Hydrate Yourself – Homemade Flavored Water

I’m not usually one for flavored drinks, unless, of course, they’re of the adult variety. During the day and at work, I generally stick to water (besides coffee of course). Occasionally a lemon slice will make it’s way into my glass, but besides that it’s rare to find me with a glass of lemonade, iced tea, and practically never soda or juice. Boring, I know, but I don’t really ever even want flavored drinks any more. Occasionally if I’m feeling very dehydrated or under the weather, I’ll drink a Naked juice, usually the Green Monster flavor. And yes, on a hot summer day, lemonade can really hit the spot. But for me, 98% of the time, ice cold water is where it’s at.

But then the other day I was walking around the grocery store, and must have been dehydrated at the time. A bottle of Bai5 Brasilia Blueberry caught my eye. I read the ingredient list, and it truly wasn’t bad. I usually try to avoid sugar alcohols in food because they are not easy for your body to digest. But this was sweetened with the sugar alcohol erythritol, which is generally digested and tolerated a lot better than other sugar alcohols such as sorbitol and mannitol. I picked it up along with it’s pear flavored counter part (I mean, a sale is a sale, ya know?) and off I went.  The blueberry flavor was actually very good (the pear — not so much), but as good as it was, it still had a hint of that “fake” sugar flavor.

bai5Blueberry – Yum, Pear – Meh. 

Then later on that week when we ended up with some fresh organic blueberries from the farmer’s market, I had an idea. Why didn’t I make my own blueberry flavored water, without that fake sugar? Without any sugar at all, actually.

And thus was born, Blueberry Raspberry Basil Water. It’s refreshing, it’s light, it’s not sweet, and it was made completely from ingredients that were already in my kitchen. Win!

IMG_4001 I started off with some fresh basil from our basil plant, and muddled that in the bottom of a mason jar. I didn’t totally pulverize the leaves, just kind of bruised them up a little bit.


Next, I added in the blueberries, and muddled those lightly as well. Again, I didn’t want to totally crush the blueberries, just open them up enough that their juices would be able to mingle with the water over time.


Next came frozen raspberries. I wish I had fresh ones, but this was all I had and I really wanted raspberry flavor, so in they went with a little bit of muddling.  I figured it would be good enough, but I definitely recommend fresh seasonal fruit over frozen!


I then filled the mason jar up with ice, filled it to the top with water, and stirred it all together for a few minutes. Then it went into the fridge, where I let it sit overnight without touching it.


I’m sure you could let it sit for just a couple hours and it would be good, but giving the flavors the whole night to blossom made for a delicious, crisp, light flavored water for today.  And the basil added just enough extra flavor  to keep it interesting. (The inspiration for this was definitely the amazing blueberry basil lemonade that I had at Sweetgreen last week!)


I loved this so much, and can’t wait to try more flavors with other fresh fruit and herbs that we pick up this summer! Fresh, healthy, delicious hydration, with bonus points for using local organic fruit. Next time I would love to incorporate lavender or mint, although I’m not sure what I’ll pair them with.

What’s your favorite way to keep hydrated in the summer? Do you tend to prefer plain water or flavored drinks? Have you ever made your own flavored water and what are your favorite ingredients to use?

11 thoughts on “Hydrate Yourself – Homemade Flavored Water

  1. I do actually do this a lot. Lemon & ginger, strawberry & lemon are good too! Raspberry, orange the list goes on & I love it. I haven’t found one bottled water at the store that compares – then you can throw the berries in with a smoothie!

    1. Ooh Lemon & Ginger sounds interesting! I’ll have to try that combo 🙂

  2. Have you thought about doing this with vodka? Just sayin.

  3. This is such an awesome idea! In the summer, I can’t stop drinking coconut water, but this looks like a cheaper alternative 😀

    1. I love coconut water too, but I can’t let myself buy it all the time! This really is very cheap, it only takes a little bit of fruit to give really good flavor! And adding herbs in really ups the flavor too.

  4. I love this idea! I don’t really make flavoured water (other than lemon in water) but I like to make iced tea using some of my herbal teas. I’m going to try this out next time though – I’m thinking maybe orange and rosemary or raspberry and mint!

    1. I really want to do a raspberry/mint one too! Basil and Mint are the only herbs that we have growing at home so I’m trying to think of as many good combinations with these as I can 🙂

  5. I saw a recipe for Lavender Lemonade I’ve been wanting to make forever. Just have to figure out where to find some lavender!

    1. That. Sounds. SO. Good. Let me know if you make it, I might have to give that a try very soon!!

  6. Great stuff! It’s so simple, yet so good for you, and WAY less expensive than the bottled drinks (and those can oftentimes not be as good for you!). I’ve tried the Bai5, and actually liked the pear…in fact, I have tried every flavor and was impressed with the flavor in comparison to other drinks. I’m a drink freak…if I see it, it’s new, I HAVE to try it. BUT…here’s the kicker…I’m out most of the day, and I drop $1.50 here, $1.95 there, $2.50 there…pretty soon I’ve spent a decent amount…times that by days in the week I work (5) and then again by days in the month (20-23)…and pretty soon I’ve spent WAY too much on something I don’t NEED. Bottom line, water is enough. But I love flavor! So thank you for this freshly inexpensive & delicious refresher on freshness!

    1. I hear ya! It is SO easy to throw away a ton of money on products like this… and I’m always a sucker for interesting packaging (a marketer’s dream). This really is a way to have a little flavor but avoid all of the fake stuff while also saving money… win-win! Glad you liked the post 🙂

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