Come On, Spring!

I’ve been sick all week and my brain feels like mush, but I just wanted to pop in quickly today for a quick post.. call it blogger withdrawal.

I have been dying, I mean absolutely dying to workout outside again. Usually during the winter, I keep on doing at least one (stadium) workout per week outside, but this year really got to me. Between my schedule, getting sick a couple times, and the evil polar vortex, I have only worked out outside a couple of times since December. And yes, only one of those workouts was at the stadium, which makes me feel like a fraud. I will get back out onto those steps, if life will just cooperate with me!  This was going to be my week back, until I got hit with a death-virus — that kind of put a halt on things. Excuses, excuses, I know.

Anyway, with a few mild days lately, it’s really got me itching to get back outside for some workouts. Who’s with me? If the polar vortex has sucked all of the life out of you for the past month or so, try to get outside this weekend and just do something. A walk, a jog, run some hills — something to get some good, fresh air into your lungs instead of that stale gym air.  And if you’re a runner or walker, getting outside has got to be more inviting than staring at a treadmill for an extended amount of time!

Anyway… Tomorrow, Saturday March 15th is supposed to be a lovely 50 degrees here in Boston, which means it’s a perfect opportunity to get outside, get active, and shake off those winter blues. Am I right? And if you’re around the Boston area, you’re in luck. New Balance is being generous enough to set up shop along the Boston Esplanade, near the Hatch Shell, to provide running tips, giveaways, fuel and some friendly smiles to local runners/walkers from 9am-12pm.  

It’s no mystery around here that I love New Balance as a a brand. I love their gear, their shoes, and their awesome presence in the community. (And no, I’m not being compensated with anything to write this post, I just thought you all should know what an awesome company they are).

So seriously, if you’re in the Boston area this weekend and are itching to get outside for a bit, stop by the New Balance tent on the Esplanade — even if you’re not a runner, I’m sure you can still stop by and chat for a few, and maybe score some cool winter workout tips and some snacks. I mean, hey, since when I have I ever been a runner? Especially not with this hacking cough that I’ve got going on now, but that’s okay, I’m sure New Balance doesn’t discriminate.

Either way, whether you’re from Boston or halfway across the world, maybe if we all just start working out outside, spring will hurry up and get here a little faster. Wishful thinking? Yes, but I’m willing to try anything at this point!

Readers: Are you as sick of this winter as I am? If you’re a runner, do you run outside during the winter? What’s your favorite outdoor workout?

6 thoughts on “Come On, Spring!

  1. TOTALLY Sick of Winter, but honestly not as affected this year as I will be next, moving to upstate NY for GA is going to be a shocker. Really awesome that NB has all that going on, I love their shoes / socks.

    1. Yikes, that will be a shock for sure! Make sure to get yourself a nice winter coat with a furry hood, I think mine saves my life sometimes 🙂 And as for NB — I love their workout clothing so much, I can’t get enough!

  2. My winter workout in the UK consisted of two marathons – one of them along the seafront in Portsmouth and one ultra (30miles) around some big hills in Surrey which had flooded roads, flooded footpaths and mud pits that made me very grateful I had snug gaiters on over my shoes because I would have lost my shoes in those mud pits!!
    I think this is the first year I’ve really enjoyed being out in the cold, wet, windy, muddy and very challenging conditions. I’m still not able to run in just a vest a shorts though. Makes me shiver thinking about it, brrrr.
    As for proper training. I started training some newbies to running and that’s kept me from curling up on the sofa and hiding from the horrible weather. Being responsible for training others has made me far more consistent with my training.

    1. Wow, that is awesome, and bad ass!! I think sometimes those challenging conditions can make races more fun, and can make you feel more accomplished when you’ve finished. Nice job!

  3. I am so tired of the winter, too. I’m in Philadelphia, and it’s been warmer this week, which is really exciting! I don’t run outside much, but I love hiking. Enjoy tomorrow!!

  4. I run outside in the winter, and hike and snowshoe too. I can’t stand the treadmill plus I feel sick to my stomach when I get off it after running. I’m not sure why this is, because I don’t get any kind of motion sickness.

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