winter (and we just had snow last night), I’m happy to say that it’s finally officially spring. Once this snow gets the heck out of here, I’m more than ready to break out my springy clothes, ready to get rid of the puffy coat and Bean Boots, and ready for some beautiful spring evening walks. Spring time is my absolute favorite time in Boston, it’s just so beautiful to see the city filled with color after a drab and dreary winter season. Some flowers have already started blooming because of the relatively warm winter we had, so I have a feeling that despite this storm, we’ll be in full spring swing pretty soon!

That’s all for today, enjoy your week everyone! I’ll be back on Wednesday with a quickie barbell complex for you to try out on your next trip to the gym.

Readers: What’s your favorite season? Have you ever been to a Perform Better summit? When was the last time your body surprised you with a workout success? 


2 thoughts on “Monday Musings {3.21}

  1. I’m a Spring person too. Super happy that the mornings are lighting my window and it’s not dark when I get off work. It is easier to keep myself motivated … Sounds like a great weekend for you!


  2. that course sounds amazing!! Once the wedding is over and my boxing certification is complete I want to start going to more things like that. Great job on so much running! The same thing happens to me when I travel- I just try to make the most of what I can! hope you have a great week!

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