By The Numbers

58: The number of unassisted chin ups I’ve done since Monday. If you’re keeping track, that’s more than required by my #chinupsfordays challenge, and truth be told, I’m already feeling stronger. I went from doing two sets of 4 and a set of 3 on Tuesday, to two sets of 5, one of 4, and one of three yesterday. Progress!

And, I have yet to do one assisted chin up so far. Trying to keep my streak going… maybe I can get through the month with all full body weight chin ups? Can I really do 31 in one day? Only time will tell 😉

6: The number of bugs that flew straight into my eyeball while up at my mother’s camp in Maine this past weekend. Those little buggers must be attracted to my baby blues, because I couldn’t walk outside without a full buggy-vision assault. Gross.

5: The number of power racks in the weight room at my gym now. Going from a tiny room with 3 to a bigger room with 5 is a major win. Now maybe even if people are douchey and taking up 2 (or 3) at a time, I’ll still be able to get my lifts in as scheduled!

1: The number of times I’ve gone to the beach this summer. Blasphemy.

659: The number on Boylston St which now is home to my new favorite lunch spot: Sweetgreen. I ate there for the first time yesterday with two awesome friends of mine, and ZOMG it was so good. Blueberry Basil Lemonade on a hot and sticky day? Yes please. A massive salad filled with local ingredients? Yes again. Next time I’ll try the froyo. Seriously, if you live in Boston and haven’t been yet, go. Now.

No, like seriously, go now. 

87654987234: The number of times I look at my engagement ring per day. I mean, I know it’s obnoxious, but I can’t help it. It’s like a sickness. A sweet, sweet sickness.

2: The number of times this past weekend that we drove past a giant bull in a field that was hanging out with a tiny, white miniature horse. (On the way to the camp, and on the way home). I think they were best friends, and I wanted to hug them both. And/or take the mini horse home, but that’s besides the point.

Can’t you just picture it though? A huge bull with a tiny miniature horse by it’s side? DOES IT GET ANY CUTER? 

Zero: The amount that any of this has to do with anything relevant, especially related to health/fitness. Besides the chin ups of course.

I told you I’m bad at blogging in the summer.

Have you been to a Sweetgreen? Have you been beaching it up this summer or have you been missing out on sun and sand time like me? Have you been participating in the #chinupsfordays challenge? 

Happy Weekend everyone!

4 thoughts on “By The Numbers

  1. I want a photo of the bull and horse!!! Where is that? 🙂 I miss Boston a ton!

  2. I’ve been to the beach 0 times this summer, so you beat me!

  3. No but thank you for the tip, I’ll be out there over the next few months I hope!! Great job on the chin ups !!!

  4. Isn’t Sweetgreen the best! Love their cucumber basil yogurt dressing!

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