What I’ve Been Eating

I know some of you are curious about what bloggers eat on a daily basis, and I haven’t shared any food posts in quite some time now. So here you go, and I promise that some day I’ll buy a real camera and learn how to take more interesting pictures of food 😉

I tend to go through eating phases where I end up eating the same things over and over again, so you may notice some repetition here. I always go on a big tomato kick when the weather gets warm, and smoothies, other salads, and fish also tend to make more frequent appearances.  So without further ado, here are some foods that I’ve been eating lately*:

Tomato based salads:


This has been my obsession lately! Caprese salad: tomato, mozzarella, fresh basil, and balsamic. I’m pretty sure I added a grilled chicken breast to this to make it a main dish for lunch. 


This has been a frequent choice lately as well: tomato, mozzarella (notice a theme?), avocado. I have also added grilled chicken to this for a main course as well. Excellent cool salad on a warm day! 

Baked White Fish:


My mother gave us a bunch of Halibut so we ate quite a bit of this a couple of weeks ago. Plus, lighter white fish and veggies with a fresh beet salad makes a great and easy dinner when it’s too hot outside for something heavier! About half of an avocado on the side here too, for a little fat of course. 

Bell Peppers, raw and roasted:


This was a picnic lunch that I packed for Will and me one sunny afternoon. Bell peppers with hummus, fig crackers with brie and fig spread, cherries, blueberries, and some other snacks not pictured. Yum! 


I’ve also been doing a lot of roasted peppers lately. This is grilled chicken, beets, roasted red peppers with goat cheese, all with some homemade basil-cashew pesto. This was one of my absolute favorite meals lately! 


We actually just had this last night: roasted peppers making another appearance with goat cheese (such a good combination!), roasted asparagus, and coconut crusted salmon. This was delicious, but I’m not going to lie I was still hungry about a half hour after eating, so I clearly needed a little more; I definitely could have eaten more of that delicious salmon! (Don’t worry, I had a good snack) 🙂 


Turkey meatballs have also been very frequent. I bake the meatballs and then let them simmer for a while in tomato-basil pasta sauce with some red peppers. It’s a great meal to have on hand for lunches during the week, and can be eaten alone or paired with something like spaghetti squash (or real spaghetti of course).  I tend to just throw a bunch into a bowl and eat that for lunch with a handful of almonds or something similar. 

And of course: Eggs! 


I’ve been eating a ton of eggs lately. Usually 3 per day, and usually served like this: 3 eggs scrambled with a little bit of cheese, served with salsa and 1/2 avocado. 

*I just want to remind everyone that this is just a selection of foods that I’ve been loving lately, all taken from meals throughout the past couple of weeks. This does not at all represent a day’s worth of food for me, as these almost all come from different days. Please do not use this to compare what you’re eating; everyone’s needs are different when it comes to food and portions.

Cheers! What foods have you been loving lately? Are there specific foods that you gravitate towards more often when the weather gets warm? 

8 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Eating

  1. I have been eating a lot of turkey burgers-spicy to be exact. I make it with peppers, onion, garlic, scallions and a dash of hot pepper powder. I bake this up and eat it cold for dinner at work. I top it off with green beans sauteed in lemon juice. It is a GREAT dinner for working late and being warm!

    1. That sounds so good!! I’d probably top it with some salsa too… Yum!!

  2. Now I’m craving a caprese salad! They are SOOOO good!

    1. Soo good right?? I’m obsessed with mozzarella right now.

  3. Avocado is where it’s at for me! As well as sweet potato everywhere!

    1. Ahh yes I’ve been eating a ton of avocados… and sweet potatoes in the form of spicy baked sweet potato fries. YUM!

  4. Those turkey meatballs look awesome! Simmering them in the sauce after baking them is totally the way to go – I love how soft and tender they get.

    Lately I’ve been loving homemade Chipotle burrito bowls with lots of guacamole and channa masala that I made using Eat, Live, Run’s recipe.

    1. Thanks Chels, me too!! A homemade Chipotle bowl sounds so good right now too!

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