Motivation Monday: Inspiration is Everywhere

I had a whole post planned for today — and halfway written — but then something really awesome happened to me this weekend that I just have to talk about.

Motivation and inspiration can come from the places you expect them to — inspirational quotes, your role models, movies, books, etc. But then every once in a while, inspiration comes along and slaps you in the face out of no where. For those who live in the Northeast, I’m sure you’ll share my sentiment that this was an absolutely perfect spring weekend: sunny skies, warm weather, and a Bruins win to top it all off!

Because of the weather finally being lovely, I decided to take my workout outside on Saturday evening. While out running hills, I was stopped on the side of the road by a complete stranger in her car. She introduced herself, and (in a totally non creepy way) let me know that she sees me out running hills often — and that my stopping point just happens to be at her driveway! Anyway, she wasn’t just stopping to let me know that she sees me out there running, because that would be a little weird. She actually let me know that she was motivated by seeing me, and asked if maybe she could run with me next time I was out there (I run hills on the same street once or twice per week).  Of course the answer was a resounding “Yes!”, and I honestly can’t wait to help this courageous person continue on her fitness journey.

The amazing thing was that she told me that she has already lost over 100 lb, and just wants to keep going, but is having a hard time staying motivated. After chatting for a bit about various things, we actually ended up exchanging phone numbers, with the promise that I’ll let her know the next time I’ll be out there pounding the pavement. I walked away from that conversation on top of the world. Here was a girl who has already worked her ass off (quite literally), but is hungry for more. She went out of her way to approach a complete stranger on the street, which is not something that many people would have the guts to do!

And the funny thing was, as much as she kept telling me that I motivated  and inspired her, she did the exact same thing for me.  During my last few repeats after our conversation, I had a renewed energy and was able to finish strong despite not feeling great during the beginning of my workout. Knowing that just by getting out there and busting my ass a couple of times per week, I played a tiny part in motivating someone to make themselves better — now that is something pretty special.

So today, or this week, or next time you see someone who motivates and inspires you, why not tell them about it? This beautiful woman made my day, and all it took was a little wave to get my attention. Motivation and inspiration can be hard to come by, so when you find someone who gives you a little nudge in that direction, let them know. You never know how much motivation you’ll give them in return, and that is an amazing addition to anyone’s day.

Readers: Have you ever approached a complete stranger to ask them about their workout? Do you think you would have the guts to do what this woman did? What are some strange or unexpected things that have motivated you lately? 

11 thoughts on “Motivation Monday: Inspiration is Everywhere

  1. It’s so incredible how people can inspire others without consciously doing it! Great jobb

  2. LOVE THAT! What a cool and inspirational moment. I once had a guy run up behind me, ask if he could run along, and we chatted for miles about racing and injuries. He had just gotten over a hip injury (I was dealing with a knee injury) so we had a lot in common. It was one of those moments that I love about being a runner in a city like Boston — we’re all connected!

    1. That is so awesome!! The fitness world can be such a great community when you least expect it 🙂

  3. This is AWESOME, Steph! I can’t wait to share this story. So inspirational!

    1. Thanks Athena!! I haven’t had a chance to run with her yet — but I hope she joins me next time I’m out there!

  4. I love this story, great job! That took so much courage on her part to approach you!

    1. It took SO MUCH courage…I don’t think I would ever dare to do that!!

  5. This is awesome. I know you will continue to be an inspiration for her as you are for me and so many others. Yeah hills!

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