Training Updates

….Or lack thereof.

Either way.

You may have noticed that I haven’t posted anything about heavy lifting, squatting, or deadlifting for a while now. I haven’t posted anything about training because my training has been at a complete standstill since the beginning of June.

For those of you who read regularly, you may remember the goals that I set for myself back in the beginning of the year. Many of them are training related, and one of them has had to be pushed off indefinitely due to the ridiculous string of injuries I’ve had since last fall. I had set a goal of getting an assessment and program at Cressey Performance, hopefully from one of my favesies in the strength and conditioning world, Tony Gentilcore. But that was before I mangled my finger in a blender and couldn’t grip a barbell for 2 months. And that was also before I fell off an 8 foot wall and mangled my right ankle back in June.

And although I thought my training was going to be able to pick up speed again, it seems that this goal is now going to have to be pushed off even farther. Over the past few weeks as I’ve begun to ramp up my training and activity again, I realized that my ankle was just not healing and responding as well as it should have been. One would think as an athletic trainer that I’d take perfect care of my ankle and know when to hold back. The truth is, I did take great care of it, but I might have pushed it just a little too hard (I really believe that us ATs are often the worst at taking our own medical advice).

Anyway, long story short, after reviewing a recent MRI, my ortho has put me back in the walking boot for 4 weeks. 4 weeks. 


Meet my new best friend. 

That means 4 weeks of no heavy lower body lifting, 4 more weeks of no stadiums, 4 more weeks of no sprints. I am going to wallow in my self pity for a little while, but then I’m going to go ahead and make some new short term training goals. I guess it’s time to beef up my bench and really focus on some of the smaller, accessory muscles in my lower body. It’s a bummer because I know my squats and deadlifts are going to take a huge hit (it will be more than 2 months without heavy lifting by the time I come out of the boot). I had been making great progress after the finger incident and now I feel like I’ll be starting back at square one.

Did you get that? That was your invitation to my pity party. Wanna join?

So anyway, I haven’t posted much about heavy lifting because I haven’t been inspired to do so as of late. And now it looks like it’ll be a little longer until I have that bar across my back again. Maybe I’ll just turn into one of those gym bros who trains chest 4 days a week and that’s it. Brah. Who needs leg days when you’ve got permanent tickets to the gun show, AM I RIGHT? 

What’s the last injury that kept you from your training goals? Who thinks I should live the rest of my life in a bubble so I can avoid these stupid injuries? (I mean, Jake Gyllenhaal made it look really fun).

That’s all for now! Happy Hump Day!

13 thoughts on “Training Updates

  1. Yikes, Steph!! Hopefully things are all uphill from here! 🙂

    And yes, guess time to work on the arms 😉 lol. Stay positive chica.. you’ll be back at it in no time!

      1. btw.. LOVE the new profile pic! 🙂

  2. So sorry about your ankle! I hope the boot heals everything up nicely. Those 4 weeks will fly by! Just work on the gun show until then. Plus, it’s always fun to see the looks you get when you pump out pushup after pushup with a boot on. haha

    1. Haha, the boot is a little cumbersome in the weight room, I’ve already gotten some priceless looks! But you are right, the time will pass quickly, and I’ll be back at it in no time!

  3. As someone who had 10 weeks off training recently, I can certainly relate! Try to remember how lucky you are that you can do upper body, and maximise your gains there. The four weeks will be up before you know it, and then you’ll be beasting it up in the gym! Hey, maybe you’ll be inspired to do a strongwoman comp too 😉

    1. I would LOVE to do a strongwoman comp! When I get back to training 100% I’m definitely going to look into this. I have atlas-stone envy every time I look at your instagram 🙂 Thanks for the support!!

  4. Ha there is obviously something in the water this week as I’m having a pity party over at my blog as well, even tho I am lucky enough to be still lifting just not as well as I would like.
    Sorry you are out of lower body action for some time but it’s better to get it healed properly.

    Also wel jel of you meeting Tony G, I love his articles.

    Also sod the gun show it should be the shoulders, nicely defined shoulders on a woman are an awesome thing….

    Take care of yourself.

    1. No doubt about the shoulders vs. arms, I love my shoulders and wouldn’t trade them for bigger biceps any day! Hope your week is looking up this week, Helen!

  5. I totally feel your pain Steph – it sucks to think you’re healed, only to find out you’re not quite there yet. But at least you caught it now rather than letting it get worse! And knowing you, I’m sure you’ll find some creative ways to keep up your training. 🙂

    1. Thanks Chelsea! Yes, I’ve tried to get creative, and I’ve even started asking if I can do things in my boot (like walk stadiums) even though I know the answer is “no” and that if one of my athletes asked me that I would call them crazy!

  6. Competitors are by far the worst at not doing what is proper! I have even seen people trying to surf in contests with casts on because even getting last place meant that they got some points towards their rankings.

    Well, hang in there. You will be back at it soon!

    1. Thanks so much! And you’re so right, it’s tough to stay away from something when your pride (or professional rankings) are at stake!

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