A Weekend in Pictures: San Diego

Hello friends!

Will and I got back yesterday from a whirlwind of a weekend in San Diego to celebrate the wedding of two of our good friends. The wedding itself was absolutely amazing — the scenery was incredible and it was such a fun group of people, I don’t think it could have turned out any better!

The whole weekend though, from start to finish, was great as well. Here we go!

Very early Friday morning, I left for the West Coast. Will had already gone out a few days before, so it was just me getting out the door that morning. I may or may not have come super close to missing my flight. Oops!

Since I had to leave my house at 4 am, breakfast was brought on the plane with me. I had a little bit left in this local greek yogurt, so I packed that up with some peanut butter and some granola/dates in my little ReebokOne GoStak, and I was good to go! It was a nice breakfast on a plane instead of the usual airport fare of a bagel or pastry.


Once I landed in San Diego, I was surprised to be picked up at the airport in this by Will and our friends Zack and Emily… talk about arriving in style!


Our first stop in San Diego was for what else… Tacos! We ended up going to a place called City Tacos in North Park, and it was delicious! I got the Chorizo and Mahi tacos, and wished that I could eat a thousand of them — that chorizo one was to die for.


Friday night we went to the rehearsal dinner at the bride’s parents’ house, and then I crashed pretty early as I had been up since 3:45 that morning! Saturday morning, with Will on Groomsmen duties all day, I had a few hours to kill until the festivities began.

The evening before, on a walk to the store from the hotel, I found this great set of stairs leading from the sidewalk up a hill to a restaurant. Being that I have a crazy love of stair workouts, I knew this would be where my workout would be the next day, instead of the stuffy hotel fitness center.

So out I went to the stairs, and it was perfect! Pretty hot for what I’m used to right now, but I got in some sweaty stair work along with what felt like a thousand push-ups. The view from the top of the stairs was pretty amazing too — I don’t quite get a view like that when I run stairs in the park at home!




Following the workout, I decided to go take a dip in the pool to cool off (rough life, right?). I then stayed out in the sun to do some program writing while catching some rays on this pale New England skin.


Saturday night was the wedding and as I said before, it was perfect! Taking place again at the bride’s parent’s house, with a view of the surrounding mountains, it could not have been more picturesque. The entire night was a blast, but I’ve only got a couple of pictures for ya!



Sunday was spent at a brunch with the bride and groom, and then cruising around San Diego for a while as our flight wasn’t until later that night. Since Will had already spent a few days there, he knew right where to take me!

Of course, coffee was the first stop.


…followed by lunch at this awesome place called Cafe Gratitude. I loved this place so much. The menu starts with “I AM…”, and each menu item is listed as Happy, Grateful, Incredible, etc. When you order, you say to the waiter “I am ____” and your menu choice. Then, the best part is that when they bring your food to you, your waiter says “You are____”. For instance, when Will got his smoothie delivered, the waiter said “You are incredible”. How awesome is that?

The food is all vegetarian, vegan and a lot of it is raw. And trust me, you leave there feeling on top of the world. Everything tastes so fresh! I tried “Happy”, a raw falafel wrap, and it was so incredibly flavorful. I’m not sure how they made raw falafel so crunchy, but it definitely wasn’t lacking anything by being raw. I can’t remember the name of Will’s dish, but it was also delicious and fresh!




We followed up lunch by walking around downtown for the rest of the afternoon, just browsing through shops, exploring, and quite honestly, waiting until we were hungry again for dinner.

That evening, we went to Juniper and Ivy for dinner, a restaurant that we had heard about through friends. It did not disappoint! We weren’t starving, so we intended to just get a few small plates (what they specialize in) to share. What we didn’t realize was that their small plates are actually quite generous portions, and we ended up with more food than we planned! Don’t worry though, none of it went to waste as it was insanely delicious.

We started out with deviled eggs, but these were not your run of the mill deviled eggs! The white of these was made from a dehydrated egg white meringue, which literally melted in your mouth. It was such an interesting take on this dish and definitely unlike anything I’ve ever had before!


We then had a buttermilk biscuit that came with foie gras butter. I don’t even have any words to describe this — it was that good.


We finished up the meal with sugar snap peas, a delicious brussels sprouts dish, and lamb bolognese. I didn’t get pictures of any of this because I was too busy raving over how good everything was. Trust me, if you visit or live in the San Diego area, make a point to get here for dinner at some point! (And don’t forget that heavenly biscuit)

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend that went by way too fast!

Sunday night, we flew back here on a Red Eye flight — needless to say, work yesterday was interesting. Was it worth it though? Heck yes.


Readers: What’s the best meal you’ve had when traveling? Have you been to San Diego? How do you tend to workout when traveling — do you find places outside or stick to the hotel gym?

3 thoughts on “A Weekend in Pictures: San Diego

  1. Mmmm those tacos! We have a place here that has a chorizo taco and I’m obsessed with it.

    I tend to just use walking as my workout when I’m travelling – I like to do a lot of sightseeing!

    Love your dress! You guys look great. 🙂

  2. I love everything about everything in this post! I have never been to San Diego but I’ve only heard good things, and I absolutely love the sounds of all the food you got.. YUMMMM. I love stair workouts myself and did one when I was in San Francisco last year- way better than working out in the gym! Although when I travel I do whatever works best based on where I am 🙂

  3. My travel workouts depend on a few factors. If the hotel is in a safe area to run or hike and the weather cooperates I love to explore as my workout. If not, and I have some extra cash and a friend along I love to check out aa local yoga class. If those don’t work… There’s always something that can be done in the hotel gym

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