2013 Recap: The Best of I Train Therefore I Eat

I can’t believe that in a couple of days, it’ll be 2014. This year absolutely flew by, although I say that every year I suppose. It feels like time this year was just a little bit quicker than normal though. Maybe it’s because it was a memorable year (to say the least), maybe it’s because I realized I’m nowhere close to being invincible (see: this incident and this incident), maybe it’s just because that’s what happens as you get older. Whatever the reason, and whether we like it or not, 2013 is quietly exiting, and 2014 is knocking at the door.

This past year was a big one in my life and on the blog. I had some posts that got a lot of attention, and some that just meant a lot to me personally. Today, I just want to recap some of my most successful (most viewed) posts of the year, and also some of my personal favorites, just in case you missed them. Later this week I’ll be back with a recap of last years goals and my new ones moving forward, because tracking progress is always fun, no?

Any-hoo, I present to you my year in blogging, 2013. Enjoy!

The 5 Most Popular Posts of 2013:

1. Athletic Training: Why I Love My Job – This was absolutely my most popular post of the year — and since I wrote it last January, I guess I peaked early in 2013? 🙂  This post circulated very well on social media, and I was very humbled by the response from other ATCs. I guess when you love what you do, it’s easy to express it well, huh?

2. The Lean Physique And Why It’s Dangerous – This was another post that I was very proud of. Being ultra lean isn’t always the healthiest or most realistic goal for people, and trying to attain that can be downright dangerous.

3. Top 5 Areas That You’re Probably Not Foam Rolling – I should probably do another piece on foam rolling, because there are some other techniques I didn’t cover in this post. I’m glad there’s such an interest in the topic though, I really do believe that it’s one of the most important parts of a fitness program!

4. A Stadium Workout – Apparently people want to be told what to do when they go to workout at a stadium. This is just one example of workouts you can do, but the possibilities are pretty endless!

5. Fitness Friday: How To Use Battling Ropes – One of my other favorite pieces of workout equipment, this is something that I think every gym should have. Relatively inexpensive, you can get a lot of bang for your buck with these, and they are a great tool to add something new into a circuit or conditioning day!

My Favorite Posts of 2013:

Along with the top two above, there are a handful of posts that I am especially fond of, whether they be recapping a personal experience, motivational, or just random thoughts. These posts may not always get the most attention, but they mean a lot to me and are important to my little corner of the blogosphere!

1. Moving And Healing – The Boston Marathon bombing was an event that I’ll never forget, and although we’ve moved on with our normal lives, we are all changed forever, at least a little bit. Healing continues, figuratively and very literally for some, and although it’s important to move on, it’s just as important to remember.

2. A Change In Perspective – Sometimes, all you need is a little change in perspective. Find something you can love and look forward to, and exercising becomes less of a chore.

3. 4 Tips To Improve Your Pullups – because whether you believe it or not, you can do pull ups. Yes, you. Just follow these tips, and work work work!

4. Healthy Living? I’m Not So Sure Anymore – I decided to take a step back from the Healthy Living Blog world this year, and even if it cost me a few readers, I’m ok with that. I still stand behind every word in this post.

5. My Name is Stephanie, and I’m a Quitter. – I’m including this one because I think it’s important for people to know that there is no one diet plan that is right for everyone. I enjoyed IF, but failed miserably at Carb Backloading. Ah well, live and learn, right?

6. Superman Walks: Part One and Part Two – Thomas Mills is such an inspirational man, I almost feel like I should post a link to this every day so that everyone can read his story!

7. The Scale is Not Your Friend – I’m not sure that the battle between women and their scales will ever end, but this was one little piece to try to stop the nonsense. The scale doesn’t matter, but you do!

8. The Great Leggings As Pants Debate – are they or aren’t they? For the record, I think they are, and I wear them proudly.

Hopefully in the coming year, I can continue writing posts that connect me to people like you, and I can continue to motivate people to lead healthier, happier lives. 2013, you were great, but it’s time to move on. Happy New Year everyone! 

5 thoughts on “2013 Recap: The Best of I Train Therefore I Eat

  1. Crazy! Buh bye 2013. You did have some great posts a few on here I remember sharing with my girlfriends – looking forward to 2014!

    1. Thank you so much! Looking forward to the new year too, I always love a fresh set of numbers 🙂

  2. This was such a great year for your blog! You put out some really fantastic posts and I love that you obviously put a lot of thought and effort into what you write. I’m excited to keep on reading and see what you come up with in 2014. 🙂

  3. I just discovered your blog… but what a post to start with. I look forward to seeing what you share this year. 🙂

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