Good Reads – Weight Loss Edition

Good morning everyone!  I’m sitting here looking out the window into another Winter Wonderland. With my 3rd snow day in the past week, I’d say Boston has been hit pretty hard! I’m not complaining though, since snow days are usually pretty rare when working at a college. Anyway, let’s hop to it.

After an amazing Super Bowl win by the Pats last night (did you guys watch?), I’m feeling pretty excited no matter what today throws at me! Of course the outcome was exactly what I was hoping for, but the game itself was an amazing game — I would venture to say it’s one of the best Super Bowls that I’ve seen, literally coming down to the last seconds (and that pass? What was that??). If you’re not a football fan, perhaps you watch just for the food and commercials? I have to admit, the commercials let me down a bit this year. Over all I didn’t think they were great, although there were a few shining stars in there.

In case you missed it, or haven’t seen this video circling the internet already, go ahead and watch my favorite of the night — from the #likeagirl campaign from Always.

This is actually a longer version of the commercial that was aired during the game, but I think the message is so strong I actually like this one better.

Today we’re going to kind of stick with this theme of perceptions and self esteem, and look at some good reads I’ve found lately that deal with different sides of the weight loss topic. Enjoy, and let me know what you think in the comments!

I Was On The Biggest Loser And It Was The Biggest Mistake I’ve Ever Made – Kai Hibbard on XO Jane.  I’ve posted a few articles about The Biggest Loser on my Facebook page recently, and I’ve written briefly about the show here. I have a lot of feelings about this show, most of them negative, and this article only serves to support them. This is a little bit of a different take than the articles I’ve already posted. Instead of detailing the horrible physical abuse that contestants on this show go through, Kai digs a little bit deeper into the psychological aspect of this “reality” show.

3 Things Women Must Do For Simple Fat Loss – Erica Hurst at Hurst Strength. Erica has a no-nonsense approach to training and this comes across very well in her writing. Fat loss doesn’t have to be complicated, but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy. In this post, Erica outlines three basic principles that must be followed in order for a fat loss plan to be effective. I whole heartedly agree with this entire post, especially #3.

The Unexpected Side Effects of Significant Weight Loss – Guest Post by Kerry Colpitts on Weighty Matters (Yoni Freedhoff). Again, a little bit of a different take on weight loss and the effects it has on the people who succeed. Does losing weight make you a better person? Does it mean that you deserve more in this life?

Dropping Weight Without Losing Strength – Tara Spencer at Sweat Like A Pig. If you’re looking to drop body fat without losing too much strength, Tara does a wonderful job of detailing how she’s going about it for an upcoming competition. Again, fat loss doesn’t have to be complicated, but especially when you’re trying to maintain strength, simple does not mean easy. Check out Tara’s tips,


Why A Fake Article Called Cuckoo For Cocoa Puffs Was Accepted By 17 Medical Journals  – Elizabeth Segran. I had to put this article in here even though it doesn’t really fit in with the whole weight loss theme. I just feel like it’s an important read for people who regularly read fitness, health, and weight loss articles, as these often cite research to prove their point. Why is this article so important to read? Because the author points out just how easy it is to create fake “research”, which can then be cited in the very articles you’re trusting for your own health information. The bottom line is that not all research is equal, in fact not all “research” is even real.

And that’s it. Enjoy your snow day if you’re lucky enough to have one, and for the rest of you, Happy Monday!

5 thoughts on “Good Reads – Weight Loss Edition

  1. Great reads! I can’t wait to check these out. Also, I got TEARY at the Like A Girl commercial during the Super Bowl. My friends made fun of me, and one of them shouted “I smell a blog post coming on!” Then I went on Instagram and saw all my favorite bloggers also writing how they were moved by it, and I felt better haha. I couldn’t help it! Enjoy your snow day!

  2. Nice blog and links. I really like the Like a Girl commercial and I also want to share “This Girl Can” from UK if you haven’t seen that one. It celebrates women doing their thing regardless how they look like. Keep up the importance to support women in exercise and good nutrition. Maria

  3. I think that article with the 3 things women must do for fat loss is so much more than just for fat loss!! I’m not working for fat loss, but I often forget that stress is such a bad thing for our bodies and will think that after a crazy, stressful day I need a crazy good workout. Not true, but so hard to remember! Yesterday I opted for yoga and it was amazing. thanks for sharing! (that commercial got me all choked up, too! so empowering)

  4. That last article raises a great point! Just because a study is published in a journal, it doesn’t make it the ultimate and definitive truth. There’s so much to consider when evaluating research like study design, number of subjects, its limitations, etc. So many people don’t get that!

  5. Thanks for the shout out! I’m going to second the recommendation to check out the “This Girl Can” campaign in the UK. Call me pedantic, but the only thing I don’t like about these campaigns is that they keep focusing on “girls” – I’m a woman, damn it!

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