Good Reads: Blizzard Edition

Hello there and happy day-after-the-Super Bowl! I hope everyone enjoyed the game last night and isn’t in too much of a food coma today! I’m not gonna lie, I wasn’t that into the game this year with the Pats having such a crushing exit in the AFC Championship. I did watch (Puppy Monkey Baby, anyone?) and had fun, but it didn’t hold the same excitement that it has in other years. My friends and I feasted on some awesome snacks, including wings, chili, cornbread, chips, guac, veggies and the delicious roasted red pepper dip from PaleOMG. I have made this dip for the past 3 Super Bowls and it is always a hit! It’s super easy to whip together, and healthy too. Definitely try this out next time you need a snack to bring to a party.

Red Pepper Dip

I’m bringing some good reads your way on this blizzard-y Monday , just a few things that have caught my eye lately. I’ll be honest, not all of these have to do with health and fitness, but I think you’ll enjoy them anyway. And if you’re snowed in like me, you’ll have plenty of time today to click through them!

8 Weird Things Healthy People Do & How You Can Start Doing Them Too. From Bustle. I’ll be the first to admit, I initially clicked on this when I saw it on Pinterest, fully expecting it to be chalk full of bullshit advice that I could then write a response to on this very blog. I was pleasantly surprised when most of the advice here turned out to be pretty good!

15 Surprising Things Productive People Do Differently. From Forbes Online. I have some things on this list that I’m working on currently, and there are some things on this list that I think we should all want to work on. Just some good things to think about, especially if you’re looking to move up in your field, become more independent in your employment, or even just to be more productive in general. File this under: motivation!

The 23 Best Movies on Netflix You Haven’t Seen Yet.  Forget being productive, now let’s just sit around and watch movies. Will and I recently watched #12 on this list, The Imposter, and it didn’t let me down. This will be my new go-to when we’re having an at-home movie night and can’t decide!

The CDC’s Incredibly Condescending Warning To Young Women.  From Washington Post Opinions. I get it, the CDC is trying to do the right thing by warning women about the risks of alcohol on early pregnancy. But this piece brilliantly states why they went about it all wrong, and will give you a few chuckles along the way. Feminism, man, it’s a beautiful thing.

Why It’s So Hard To Cut Back on Sugar (and what to do about it).  From Washington Post Wellness. Sugar sugar sugar sugar! We all know that sugar is not great for us, and we all know that we need to decrease our intake — at least I hope we all know that, by now. But that can be extremely hard for some, and this is a great read on the reasons why. Nothing ground breaking here, just a well written piece that I think would be valuable to share with people in your life, or if you’re a personal trainer, with clients who may be struggling with this very aspect of healthy living.

That’s all for today. If you’re in New England, stay warm, dry, and safe! Maybe get a little workout in by shoveling, but other than that, hopefully you can just cuddle up on the couch and drink some hot cocoa. Isn’t that what snow days are for?

Readers: What’s your favorite healthy Super Bowl snack? Did you watch the game last night? What was your favorite commercial? 

1 thought on “Good Reads: Blizzard Edition

  1. great reads!! I really enjoyed the first article you linked- it’s funny that I never really noticed how working out is just something that’s part of my day. I don’t look for ways to get out of it and don’t generally think of not doing it (unless it’s a rest day, of course!). I had to agree with a lot of the points in that article.

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