Celebrate The Positives

There is a lot of negativity on the internet. Heck, I tend to go off on rants on this very blog, even though my tag line includes “joie de vivre”, or the joy of living. We all tend to get bogged down by the negatives sometimes, especially when things get stressful or in times of change/unknown.

I thought I would take today to take a look at the things around me, and celebrate some of the positive things. Yes, things have been busy and stressful lately (and I suspect that I’m not the only one who feels that way), but there are always things to celebrate and smile about.

1. So many lady lifters! I work at a college, which means that I work out in the college fitness center (because hello, it’s free!). In the past few years that I’ve been working at this particular school, I have been just about the only female in the weight room most of the time. There have been a couple other consistent ladies who sling some iron, but for the most part, it’s been just the boys and me. But I’ve noticed a wonderful thing this fall: there are so many other females frequenting the weight room. There have even been a few times lately where almost all of the power racks have women in them, and then a guy comes in and almost seems out of place. It’s amazing to see more women getting into weight lifting, especially at the college age. Back when I was in college, the elliptical was my best friend (or so I thought… Maybe it was more of a frenemy), so kudos to these girls for going outside the “norms” and working on getting strong!

2. Early to rise leads to some amazing views. On Wednesday mornings, I generally get up very early to go workout with the November Project group at 6:30. This past Wednesday, however, I had to be at work at 7 am, so I decided to join the NP group that starts at 5:30. This meant a 4:40 wake up after getting home from work at 10:30 the night before. To say I wasn’t looking forward to it is an understatement. But once I got up and got moving, I forgot about how little sleep I had, or how chilly it was on my bike that early. When I got to the stadium, it was still pitch black, and stadiums were done under the stars (awesome!!). As the workout progressed, the sun began to rise around the stadium, which was breathtaking.

IMG_4467This was last week when the sun was already up, but you get the point. 

But then, the early morning sunrise views on my bike ride to work from the stadium really got me. I found myself riding along the Charles River, audibly saying “Woooooww” (yes, like a crazy person), and not being able to keep my eyes on the bike path. The mixture of colors between the water and the sky was just to pretty to ignore, and I actually stopped for a few minutes on a foot bridge just to take it all in.


The view on my bike ride to work from the stadium. 

3. It may be getting colder out, but it’s Friday, it’s a (kind of) long weekend, the Red Sox are in the ALCS, and we’re taking our engagement pictures this weekend. All this greatness in one weekend is pretty awesome, so no complaining here! Play off baseball and a chance to get all gussied up with a photographer for the day. What more could a girl ask for?

Readers: Are there many females who frequent the weight room at your gym? What are you doing with your long weekend? 

5 thoughts on “Celebrate The Positives

  1. Morning!! I couldn’t agree more and I tend to put a filter on the negatives, no one is going to interrupt my journey of embracing life. Too many years worrying about who might see me do what. As for the gym, even with being in the military I wish I could say “Oh yea, 50/50” but sadly no, there are about 3 of us that actually hit free weights. I’m not sure why but I’m still avoiding the squat rack. But there is a girl that does and I think I may just walk up and tell her “HI My name is Jenny, and I have a fear of the rack, can you spot me?” lol I better make sure it’s not the smith or she may just think I’m saying “Hi my name is cray cray” but anyway LOOOOONG response for it is getting better, I see more trying. But still kinda low. As for the weekend, packing the bags to meet up with the hubster for the 4-day. Oober excited. 😀 have a fun one and Go Sox! I love that you stopped to enjoy the morning, I was the same way with early morning wake ups when I got here to GA but oh my what a delicious event it is to see the day wake up.


  2. The sunrise has been pretty fantastic recently! So many beautiful colors! I wish I had a long weekend…working on Monday, but this weekend is all about crossing off Fall to-do’s like reorganizing closets, getting Summer clothes into storage (sad face) and getting ready for our puppy to come home in a few weeks! Go Sox!

  3. Canadian thanksgiving!!! Spending my weekend studying for all the midterms and eating too much turkey with family! Best holiday every!

  4. This past summer was the very first time ever that i started to really use weights consistently. I’m primarily a distance competitive runner, so weights weren’t ever high in my priority. SInce I have started weights two days a week, I have noticed that I can burn fat more easily, and have a higher quality long run due to the muscles i seem to be fine tuning 🙂 I don’t go to a gym but i have a large amount of weights at home, and a former personal trainer husband who helps me learn new things (while kicking my butt!)

    I WISH i could run before work, but it is way, way too dangerous in my neighborhood right now 😦 April-September is when i rock it with my runs in the mornings-I leave for work at 6:50 and miss my morning runs every day! jealous of your sunrises!! 🙂

  5. Lucky you guys in the northern Hemisphere and public holidays- Australia clearly suck in this regard as they frontload ALL their public holidays from January- April.

    Its actually quite a consistent mix of females/males in the weights area of my gym- and even more impressive is the age bracket- some as young as 16 to other females who would be easily pushing 60 doing cable cross overs and bent over rows!

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