These Are My Confessions

None of us are perfect, but in the blog world, the little quirks and odd bits about us rarely become known. It’s all rainbows and sunshine, but in reality, we all have confessions. These are mine.
  • I listen to Dubstep when I lift because it makes me feel like a machine. I honestly think that my lifts are 100% better when I have some dubstep beats coming through my headphones… and yes, I know how ridiculous it is that I just said that. I’ll provide a playlist one of these days… maybe I’ll convert some of you to the musical land of the machines.
  • When I was doing chin ups every day last summer, I was able to do sets of 8. Now I can only consistently do sets of 5… 6 on a good day. Oh the shame. My bench has gone up though, so at least I know I’m not getting weaker. Just goes to show — if you want to be good at something, you must do it, and do it a lot!
  • I haven’t been riding my bike to stadiums the past few weeks. I used to pride myself on being “weatherproof” with the rest of the November Project group, but then one day I drove. It made me feel lazy, but considering I got a mild case of frostbite the week before from riding my bike to/from in 25 degree temps, I’ll say it’s excusable.  And I’m not going to lie, my legs feel mighty fresh after driving to the stadium rather than riding six miles there at the crack of dawn.

IMG_2656Worth doing it in the snow? Yep. Worth getting frost bitten tootsies just to avoid driving? Nope. 

  • No matter how “cleanly” I eat, no matter how many processed foods I cut out, two things will always be ridiculously delicious to me: Goldfish Crackers and Cheez-Its. I just can’t help it. They’re like crack. Cheesy crack. I don’t buy them often because I know it’s not stuff I want to put in my body on a regular basis, but when I do get them.. watch out!
  • I’m chronically dehydrated. I can promote adequate water consumption up the wazoo, but when it comes to actually doing it myself, I’m a total failure. I have good intentions, I just forget. Let me tell you — it doesn’t help with hunger, that’s for sure. I will drink one to two glasses in the morning, and I’ll drink during my workout, but then I tend to forget about for the rest of the day. It’s not until the end of the day when I have a pounding headache do I remember that yes, it really has been six hours since my last drop of water.
  • At this point in time, I’m benching more than I’m back squatting. How sad is that? No, I haven’t turned into a total gym bro, I’ve just really lost a lot on my squat after my two ankle injuries over the past year, and it’s been much slower to come back than I would like to admit. Add that to the fact that most of my lower body days have been far more focused on deadlifting and barbell thrusting, and well, my squat is pathetic. I used to be able to squat 165 lb. Last week, I was able to rep at 115, but it wasn’t pretty. I’m starting to feel like I’ll never get my squat back to where it used to be, even though I know that’s just crazy talk.

  • I take Fish Oil supplements… except the last time I think I actually remembered to take one was months ago. Oopsie. So actually I just lied to you. I took fish oil supplements. Maybe I’ll remember to start taking them again one of these days.
  • I’m not totally done Christmas shopping, and I’ve wrapped exactly one present. I’m not usually a last minute shopper, but with Christmas now officially 5 days away, I suppose I’ve fallen into that category.  Whoops again!

That’s it for me today! What’s one thing you want to confess on this pre-Christmas weekend? Is there one junk food out there that you just love no matter what? What type of music do you listen to when you work out?

20 thoughts on “These Are My Confessions

  1. Omg, you’re hilarious! I love dubstep and a playlist would be fabulous!

    1. I’ll put together a playlist and post it ASAP!

  2. This is so great. Also, I was rooting SO hard for Cyrus on his season. And, of course, Twitch is just the best.

    1. Ahh..I know I just Love Twitch, and Cyrus was wonderful too — I can’t get enough of SYTYCD!

  3. I also love goldfish. I purposely go and brush my teeth before packing my daughter’s lunch because I end up eating as many as I pack.

    1. I hear ya! On the rare occasion that I buy a bag… watch out, cause I can inhale those things faster than I can say “goldfish”. What is it about them?!

  4. my squat is the roughest of my three lifts BY FAR, since i lost so much muscle mass and ROM when i had my knee redone, and it drives me crazy. my bench and squat warm-ups are practically the same! it’s super-frustrating. even though having a killer bench is pretty nice, eh? : )

    1. Haha, Yes having a killer bench IS pretty nice!! I am looking forward to the day when I get my squat back up, but to be totally honest, it’s definitely my least favorite lift of the “big 3”!

  5. Love it just reminded me to take my fish oil thank you. ;). I’m as bad on the water consumption in the winter I just don’t remember to drink it as much. I’m also a bubble water girl so that doesn’t help. Merry Ho Ho!!! Shopping? What’s that?

    _____________ Jennifer L. Ostrander Cell/Handy: 209.649.2172


    1. I need to set an alarm to take mine or something! It’s nuts. Happy New Year and I hope your holidays were wonderful!

  6. First of all, I need that playlist!
    I used to listen to some of my favourite Rock/Metal songs in the gym – when I used to go – but I noticed that lyrics do matter. There was this one song that said “I feel like s***!” and I found that such stuff doesn’t motivate at all.
    I have to confess. . . I had stopped junk food and fizzy drinks completely in the summer, but now I am back! =/

    1. I’m glad others are interested in a playlist, I thought I might be the only one who listens to this stuff to work out! And about your confession, it’s ok, we all have some “slip up” times, and it’s nothing to beat yourself up over. As long as you’re honest with yourself and do what’s best for you *most* of the time, you’ll be good!

  7. Love your honesty… just refilling my glass of water right now.

    1. It’s the least I can do… Speaking of, I haven’t had any water in a while… 🙂 Off to fill up my water bottle!

  8. To make you feel better, I’ve only bought one – yes one – Christmas present. I tend to wait for the post-Christmas sales haha

    Oh and I’ve been there with the back squat! It was so frustrating, and it still is at times, but going through such a huge problem with it made me stronger overall. My deadlift in particular went up a lot when I wasn’t able to squat as much.

    1. It’s ok Tara, I think you’ve had bigger things to worry about than Christmas shopping!! And you’re right, my deadlift has gone up quite a bit — and I’d rather focus on that anyway 🙂

  9. …its the 22nd of December and I’m yet to do my Christmas shopping;)

    We have something similar to cheeze its here called Cheetos and Twisties- one of my friends somehow through his work got a boxful of that cheese seasoning and gave some to us….Seriously had the biggest struggle not to eat it by the spoonful. It’s probably got crack in it.

    1. Haha, all of that stuff probably has crack in it! It’s insane how much it actually messes with our brain chemistry.. and why is it always the cheesy snacks that are the most addicting??

  10. Re: dubstep.. when I started Crossfit, the evening coach blasted Skrillex Pandora station constantly. I hated it.. but then I got accustomed to listening to it when I worked out. So much so that when he stopped coaching all of the evening classes, I felt so weak and lost that “pump” listening to anything else! I was conditioned to perform with dubstep.. so now addicted.

    Re: vitamins.. i am HORRIBLE at remembering to take my fish oil, etc. and set an alarm on my phone to remind me daily. Which i snooze, because of course I will remember to take them.. and forget.

    1. I. Love. Skrillex. Haha! I used to dislike it too, now I absolutely love it. I need to set an alarm to take my vitamins too — otherwise it’ll never happen!

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