The Many Sides of Stephanie

Last weekend, I did one of the most girly things possible: I went to try on wedding gowns for the first time.

Surrounded by white, ivory, pearl, tulle, lace, beading, and sparkles galore, I was in and out of so many gowns I lost count. But, and this probably goes without saying, it was one of the most fun things I’ve ever done. I don’t know about you, but I spent most of my childhood playing dress up. My sister and I spent many afternoons traipsing around in thrift store gowns and high heels that were twice as big as our feet. Trying on wedding gowns is like the ultimate game of dress up! Do I want to be a princess? A slinky sexy vixen? A modest bride? A big pouf ball of tulle?? I was all of those things on Saturday, it was a-freaking-mazing.

But then on Sunday, I hit the gym and put up a 100 lb bench press which I haven’t hit since before the summer started due to a weight room hiatus.  My weight room session was sweaty and tough, as evidenced by the gross calluses on my hands.

So.. Princess bride or weight room beast? Which one is the real me?


So many people think that lifting weights and  having muscles is too masculine. Well let me ease your mind a little bit if you’re in that camp: I did not look anything like a man on Saturday in those gowns (nor do I on any day). I looked like a woman. A woman with strong shoulders and curves. I looked like a bride — a bride who does pull ups 😉

The point is, you can still be a girly-girl and lift weights; you can enjoy dresses and sparkles just as much as barbells. You do not have to choose one side or the other! Just because I lift heavy weights does not mean that I have to give up my girly side, and vice versa.

The truth is, if my finances and wardrobe would allow it, I’d wear dresses almost every day when I’m not at work. Being dressed up, having my hair done, getting my nails done — these are all things that I love. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that I also love to squat, deadlift, and run through the mud!

So I guess my message today is pretty short and sweet: be who you are, embrace every side of you (even if those sides are very different), and don’t ever think you have to be one way or another. I’m a lady, I’m a klutz, I’m a goofball, I’m an athlete. What you get on any given day may be different parts of me, but they’re all me, and they’re all genuine.

To the ladies: do you consider yourself a girly girl? Do you find that there are different sides of you that seem to contradict each other?

5 thoughts on “The Many Sides of Stephanie

  1. One definitely does not exclude the other, that’s insane when people think that. Where did you try on dresses?

    1. I went up to a place in Portland, ME called Andrea’s. It’s where my sister got her dress so I’ve always wanted that to be the first place I try on!

  2. Good point – people can have lots of seemingly contradictory sides to them. I was pretty nerdy in university (ok I still am), but I still liked to go out to the bar and have fun. Also I like eating tofu and other vegan foods… but I also chowed down on some venison chili yesterday. Real life isn’t black and white.

    On another note, did you find any wedding dresses you liked? What style are you thinking of going for? 😀

    1. I’m such a nerd too 🙂 And YES!!! I pretty much narrowed it down to 2, but really can’t decide between them. I am going to go back up and try them both on again and see if I can make a decision! I’m not going to give too much away on here but both of those dresses are an A-line silhouette 🙂

  3. Absolutely – I love my girly side as well as being able to look over at the guy next to me & know I can lift that too!!

    So excited – wedding dresses are the ultimate princess moment!

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