My 30 Days Are Done. Now What?

Well now. I have been neglectful, haven’t I? A whole week has gone by since I last wrote! Ah, such is life.


Today it’s time for me to give you the final update on my 30 Day Reboot, which ended last Tuesday night. As I’ve said before, this was 30 days without grains, added sugar, and alcohol. So, how’d it go? Quite well, actually!

What happened when it ended?

As I said above, Tuesday was day 30, and to be quite honest, the only thing I planned on eating the next day was some chocolate. It was the only thing I truly missed during the 30 days. But then, lo and behold, we had a pretty major snowstorm Wednesday morning, which meant that I could go into work a little bit later. So after shoveling out the car, Will and I took a quick jaunt  treck through the snow to an amazing bakery that is just a few blocks away. I ordered an almond croissant… and ohsweetbutterygoodness it was so freaking good. The first bite of that croissant was seriously amazing. Thus was my re-entry into normal people food.

Since then, I’ve had a few things that were “off plan” here and there… some chocolate here, a little rice there, a couple of glasses of wine, but for the most part I’ve stuck with this style of eating.  At some point during the Reboot, I think between weeks 3 and 4, the whole thing some how transitioned from “something I was doing” into just… what I do. I got so comfortable and used to eating that way, it just became natural and I didn’t have to think about it anymore.

Did/do I have any cravings?

I think when I recapped about half way through, I mentioned that I hadn’t really had any cravings yet. Surprisingly, that held up for the most part. By the end, I did really want some chocolate, but there were only a couple times where I actually had intense cravings that I had to stifle. The interesting thing is that the only times in 30 days that I had strong cravings was when I was emotionally stressed or upset. I’ve always known that I’m an emotional eater, but to realize that for a whole month, those emotional swings were the only things that caused cravings? That’s pretty crazy. The funny thing is that after the final day, after I finally had some chocolate, I have hardly thought about it since. I no longer feel like I want chocolate every night after dinner. I love it, and I always will, but there has been much less of a “need” for it since about the middle of the 30 days.

Physical Changes

Physically, not too too much changed. I did have better energy for the most part, but the last week or so I was extremely exhausted. I also felt like my body was fighting something off, so that’s probably why.  As for GI stuff, I had less overall bloating and discomfort during the day, but I did develop some other symptoms that I don’t really feel the need to share here. 🙂

Otherwise, I did lose about 5 lb, and I definitely lost a few inches all over. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any measurements besides weight before I started, so I don’t know exact numbers for this. All I know is that all of my clothes are a bit loser, and I’ve got a wee bit more definition in my quads and abs. Can’t complain too much about that, eh? And just in case you’re wondering, just because I’m a little tiny bit smaller, my lifts have continued to increase, and I have had some amazing workouts lately. No bread? No problem!

Another interesting physical change was something that I never expected. I’ve had Psoriasis for my whole life, although I’m lucky to have a very mild case. Although I used to have it a bit worse when I was younger, I now just have two spots, one on each elbow, that tend to flare up. Interestingly, during the 30 days my psoriasis looked better than it has in a long time, and I wasn’t even using my medication. Now, psoriasis is cyclical, so I can’t say that the improvement was definitely caused by my diet, but I can’t rule it out, either.

Final Thoughts: What Now?

What now? That seems to be the most important question when something like this ends.  I think that I’ll probably continue eating this way for the most part, but just not quite so strict. If I want a glass of wine with dinner, I’ll have a glass of wine. If I want a piece of chocolate, I’ll have a piece of chocolate. If I go to a restaurant and they bring out a basket of freshly baked bread for the table, you can bet your ass I’m going to have some. Life is too short to always avoid the bread basket. Especially when it’s still warm from the oven. But the point is, I won’t have all of those things all the time, just as before I started this challenge. So maybe not that much is changing after all. So does this change how I feel about the Whole 30 (the program that this was based off of)? No, not really, if I’m going to be honest. At the risk of offending some Whole 30 believers, I still feel like it’s kind of cult like and not totally necessary for everyone. Should people do a Whole 30 if they want? Sure, but I don’t think it’s something that everyone needs to try.

Will I do this again?

Meh, I’ll probably do it again at some point, but I have no definite plans to right now. I’m pretty happy with my chocolate and wine for the time being. Especially since it’s Valentine’s Day today!

Readers: What foods do you think would be hardest for you to give up for 30 days? If you did this type of challenge, what do you think you would crave the most?

3 thoughts on “My 30 Days Are Done. Now What?

  1. Great job! I don’t think I could give up coffee – at least not cold turkey.. Sugar would also be tough!

  2. My friend did this for 30 days primarily to help with knee pain/inflammation. He is feeling much less pain and lost weight too. Was considering this reboot myself too so thanks so much for sharing your experience!

  3. I love this, Steph, and loved going through your recap- I had intended to do the whole30 come March but I think a 30 day reboot sounds more my style- just because of my intentions and what I know already works for my body and why. Thanks for the inspiration- the psoriasis clearing up is a bonus outcome!

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