New Balance and Barry’s Bootcamp

A few weeks ago, I arrived home to a glorious surprise on my doorstep. Unbeknownst to me, New Balance was (is) pairing up with Kate Spade Saturday to create a line of fun, funky sneakers that can take you to the gym, around town on a Saturday, or anywhere in between. When I opened the box, I was excited to find a handwritten note about the product, as well as these beauties right here:

New Balance NBxKSS

Needless to say, after the winter we’ve had, the burst of yellow was akin to some MUCH needed sunshine in my life. Also in the box was an offer to try out a Barry’s Bootcamp class here in Boston. You may remember I’ve tried one of these before with New Balance, and it totally kicked my ass.

Today, I just want to talk a little bit about the class and the shoes, and what I love about them both!

The Class

I was trying to figure out a time to go with some other Boston bloggers, but with my weirdo work schedule, it just wasn’t going to work out. I ended up going solo to a weekday morning “butt and legs” class, which I was equally excited and nervous for. If you remember, the first Barry’s class I went to had been after work, and training after work for me has always been deathly difficult. Going before work, plus going to a butt and legs class would hopefully make this time around a little bit better.

Barrys Bootcamp 3

Class setup. You can see the treadmills on the left, and floor section on the right.

The class was taught by Sarah, and was super high intensity and high energy throughout. Barry’s classes are split into floor work and treadmill work, alternating between the two. There were a lot of incline sprints, lunges, squats, and burpees, and at the end of it I was dead, but in a good way. I would say the hardest part was the “manual” mode on the treadmills, when the power was turned off and we were pushing the belts under our own power. With the manual power, running at a 4.0 felt like a hill sprint, and left me totally gassed.

It was helpful my second time around to know what to expect with the treadmill work, but that didn’t make it any easier! If you’re looking for a high intensity workout to add to your routine, I definitely recommend checking out a Barry’s Bootcamp in your area.

Barrys Bootcamp

Sweaty post-class pic with Sarah — Thanks for a great class! 

The Shoes:

Can I say enough about these shoes? I love them. The color is fantastic and fun, and they are seriously comfortable. I will admit that I was skeptical to run in them at Barry’s, because my feet/legs tend to be very picky about what shoes I run in, but it ended up going just fine and they felt great. I don’t think I would run in these long distance, but for a class, they offered the perfect amount of support.

Barrys Bootcamp 2

Not only are they comfortable and supportive, but they’re definitely cute enough to wear around for a casual “Saturday” (hehe, get it?) or any day! I have received so many compliments on these shoes every time I wear them.  And trust me, it’s hard for me to find sneakers that I want to wear around on a regular basis. I have a hard time finding sneakers that I feel work with casual, non-athletic outfits. These work. They are cute and casual, and low profile enough to not feel like you’re wearing big clunky sneakers (does anyone else feel clunky when they wear sneakers with jeans, or is that just me?).

There are a couple different models of the New Balance Kate Spade Saturday, the WX711 (what I have) and the WX811.  These are limited edition shoes, so if you want a pair I’d snag them now! However, if you can’t get your hands on one of the NBxKSS styles, New Balance does have the 711 and 811 outside of the limited edition KSS, which are available now.

Here’s a little bit of information on each one to help you make your decision. 🙂

“For spring 2015, New Balance introduces a new fitness trainer for women in which science meets style: the 811. Inspired by Kinesiology taping techniques and the aesthetic it creates, the 811 provides bonded lightweight, strategically-positioned support for athletes. The versatile shoe can take women from studio and circuit training to cardio workouts without sacrificing style. The full CUSH+ midsole provides lightweight cushioning, and Fantom Tape technology enhances the mesh upper to deliver dynamic support to move with the foot.”

“The WX711 features Cush+ technology, providing one of the softest midsole foams offered by New Balance designed to comfortably take you through your whole workout, whether in the gym or the studio. But its extra softness doesn’t mean sacrificing durability. Cush+ is responsive, offering extra bounce to help keep you moving. Forefoot flex grooves enhance flexibility, enabling you to move freely, while a minimal upper construction provides a contoured fit.”

So there you have it, great shoes, great class, I couldn’t ask for more! I want to send HUGE Thank You to New Balance and to Barry’s Bootcamp for their generosity. Now, I’m off to brighten the world a little bit in my NBxKSS kicks!

New Balance NBxKSS 2

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post, although I did receive a pair of NBxKSS sneakers as well as a complimentary Barrys Bootcamp Class. All opinions, as always, are my own. 

9 thoughts on “New Balance and Barry’s Bootcamp

  1. Sad we couldn’t coordinate this time around. Hopefully something soon! I thought the hardest part of the class I went to was the running backwards and sideways. I have never done that on a treadmill before. Was so thankful the other girls were there to laugh with as I stumbled over my own feet!

    1. Yes hopefully soon!! I am SO HAPPY to report that I did not have to run backwards or sideways. I might not have survived if that had been the case 🙂

  2. How much of a lift do they have in the heel? That class sounds amazing!

    1. Hi Jenny! The drop on these is 8mm. They are pretty low-profile, I would classify them somewhere right in the middle between minimalist and traditional running shoes. Great for cross training in my opinion!

  3. I am looking to get some new trainers soon, this post has been helpful thank you! The class sounds brutal, go you!

    1. Definitely check these out — like I said, I think they would be great for cross training or classes, and they look so cute when worn causally too!

  4. I love Barrys! But the treadmill portion is pure torture 🙂 I need to get back!

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