What Happens In Vegas…

… Is a lot of learning and networking…


Oh, and pool time.

If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m off to Vegas for the National Athletic Trainers Association annual conference until next Friday.

There’s sure to be a ton of learning, a ton of networking, and also plenty of pool time and other fun. The NATA holds it’s national conference in different cities each year, and this year is the one we’ve all been waiting for since it was announced a few years ago. Vegas! Last year we were in St. Louis, and while I really do love St. Louis, it’s about time for a trip to Las Vegas. I haven’t been there in years, and I can’t wait to get back. There’s something about a city that actively tries to keep you from finding out what time it is…

Anyway, anytime you’re away from home, there are some simple ways to stay sane and (fairly) healthy even while away from your routine. Yes, even in Vegas, it is possible to stay (fairly) healthy, and that is my plan. Hydration, veggies whenever possible, and at least a few light sweat sessions will be musts. But like I said, my goal is to keep this week only fairly healthy, because who goes to Vegas and follows all the rules?

I’m not even sure there are any rules in Vegas to be honest.

My point is, vacation (even though this isn’t really a vacation) is not a time to stress about rules, calories, macros, and hitting PRs or certain mileage. As long as you keep yourself mostly in check, a few days of relaxed food and exercise “rules”will do you more good than you realize. It’s one thing to maintain a mostly healthy lifestyle while on vacation, and it’s another thing completely to obsess over everything concerning nutrition and fitness. Stress is stress, and worrying incessantly about only eating perfectly on your trip or burning enough calories will actually be harmful toward your health goals, not beneficial. The body needs periods of time with low stress, and that includes mental stress as well as physical. So my plan this week is exactly as I outlined above. Get those veggies in, stay hydrated, and work out at least a couple of times. This will ensure I don’t feel like complete crap but doesn’t mean that I’m going to skip the strawberry margarita just because it doesn’t fit into my plan.

Sometimes you just gotta relax and live it up, you know?

Maybe I’ll come back with some knowledge that you all will find interesting. Maybe I’ll put some posts up while I’m gone next week, but really who knows? That would require me writing them today, since the thought of me writing next week while I’m there is just completely ludicrous.

Any-hoo, I’m off to do some learning, networking, and to have a few cocktails by the pool. And I’m going to enjoy every second of it.  Don’t miss me too much!

Have you been to Vegas? What is your favorite thing to do there? Any good book recommendations for my flight? 

1 thought on “What Happens In Vegas…

  1. Boulevard pool-Cosmopolitan is a lot if people’s favorite here! But you might have to sign up for their identity card-which is simple really!

    Have fun in Vegas!

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