Healthy Thanksgiving? Thanks, but No Thanks

I’m not going to stick around long today, because I’m too busy baking pie and hanging around my house in my sweatpants.
But what I am going to say, briefly, is a message to all of my US friends who will be celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow.

No, Thanksgiving is not all about the food (wait, what?), but food does tend to be the central focus of most holiday gatherings. And so, my message today is not about what I’m thankful for, which is so, so, so much these days. My message today is about the (absurdly delicious) food.

SO many people stress about what to eat and what not to eat at the holidays — how many calories is on that plate? How many miles will I have to run to burn that off? How will I ever live with myself after today?!?

Well, my PSA to you today is to SHUT THE F*** UP. Seriously. Not trying to be rude here, but stop it with that nonsense. Take your food stress and throw it right out the window. Eat the pie. Eat the buttery mashed potatoes. Eat the weird green Jello thing your aunt always brings. EAT THE DAMN STUFFING. Eat whatever you want to eat, and enjoy every bit of it. And then probably go back and enjoy another slice of pie. (Don’t forget the whipped cream).

Go back to your healthy lifestyle and moderation tomorrow, because Thanksgiving is not Thanksgiving at all without a few slices of pie, amiright?

Eat it all. Have no regrets. Have no guilt. Loosen up your pants and live a little!

There, I’ve said it.

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!

2 thoughts on “Healthy Thanksgiving? Thanks, but No Thanks

  1. Love this! Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving, Steph!

  2. AMEN! so tired of that mentality!

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