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My brain is so scattered I don’t even know where to start! So I guess I’ll start with that. Anyway, the reason I’m so scattered is because…. I’m getting married in just a few days! Yes, by Saturday evening, I’ll be Mrs. Rondeau!! As you can see, I haven’t been posting very much for the past few weeks, mostly because I’ve been so consumed with doing last minute wedding stuff that I haven’t even had time to think about the blog. I haven’t been reading or writing lately, but I think it’s fair to say that my focus has been elsewhere. Our wedding is very DIY, which is fun but has also been keeping me extremely busy! I don’t know about any other DIY brides out there, but it seems like every project that I think will take no time at all ends up taking me several hours. Cue spending the last few days having to finish things up that I thought I would be done with weeks ago!

Not only have I been working on wedding crafts, but I also had my bridal shower and bachelorette all within the last month. My shower was at my mom’s house, and it was such a lovely day with so many great people, I seriously couldn’t have been happier. My bridesmaids did so much to put it all together, and I am so, so thankful to have all of them in my life!

Shower1One of the adorable projects that my bridesmaids put together! 


Because when in Maine, you’ve gotta pose on a tractor, right? Bridesmaids and good friends 🙂 

My bachelorette was a weekend in Newport, which was seriously one of the most fun weekends ever. I won’t go into too much detail, but let’s just say that I have never laughed so much, eaten so much, and danced so much in one weekend. Oh, and there were a few cocktails had too 😉 We had the best time, and I was so sad when it was over! Again, a huge Thank You to my amazing bridesmaids who planned such a perfect weekend. I love all of those girls so much, and am so excited to keep celebrating with them next weekend!


Seriously, can you beat this view for cocktails? 


Some Newport strolling on Saturday afternoon 🙂 


One of my fave pics from the weekend. Best Bach weekend ever!! 

This week will be spent finishing up all of my crafty things, manicure and pedicure appointments, and just finalizing things at the venue. Everyone keeps asking me if I’m nervous or anxious for the big day, and the truth is, I’m not! I’m just super excited. Because I know that even if the day itself doesn’t go perfectly, at the end of the day we’ll be married, and that’s what really matters, right?

Ok, enough about the wedding, because that’s not what you read here for.

Training Lately:

I will admit – my training focus has changed a lot over the past 4-6 weeks. Being away from work (I have June and July off — how awesome is that?) means that I’m not in the gym every day (I work out at work). And to be honest, going into work just to work out makes me feel like I’m not having time off at all, so I have not been following my normal lifting schedule. I’ve been doing a lot more conditioning, stadium runs, actual runs, KB workouts, and park workouts. I’ve been in the weight room a little bit, but sparingly. At home, I’ve been doing a lot of body weight work with the rings and pull up bar, as well as some KB and sandbag strength workouts for lower body. Am I improving my deadlift PR? Nope, but I’m staying in great shape and I’ll get back to that in August when I get back into the weight room more regularly.

Another new addition to my training lately has been…

…wait for it…


New Balance approached me to run in the Falmouth Road Race down on Cape Cod in August. It’s a 7 mile race, and although I was very hesitant at first, I eventually decided that it’s a challenge that scares the crap out of me, but I think that means that it’s something that I can’t pass up. I’ve heard that the course is very hilly and tough, but also one of the most beautiful courses and a super fun race too, so why not challenge myself with something new? I’ve been running fairly regularly for the past month and have been feeling pretty good. I still can’t say that I love running, or that I’ll ever hit the runners high, but it has been a fun change of pace for the summer months. Plus, I think my regular stadium runs have helped to keep me in decent cardiovascular shape throughout the year, so I wasn’t starting at square one as far as running goes.

Run1My new NB kicks! I love them to death, plus, they make me faster. 😉 

Food Lately:

Food lately has been pretty similar to food always. I have cut back on alcohol besides my bachelorette weekend, and I’ve also been conscious of avoiding too many treats. As I said this weekend, I’m not trying to get “skinny” for the wedding (that’s just not me), I’m just trying to de-puff! During the summer months with the 4th of July and all of the awesome BBQs and get togethers, it can be tough to keep nutrition in check. My strategy is to never go into full-deprivation mode, because when you’re faced with so many options it can make you crazy to say no to absolutely everything. I choose treats that are absolutely worth it, enjoy a moderate amount of them, and enjoy every second of it. Besides that, I’ve just been trying to keep things fresh, enjoying lots of summer corn, fresh veggies from the farmers market, and even some new snacks (because snack time is my favorite time)! Here are just a few pics of some delicious eats lately..

Some great meals out..


This is an amazing steak salad that I got while at Perform Better in Providence. Steak AND potatoes on a salad? Yes please! 

Some simple meals at home..

Food4Lettuce wraps for lunch have been the usual lately! With a Grillo’s Pickle on the side, of course! 

Some delicious new snacks…

Food1Um… These are like heaven in a bag. If you like coconut, and you like caramel, these are for you! I could snack on these all day long if I’m not careful. 

And some new hydration options!

Food3Maple water is seriously good. With just a very light hint of sweetness, I actually prefer it to coconut water! 

And that’s my life in a nutshell lately. Have your training patterns changed with the warmer weather? Have you tried any great new foods lately? Anyone else getting married this weekend? 🙂

I can’t promise I’ll post again before the wedding, so if not… I’ll see you next week as Mrs. Rondeau!

6 thoughts on “Life Lately

  1. Yay on your upcoming wedding!! That is so exciting, and a really good reason to not be blogging as much 🙂 I can’t wait to see pics! Where in Maine were you? I’m from Maine and we always do John Deer pics, too 🙂

  2. Have an amazing day on Saturday – I can’t wait to see pictures!!

  3. I recently tried maple flavored almond butter… one of the most delicious things I think I have ever tried!
    Congratulations on your wedding! I hope it is a beautiful day!

  4. Looks like you’ve been busy! Good to see you’re having such a great time. This is such a wonderful time in life you deserve to enjoy it. Don’t worry if you’re not 100% on point with your diet and exercise. It looks like you’re doing a lot better than I did before my wedding though! Lettuce wraps! Maple water! Oh my! Looks delicious though- I want to try some of that maple water! Can you find it at Whole Foods? Or will I have to go to the GNC? Anyways, good to see/ hear from you again. And Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials!

  5. Congrats on your impending nuptials!

  6. Early congrats on the wedding! You’re going to be a beautiful bride! I wish I could have run the Falmouth race with NB this year, but it just didn’t work out with the schedule. But maybe see you at the next NB Girls Night Out?

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