Life Lately: Blizzard Edition

Well hello everyone! If you’re a reader from New England, you’re probably just digging yourself out from underneath Winter Storm Juno, the blizzard that put a halt to just about everything yesterday. Boston was all but shut down which was pretty crazy. With a travel ban in effect and the subway system shut down, it was like a ghost town!

A lot of schools and businesses are still closed today because the city (and state) is really still digging out.  In fact I’m on my second snow day in a row, and I think this is the first time this has ever happened to me in my career!  Will and I spent yesterday just putzing around the house — I had my nose in the first Game of Thrones book almost all day, and he had some other projects he was working on. We also made sure to get outside and enjoy the storm as well, I find something so exciting about the anticipation of a big storm like this. We went out to shovel and took a walk around the neighborhood — although I’m not sure trudging through 2 feet of unshoveled/unplowed snow can be called a walk!

Steph Snow

Here I am with our buried Prius! 

Anyway, lets get to it.

Workouts Lately

My training sessions lately have been really awesome overall. I am finally getting my deadlift groove back! Since I wasn’t lifting for most of the fall due to injury, I took these first few weeks of January to really groove some of my big lifts, just working on movement patterns and keeping the loads relatively low. This past Monday though, I maxed out my deadlift so that I could have specific numbers to train with. If you missed it on Instagram, there was good news and bad news that came with this lift.

Steph Deadlift

The bad news? I am currently 20 lb away from my previous max of 235. The good news? I’m ONLY 20 lb away from my previous max, despite months of race training and being injured. 215 isn’t my best, but I’ll take it. I know I’ll get back to 235 in no time, and I’m really pushing for 250 lb this year. Can I do it? Only time (and the barbell) will tell!

Besides deadlifts, I haven’t really pushed my other lifts too far yet. I’ve been working a lot with push ups and pull ups for upper body, doing a lot of kettle bell work, and really just working on squat mechanics. I’ve been doing a lot of front squats, single leg work, and more dynamic metabolic work as well, and I’ve been feeling really great! I’ve also been spending a ton of time lately really just working on hip mobility, trying to totally get rid of any butt-wink before I get back to squatting near my max range.

That means I’ve spent a lot of time in the gym lately like this, which has gotten some funny looks…

hip mobility

Food Lately

Again, some of these have already been posted on Instagram, so some of you may have seen a few of these before.

Most weekends, Saturday is our date night and we try to go out to different restaurants each week. We do have a few that we’ve repeated, but with so many awesome restaurants around Boston, it’s easy to go to new places frequently. A couple weekends ago, we tried out a new asian-fusion place in Chinatown called Shojo, a hip little joint with killer cocktails and “small” shared plates. (They say small, we ordered 5 for two people and had way too much food!).

This was one of my favorites of the night — the Kimchi Fried Rice. I’d go back just to have this again!

Shojo Kimchi Rice

Last weekend, during the first snowstorm of the week, we were both craving burgers. We ended up going to one of our favorite burger places in town, Lineage in Coolidge Corner. Their burgers are simple but so, so good. And it’s one place where the bun truly adds a lot to the burger, their bread is some of the best I’ve ever had, hands down.

Lineage Burger

Last weekend also brought a trip down to the South End, where we tried out the brand new Blackbird Doughnuts and stopped into the new (gigantic) Whole Foods for lunch.

Blackbird Doughnuts

Lemon Coconut.. Yummmmm 

Whole Foods Salmon

Made to order Salmon Veggie Rice bowl from Whole Foods 

I’ve also had a few random food finds lately. I have been on a hunt for unsweetened granola, because I love having a little crunch on my yogurt in the mornings. It was proving to be impossible, at least at the stores close to us, and I can’t even find my favorite Renola at most places. I recently found this though, and it’s exactly what I was looking for. Finally, a granola that’s not a total sugar bomb!

