Good Reads And Good Times

Happy Monday, and welcome to November, huh? I can’t believe it’s already almost Thanksgiving and that all of the holiday season craziness is just around the corner. One other thing that I can’t believe? That the Red Sox won the World Series!! Well, I take that back. I can believe it, because this year’s team had that magical feeling that the ’04 team had as well. I could tell at the beginning of October that it could turn into a very exciting month as the playoffs progressed. And boy was I right!

Since last Wednesday night, when the Sox defeated the Cards in Game 6 to take the title, the city of Boston has been celebrating like crazy. With the Duckboat parade on Saturday, this city has been full of high fives, hugs, and Red Sox jerseys everywhere you turn (oh, and beards too of course!) It’s been so great to be here in the city with all of this going on, and it feels especially wonderful after the rough year that this city has had since the Marathon in April. All of the Duckboats in the parade this weekend sported signs that said #ForYouBoston, and it really did feel like they won for this amazing city and it’s people. Now I can’t wait for next year to see who returns and what they can do next!

SoxParadeSoxParade2Just a few pics from the parade on Saturday 🙂 

With all of the Red Sox celebrating going on, and Halloween shenanigans thrown right in the middle of it, I really haven’t had much time to write. Today I’m sharing some good reads that I’ve found lately, and hope that you can enjoy them too! I’ve also begun writing a post about sleep deprivation that has sprung from the lack of sleep that the Sox playoffs caused, so hopefully that’ll be up Wednesday. Until then, check out these other awesome posts, and have a wonderful start to your week!

Proof That Functional Strength Training Cures Low Back Problems and Pilates Wont – Does back pain mean that you have to stop lifting? Not according to Andrew Lock (and not according to me either). Read this for some great information on rehabilitation for back injuries, and some perfectly good reasons why lifting can (and should) absolutely remain part of your lifestyle.

18 Weeds of Free Bodyweight Workouts – We all have days where we can’t make it to the gym, or we’re traveling and the hotel “gym” is more of a storage closet with a couple of ellipticals thrown in for fun. Listed here are some excellent body weight workouts that you can try next time you need something quick or on the go!

Saying”It Works for me” is exactly like saying “I have a tickling fetish” What works for you may not work for me, and vice versa. This is a great read touching on the reality of how our bodies react to foods differently, and how certain diets are incorrectly touted as the only thing that will keep all people healthy.

The Dirty Little Secret of The Female Athlete: Cellulite – Cellulite, the worst enemy of just about every female out there. But is it really something to be ashamed of?

Happy Monday everyone! Did you have anything exciting happen over the weekend? What did you dress up as for Halloween?

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