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Ok I’m over my whiney rant from Wednesday. Thank you so much to those who have reached out with your encouraging words — I know that I really need to take care of my health before I worry about everything else, and all of your comments, etc. help to reiterate this! So truly, thank you. Have I ever told you how much I love my readers? 🙂

Anyway, I’ve been doing a good amount of reading lately, trying to gain some inspiration for some new posts. As I mentioned, I have some good things in the works, but while they’re still in process I thought I’d share some of the awesomeness I’ve come across. There’s a lot of brilliance in the blog world (and also a lot of idiocy too, but I’ll leave that for another time), so this is my way of wading through the bullish*t for you and just giving you the good stuff. You can thank me later!

The Planet Fitness Nightmare – from T-Nation. I’m all for people finding the kind of workout that works for them, and I really try not to shame people who are at least doing something to better themselves. Planet Fitness seems to work really hard to invite criticism though, unfortunately at the expense of their members.

How To Attain A Slender Look (Like Jessica Alba and Zoe Saldana) – From Bret Contreras.  Don’t let the title turn you off like it almost did to me! The title of this piece is actually misleading, as Bret touches on in the article itself, as it is impossible to look like Jessica Alba or Zoe Saldana unless you share their genes. The thing I like about this is that as much as I hate to admit it, not every female wants to have a muscular physique, but that doesn’t mean that strength training can’t help them to reach their goals. Bret touches on how to use strength training whether your goal is to become muscular or slender, and acknowledges that as personal trainers, we need to realize that there is no one way to train all females — especially when their goals vary so greatly.

Edible Bugs and Insects – From Precision Nutrition. Remember when I talked about wanting to try some cricket flour? Well this makes me want to try it even more! I seriously need to get my hands on and start cooking with it, if only so that I can trick my friends into eating bugs. Muhahaha. No but seriously, I think this an under-utilized source of protein, and could be great for people who don’t like to eat a ton of meat/poultry.

The US Government Is Full Of Bad Ideas About Food – From the folks at Breaking Muscle. I  whole-heartedly second the statement that fruits and vegetables should be at the base of the food pyramid – or whatever My Plate scheme the USDA is going with these days. I have long had issues with the government dietary recommendations, for many of the same reasons mentioned in this article. Besides, haven’t the USDA guidelines gotten us to where we are now as a country? Something needs to change.

Two Ears, Two Eyes, and One Mouth – From Tony Gentilcore. Tony reminds us to listen and observe twice as much as we speak, which is advice that I think we can all use a reminder of every once in a while! There are a lot of differing opinions out there, especially in the world of fitness and nutrition. Is there one right answer? Usually, no. Play nice, listen, and learn what you can from others. It’s helpful, I promise. Even when you think you’re right.

That’s all for today! Enjoy the links, and have a wonderful weekend everyone!


2 thoughts on “Good Reads

  1. The road is long, lady, but you’ll get there : ). I’m curious about Bret Contreras’ post. While I do agree, not everyone wants the same physique or training routine, I’ve never actually thought about setting fitness goals that resulted in looking like someone’s body I admired. Maybe because looking like Jessica or Zoe seems next to impossible, as Bret attests to. I’ve always been of the mindset that if you work out enough, you’ll feel good and in turn, will look good. I could stand to do a little revamping of how I approach getting the most out of my fitness routine. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Alaska Girl at Heart October 17, 2014 — 11:52 am

    I went to a couple of these articles, but the one that really “got under my skin” was the one about Planet Fitness. I tried to leave a comment on their site, but you have to be a member (crazy…I have a couple blogs and if I put my thoughts out for others to read, I certainly wouldn’t require them to be a member to voice their opinions). So I’m back here to give my thoughts since you recommended it. At any rate, I found the article really one-sided. I’ve never been to a Planet Fitness, but ignoring the fact that it can be a good alternative for some is insane. Here’s an example…. My mom is nearly 65 years old, she’s not in great shape (even though she desperately desires to be so), and she is retired so she lives on a fixed income. When a Planet Fitness opened up near her it was the first time that she felt like she could go to a gym confidentally and within her budget. I’m certain my mom will never turn into a super fit exercise maniac and that’s ok. Anything that gets her moving is worth it to me. No gym is right for everyone and pretending that gyms have to be one way or another in order for them to be successful for their clients makes no sense at all. It’s too bad that the author is “judgemental”. What a shame.

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