Good Reads – Physique, Coaching, and Pain

Well hello there and Happy Friday! I apologize for my brief disappearance — Will and I have been on the beach in Mexico for the past week for our (amazingly perfect) honeymoon. I’ll talk more about that next week, but I just wanted to get a post up since it’s been a little while! I actually put this together before we left, and in the last minute scrambling before we left, forgot to post. And once we were in Mexico, this little blog was the last thing on my mind, so here we are a week later! Since this was written over a week ago, some of these are a little older, but if there are things on this list you haven’t read yet, please check them out! I’m off to readjust to the cold and daydream about my toes in the Caribbean– have a wonderful weekend everyone!

The Cost of Getting Lean – From the folks at Precision Nutrition. I love this info graphic so much. If I could, I would print it out into posters and plaster it all over the place! Many people think that if they just work out and tweak their diet, they should become as lean as a fitness model. It doesn’t quite work like that, and getting extremely lean actually takes a TON of work and commitment, and often sacrifice. Is it worth it?

Nobody Wants To Be The Girl On A Diet – NY Mag. My friend Meg shared this on her blog, and I loved it. The title of the piece is absolutely true, and this is a very good representation of the paradox between expectations of female appearances and the actual effort it requires to reach those expectations.

Pain In Runners: Why Do I Hurt? – Derek Griffin. I’ve been extremely interested in pain lately, since in my line of work, I deal with people in pain every day. What blows my mind though, is when someone can have a serious injury and feel no pain, and then months later feel pain with every little movement. Yes, I’ve seen this happen, and it blows my mind every time.

Understanding Pain is the Key To Being Pain Free – Breaking Muscle. Again, the pain thing. It’s a huge point of interest for me right now, if you couldn’t tell by the back to back pain articles! I think what people are starting to realize is that your neurological system plays such a huge part in pain, and that there is still so little we understand about the process.

Cressey Sports Performance Internship Diary Part 3 – Tony Bonvechio. Read parts one and two here. Tony is in the middle (or nearing the end?) of his internship at Cressey Sports Performance here in MA. Tony and I have connected over social media, and finally got to meet at the CSP Fall Seminar back in September. I’ve loved reading about his internship at the facility, and these posts are full of some brilliant insight into the world of coaching and personal training.

Why I’ll Never Be Embarrassed About Being A Woman With Muscles – Jen Sinkler. Normally I wouldn’t post something from Women’s Health Magazine, but this is Jen Sinkler! I was so excited when I found out that she would be writing a regular column for them — women’s magazines need more people like Jen, and less people telling us to eat no more than1200 calories per day.  If you are a woman who is proud of her muscles, or even if you are a woman who is admittedly a little scared of having muscles, read this!

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