The Number One Way To Be More Awesome

You’re awesome.

I really believe that.

But I also really believe that no matter how awesome you are, you (and I) can always be more awesome.

There are lots of ways that you can go about doing that, but I think I’m pretty sure I’ve figured out the #1 way to increase your awesome quotient by a significant percentage.

Go outside of your comfort zone. 

Because no matter how awesome your status quo is, it’s just that: your status quo. When we do the same things day in and day out, no matter how impressive or important those things might be, we’re not getting any better (even if you don’t think you need to). But when we go outside of our comfort zone, even just a little bit, it allows us to grow stronger both mentally and physically, and sometimes allows us to see that we can do more than we think we’re capable of.

Yesterday, Will and I went rock climbing for the first time. I have to admit, when he asked me earlier in the week if I wanted to go with a friend of his from work (who is an avid climber), I jumped at the chance but also felt instantly nervous. Not nervous because I thought I’d hurt myself or anything, but nervous because it was something new, something far outside of my comfort zone, and I had no idea what to expect. What if I was embarrassingly bad at it? What if people could tell I had no idea what I was doing?


But the thing I realized pretty quickly is this: Who cares? Who cares if people can tell it’s my first time, because it was my first time. If you never try something new because you’re afraid of looking stupid, well, you’ll never learn to do anything new. Because in reality, we all have to look a little stupid sometimes, and that’s ok, because that means that we’re challenging ourselves to do better and to be better.

So long story short, when yesterday morning rolled around, I was ready to go, even though I had no idea what I was doing. When we got to the climbing gym, I was a little bit intimidated at first — the harnesses, the special shoes, all of the instructions for us newbies — it was a tiny bit nerve wracking. But as soon as I started climbing, all of that went away. I realized something pretty quickly: I absolutely loved it.

Rockclimb4LOVED IT!! 

I loved the challenge of finding the proper foot and hand-holds. I loved the feeling of making it up to the top of a track that I had failed a few times before. I loved the feeling of being fatigued and sore in a way that I am not used to, and being pretty damn certain that every inch of my body would be sore the next day (yup, I was right).

I’m used to challenging myself in the weight room, and working towards new PRs. I’m used to the feeling of sore hands from heavy deadlifts, and the callouses that I get from the barbell. But this was much, much different. Gripping a bar has nothing on the grip needed for rock climbing, and my hands have never ever been more sore and beat up than they were yesterday afternoon.

Rockclimb1This was bouldering, which I think really did a number on the hands! 

Funny story to give you some perspective on just how tired my hands were: we went grocery shopping after we left the climbing gym, and when I went to pick out some sweet potatoes, I literally couldn’t even grip them to pick the ones I wanted out of the bin. I stood there like an idiot, pushing the sweet potatoes around, pawing at them like an animal, because I could hardly even grip them enough to pick them up and put them in my basket. That is how tired and sore my hands were — and the weight room has never, ever done that to me!

Anyway, I absolutely loved climbing, and now I realize how silly it was of me to be nervous. Sure, I made myself look like an idiot a few times yesterday, but I also was able to accomplish some pretty cool things and did a lot better than I expected. I can’t wait to go back again, and if I think it will only get more fun as I begin to improve my climbing grip!  And as an added bonus, it was one hell of a workout, most certainly a new challenge for my muscles.  And no matter how much you love your workout routine, it’s always fun to throw something new in there, right?

Rockclimb3Here’s Will, kicking butt pretty early on. 

Long story short, I made myself more awesome yesterday, and I did it just by doing something that I was a little bit afraid of. How will you become more awesome today?

Readers: When is the last time you tried something that you were afraid of? Have you ever been rock climbing? What is something fitness related that you’ve wanted to try but haven’t yet?

17 thoughts on “The Number One Way To Be More Awesome

  1. Looks like so much fun! I am laughing a little bit at the sweet potato imagery you created for us though. 🙂

    1. Oh my goodness, it was actually embarrassing — and I was not exaggerating!! Grip was absolutely dead. It makes me laugh myself to think about it now!

  2. Fabulous! I started rock climbing January this year. I absolutely HATE heights and it’s completely out of my comfort zone. We’ve tried the taster sessions whilst on holiday and I wasn’t keen then but I could remember that I felt like I’d put my body through a total workout for 30 mins. So my theory was – rock climbing will make me a stronger runner. 3 months in I’m craving 2 solid hours on the wall. I’m working up routes that have my fingers quivering for grip. My daring to reach for a grip is getting better each time. Plus – I’ve never felt so strong with my running. It’s beginning to feel easy were before I’ve always struggled. Rock on!!!
    As for the grip afterwards – completely feel for you there. Our first 2 hour session ended with 4 of us trying to complete and sign a form for next weeks session. It was hilarious. None of us could hold the pen properly and it looked like 4 year olds had filled in our forms for us, hahaha!

    1. That is so awesome to hear! I love hearing that you’ve made such great progress and that you’ve even seen benefits in your running. It’s funny, when we were there, there were SO many kids, I thought to myself that I wish I had done that when I was little because it seems like it would translate well to so many other sports/activities!

  3. Nothing else has ever given my forearms the “pump” that climbing does! Plus, it’s just so exciting to be up in the air, out of our usual element. I’m happy you loved it!

  4. I’ve always wanted to try rock climbing, but I’m so clumsy that I’m sure I’d make a fool of myself! I should take a leaf out of your book and do it anyway 🙂

    1. You should try it!! I thought the same thing, but after my first couple of clumsy attempts, I actually felt pretty comfortable up there. And besides, with all of your crazy training, I’m sure you’d be awesome!

  5. Rock walls are no joke! I remember the first time I tried, I was terrible. Immediately knew that I needed to strengthen my upper body!

    1. Very difficult, huh? They did make sure to tell us to use our lower body as much as possible, so that you don’t burn your upper body out too fast. I think I took that a little too seriously, because I couldn’t believe how fatigued my legs/glutes were the next day! (along with my non-existent grip, haha)

  6. lol the visual of you pawing at that sweet potato 😉 I’ve done a little rock climb wall YEARS ago, years. Last year my challenge was learning to dive – I’m totally not an ocean swimmer so fears were definitly overcome and still a challenge each time I go.

  7. I tried rock climbing last year and, despite my paralysing fear of heights, absolutely LOVED it!! Since then we have tried a few different places and I can see how I have improved and have gained confidence. It also gave me the confidence to try other new things without worrying (too much) about looking silly trying it for the first time and it has definitely made me more awesome 🙂

    1. That is so great to hear!! I really think that even though it is SO different than other sports, it can translate well to almost anything. And I can definitely see how it could help with confidence to try other new things… hmm… what shall I try next?!

  8. this looks awesome, i wanna try!!! also your upper back looks FIERCE girl!!! pull ups for days!!! nice!

    1. Thanks girl! You know I’ve actually been slacking on my pull ups lately… I think that’s all deadlifting!

  9. Oh I love rock climbing! One summer that was basically all I did for strength training and I got really lean and strong. I went from being scared following a 5.7 on toprope to leading a 5.10B (outside). Unfortunately, my partner was also my BF and we broke up so I haven’t gone since.

    1. Oh no! And that is awesome progress in one summer!! When we were there, I did 5.5 and 5.6s, and I got soooo close to the top of a 5.7 but couldn’t finish. Womp womp. Hopefully you can get back into it since you loved it so much!

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