New England Naturals Granola

New England Naturals Berry Coconut Granola 

I’ve also been looking for a tasty sauce lately that isn’t soy based. When I prep lunches for the week, a lot of times I’ll make plain pulled chicken with rice, and try to find new sauces and flavorings to switch it up so that I’m not eating the exact same thing over and over again. The trouble is, most pre-made sauces are full of sugar and many are soy based (either with soy sauce, tamari, or soybean oil). I found this gem at Whole Foods last weekend and am hooked — I even had everyone at work drooling with how good it smells!

Cindys Kitchen

Cindy’s Kitchen Roasted Yellow Bell and Serrano Pepper Sauce

Life In General Lately

Life in general is… pretty great! Will and I are planning a west coast trip for the spring, I have another trip planned with coworkers for a conference (we’re road-tripping to St. Louis!), and we have a couple weddings coming up as well. I know that the spring is going to fly by, and honestly, that’s ok with me. As much as I loved the snow this weekend, I’m looking forward to warm weather again for sure.

One major thing I’m thinking about right now is going ahead with becoming a certified Wellness Coach. It’s going to be a little bit of an investment, both with time and money, but I think it will be helpful to me both in my existing career and in my long-term future. Have any of my readers gone through the Wellcoach certification program? What did you guys think about it? I have to make the decision quickly to enter into the class that I want, so stay tuned on this front.

9 thoughts on “Life Lately: Blizzard Edition

  1. Okay, I must ask… what is a butt-wink?! haha!
    Love this post! You are so motivated and it’s really inspiring. I have thought A LOT about becoming a certified Wellness Coach but haven’t jumped in yet. YIKES! I think you should do it!!

    1. Haha, I knew I should have put a description in there! Butt-wink is basically when your bum “curls under” at the bottom of your squat, rounding out your lumbar spine a little bit. I have chronically tight hips which contributes to this, so I’ve been working a ton on hip mobility to be able to get deeper into my squat with a still flat lumbars spine 🙂

  2. Let’s chat about Wellcoaches… I have *kind of* done it! (and failed miserably)

  3. From the surfing side, I am really nutty about mechanics. For me it is about functionality and alignment. So when I saw you doing the squats, it made me chuckle because I do this a lot. And people stare…until I ask them if they want to try it and they see how hard it is to do with your feet flat and legs not set far beyond shoulder width.

    I just do them. I need to work out some method of time and do sets.

    I also like the food you found at Whole Foods. I need to step up my diet too.

    I am a mess! Ha ha!

    1. Yeah for me, I found myself gravitating toward front squats because those are easier for me form-wise, without actually working on the mobility to improve my back squat. Avoidance is not the best policy! I work out in a pretty small gym too, so anything different is, well, different. Hip mobility drills don’t always look great but boy do they help — and I can imagine form and mechanics make ALL the difference with surfing!

  4. This post made me so hungry! All the food you posted…nomnomnom. We (the hubs, babe and I) really need to try new restaurants more often.
    I think it is really fantastic the you are taking the time to get your lifts back in tip top shape before moving into heavier loads. I made the mistake of ignoring a shift in my squat and ended up paying. 😦 Your PR on you dead-lift is IMPRESSIVE by the way! I just PRd (2×5) at 165. Got a ways to go to get up there with the big girls. 🙂
    What exactly is a wellness coach? More along the lines of a life coach? I have no idea what your goal is with wellness coaching, but, I can say – I am almost through my NASM course to become a personal trainer and besides the main purpose of becoming a trainer – it has enriched my workouts and personal health and fitness a ton. Just what I personally have gotten out of the training would be enough for me. Any sort of schooling that will enrich what you are already doing (as long as it isn’t too costly) I think is totally worth it….just my 2 cents

  5. LOVEEE the Kimchi Fried Rice at Shojo! I went last spring for the first time and felt like I could lick my plate.

  6. I’m with you on granola! Lately I’ve been making my own so I can control what goes into it. Not super convenient but with our weather lately, I’ve had time to bake 🙂

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