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Good Monday Morning everyone!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend with lots of rest and lots of delicious foods — I know I did! For some reason this was one of those weekends that just seems to go on forever, maybe because I packed so much into it. But anyway, I don’t even mind that it’s Monday right now, and that’s saying something!

Today I’m doing something a little bit different on the blog. I was nominated by Laura DeAngelis of Laura Loves Fitness to participate in my first Blog Tour. (As a side note, please take some time to read Laura’s blog if you don’t already. She is extremely motivational, inspirational, and her kind heart comes through very clearly in her posts.) This “tour” is essentially a set of questions that is rolling out across three blogs each week, where we discuss our writing style and writing process. It’s interesting to me, because I have only very recently started considering myself a writer — despite writing this blog for two years now. So to read about other’s processes helps me to define my own a little bit better, if that even makes any sense.

1. What am I working on? 

Right now I’m not working on anything in particular besides my normal blog posts. I’ve had an idea in my head for a while about a new series I want to start, but I really just need to sit down and really hash out how I want to do it. My goal is to start a “Strength Is…” series, where I highlight and feature different people who are all strong in their own way. I have a few ideas about directions I want to take it, but haven’t done anything concrete yet as far as writing goes. So I guess that’s not really what I’m working on, but more what I’m thinking about, but hopefully I’ll actually start working on it soon. 🙂

2. How does my work differ from others of it’s genre?

Lately I’ve actually been fortunate to hear from some of my readers about why they enjoy my blog. It always makes my day when someone tells me that they read my blog, let alone that they enjoy specific things about my particular corner of the internet! I was actually told by a couple of people this weekend that they really appreciate that I tend to highlight strength and health over skinniness and/or aesthetics. I think that is the biggest thing that sets me apart from a lot of health/fitness bloggers — of course we all want to look good, but I think that there are far more important things to focus most of your attention on. I don’t ever want this to turn into a blog that’s just about telling people how to look good, rather I want my focus to be about making my readers feel good in the body that they have now. I Train Therefore I Eat isn’t just about macronutrients and calories burned, it’s also about enjoying the life that we have, and doing whatever we can to make ourselves the best that we can be.

3. Why do I write what I do? 

I think that there are so many blogs, websites, and other media that focus on how we look, how many pounds we can lose, or just how skinny we can get. Especially as a woman, we are bombarded with programs and “specialists” telling us how to “get rid of that belly fat before summer!” or “lose that winter weight!”, that it becomes completely overwhelming. I write my blog so that I can hopefully be a refreshing respite from all of that — yes, as I said before, we all want to look good, but that’s not the only important thing. I see my blog as a place where people can hopefully become motivated to move a little more, eat a little better, and enjoy the whole process of it. I also have such a passion for strength training, especially when it comes to females, that I want to be able to show those who may be afraid of the weights that building strength really is an amazing thing, and that it’s not just “for the boys”. Ladies can lift too, darn it!

4. How does my writing process work? 

Honestly, I find inspiration everywhere. I see things in the gym, on the train, in the grocery store, at work, and anywhere else you can think of. Sometimes my inspiration comes out of rage (rant posts can be fun!), and sometimes it comes out of curiosity (hello, rock climbing!), and sometimes it’s just pure old science (I’m most definitely a nerd). The funny thing that I’ve noticed lately though, is that I tend to do my best writing away from my computer. Lately I’ve been carrying around a tiny little notebook everywhere I go –because blog ideas really do come to me at the most random times– and I jot ideas down as they come to me.  Sometimes I’ll start just writing a few ideas down, and before I know it I basically have my next two blog posts scribbled over the pages. I can sit in front of a blank computer screen for hours and not have anything to say, but put a pen and paper in front of me and the ideas start streaming out. It’s kind of ironic, since my writing platform exists because of computers, but oh well!

Who’s next..

Unfortunately, many bloggers that I reached out to let me know that they just have too much on their plate right now — and I totally understand that feeling!  No judgement here, as my schedule has left me feeling less than sane lately.  But hey, that’s ok! I do have one amazing blogger for you who will continue the tour next week, and that blogger is…

Athena! Athena blogs over at Fitness and Feta, and she is absolutely, hands down one of my favorite bloggers. She is extremely honest and down to earth, and similar to myself is not all about just helping you get skinny. . Athena works as a wellness director and group fitness instructor, and I would love to go to one of her classes sometimes! Along with fitness info and great workouts, Athena shares some delicious recipes — I can always count on her when I have a family function coming up and am not sure what to bring.

Since I was only able to secure one blogger to carry on the tour, I’m looking for two more! Please let me know in the comments below if you would like to continue the blog tour next Monday, and I’ll send you the details. Maybe it’s my nerdy side coming out, but I think hearing about people’s how and why of writing is really interesting. 🙂

ETA: We have a new blogger who will be continuing the Blog Tour! Alyssa, who blogs over at Home Field Fitness will be carrying on the tour with Athena next Monday. Alyssa is a personal trainer who has a special place in my heart because she started out her education/career path in athletic training (what I do!). Check out her blog for some great health, fitness and nutrition info — and keep your eyes peeled for her Blog Tour post next Monday!

Have a wonderful week, everyone!  

Readers: If you blog, where do you draw your inspiration from? Do you find that you write better at the computer or with pen/paper? Please let me know below if you’re interested in continuing this blog tour next week! 

8 thoughts on “Blog Tour 2014

  1. Hi! I loved this post! I guess I’m kind of a nerd too – and as a fellow fitness blogger I love to hear the brain behind behind the writing sometime! I’d love to participate and carry on the blog tour – I’ll email you!

  2. You totally highlighted all the reasons why I love your blog here. Yours is so refreshing in comparison to all the other image focused blogs and media out there – whether they claim to be or not, even a lot of strength focused blogs are still image focused too.

    I’m so sorry I never emailed you back re: this blog tour. My days at the hospital have been nuts lately! I love the idea of participating, but I just don’t know if I’ll have time to write a post anytime soon.

    1. Thanks so much Chelsea! And I completely understand about not having time, no worries!!

  3. Hey Stephanie, A nice peak into your mind. I love your blog because I can tell you are passionate but also smart about your profession. I have only recently turned to weight lifting (prompted in part after an injury) although I am entering into a cardio-fuelled summer with all my cycling. 🙂

  4. Love the post – again sorry I was/am unable to continue the tour but wanted to pop by for the read 🙂 I love your blog and it has definitely helped me in my fitness! Although I still love to run hehe. Thanks for introducing me to a few new blogs.
    PS. START THE SERIES! It sounds awesome!

  5. Steph, thanks so much for your nice words about my blog! I’m so happy that you consider me right there with you in not wanting our blogs to be about “getting skinny” or weight loss focused. I consider that a huge compliment! Thanks for thinking of me for the blog tour, I can’t wait to post on Monday. Thanks again!

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