Rondeau Group Fitness – Extended into Fall!

I have exciting news — Rondeau Group Fitness will be extended into the fall!


I originally planned to run this group through the summer months only, but I have recently decided that we will keep going into the fall. At least through September and probably October, weather permitting! We may get a little chilly at some point, but all the more reason to warm up with some killer workouts, right?

I love, LOVE, teaching this group. There are some amazingly strong, talented, successful women who come to work out with me each week, and they bring it every time. I would like to take this opportunity to invite YOU to join us, if you’re in the Boston area!

We meet every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30 am in Franklin Park. Please click here for more details if you or a friend might be interested!

Here’s a little bit about what we do at RGF:

We smile

We work hard

We sweat

We encourage eachother

We welcome ALL levels of physical ability — just starting on your fitness journey? Great! Just ran a marathon? Wonderful! Somewhere in between? PERFECT!

(And we occasionally do burpees…Shhh.)

Things we don’t do at RGF:

Tear down our bodies or anyone else’s

Give up because we don’t think we can do something

Mountain Climbers (seriously, you won’t do them with me, I hate them).

And don’t forget that you get your very first class FREE. All I ask is if you enjoy it, tell your friends who may be interested too. The more the merrier, especially when it comes to Plank Chains (join us to find out what that is!)

*If you want a sneak peek into what we’ve been doing, sign up for the Rondeau Group Fitness Newsletter HERE!*

So if you’ve been feeling like it’s too late to start on your summer fitness plan (it’s not), or  you have a friend who has been putting off a fitness routine for one reason or another, this is the perfect time to join Rondeau Group Fitness. Finish out your summer and head into fall with the strength, power, and confidence you’ve been looking for. And join a fantastic          group of ladies as icing on the cake! (Men welcome too, of course!)

Please share this with anyone you think might be interested, and join us soon if you’re interested yourself! Drop ins are welcome, or sign up for specific classes here. See you soon!

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