Get After It

I don’t care what you did this weekend.

I don’t care if you ate too much or worked out too little.

I don’t care if you slept all day because you stayed up all night watching a Game of Thrones marathon.

All I care about is that you get after it today! I don’t care how much damage you think you did to your diet or your training over the weekend, because you know what? It’s only a couple of days, and it’s in the past. And let’s be real, you probably didn’t make that much of a dent in your training progress in one weekend. But you will, if you don’t get after it today.

Get back on track.

The only thing that will derail your training is wallowing in your guilt over how much you enjoyed your weekend. The only thing that won’t? Making yourself get up and get moving. Today.

Remember and enjoy your indulgences, but put them in the past and move on to what’s really important:  Being a better you. (Can you imagine if you were just a little bit better each day, how amazingly awesome you would be a year from now? 10 years from now? 50 years? Seriously. Think about it. Be better every day.)

Do you know what I did this weekend?

On Saturday night I went to an amazing japanese noodle bar in Portland, ME. I ate a big bowl of house made noodles, and then had some cocktails. I followed that up with a big bowl of gelato at 11 pm, and an indulgent brunch the following morning.

Good for my training and nutrition goals? Nope. Worth it? Every bite, every drop. And I wouldn’t take it back for a second. (Especially my bloody mary at brunch. Hot damn that was good). Because today I’m going to get in the weight room and get after it. In order to make good progress, every weekend can’t be filled with endless indulgences, but having a weekend like this every once in a while will set you back less than you think. And besides, it just gives you a little kick in the pants and more motivation for some hard work in the coming week right?

Do something

Let’s Go! Start this week off right? How are you getting closer to your goals today?

1 thought on “Get After It

  1. Thank you for that reminder! I indulged in a great deal of ice cream this weekend and spent most of the weekend in bed. Sometimes it takes someone to remind you not to wallow in guilt about that, so seriously, thank you for that!

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