Summer Is Over, But Your Workouts Aren’t!

Yes, with the passing of this holiday weekend, summer is unofficially over. While we can usually squeeze some summer type things into September, the reality is that the days are getting shorter, the breeze is getting a little bit more crisp, and the fall seasonals are now on draught in your local bar (goodbye, Sam Summer, hello Oktoberfest!).

But just because we’re cruising our way toward the official first day of fall and summer will soon be a distant memory, that doesn’t mean that it’s the end of workout season! I think a lot of people work so hard throughout the spring and summer to get their “bikini body”, but what about just feeling good about yourself all the time? Fall is no time to hide behind your sweaters, it’s time to kick it up a notch so that you don’t have to worry about getting your bikini body back next spring…because you never will have lost it.

I realized I haven’t posted a workout forever, so here’s a little something to kick off the fall and to keep up all the hard work you’ve been doing all summer!


Minimal equipment is needed, although you will need something to jump onto for the box jumps and a pull up bar or some rings. If you’re not familiar with pull-up negatives, don’t worry, you don’t have to be able to do a full pull up to do these! To do a negative, stand on a bench below the pull up bar, jump up to the top of your pull up position, hold for a second, and then lower very slowly (taking at least 5 seconds to reach the bottom of your pull-up hang position).  Make sure to keep your shoulder blades tucked down and back, and don’t let your shoulders creep up around your ears.

For the single leg squats, perform 8 of these per side, per cycle of the circuit.  Additionally,  the finishing incline runs should be at a speed that is challenging for you, not an easy jog. This should be as close to a sprint as you can do at this point. Make sure to give yourself recovery time in between each sprint so that you can go all out when it counts!

Happy Labor Day everyone, go drink a cold fall seasonal for me!

5 thoughts on “Summer Is Over, But Your Workouts Aren’t!

  1. this is awesome! i’m in a weird (for me) position of not wanting to kill my gains with lots of cardio but still wanting to get some useful conditioning in as i prep for my meet, so i’ve been throwing together circuits like this that require strength but also get my heart rate up (and keep it up). i’ll probably do this one sometime this week – you’re the bestest!

  2. Love it! Going to do this tomorrow as a kick off for classes starting again/welcome back to the university fitness facility. While internally mocking the mobs of first years of course.

  3. Thanks for the workout- this would be perfect for the something abit different on my cardio days- steady state makes me fall asleep!

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