Random Monday Thoughts

I don’t really have anything today that would make up a full post, but I just wanted to put a couple of thoughts out there.  Besides, I wouldn’t want to make you read anything too detailed or heavy when you’re trying so hard to recover from your St. Patricks Day shenanigans yesterday (Yes, you there with the raging hangover that all of your co-workers are pretending they don’t notice, I’m talking to you).

hungover owl

Random Monday Thought #1:  I want to say a HUGE thank you for the response I got on my last post. I always love my readers, but I especially love it when we get such a good conversation going, especially about such an important topic. Everyone had excellent, thoughtful comments, and I’m glad that many of you seem to agree with my concerns about the HLB world. When I published that post, I tweeted it directly at Healthy Living Blogs themselves because I wanted to make sure they got to read it, in the hopes that it would draw some sort of response. You would think that the people who essentially own the HLB brand would be happy to address my concerns, and maybe even offer some answers to the questions I proposed. (Or at the very least, a cookie-cutter “we’re sorry you feel that way” type of reply). But no response yet, which to me just seems irresponsible. Maybe they want the HLB title to be associated with disordered eating and other unhealthy practices? I’m not sure, but I’m annoyed.

icanthearyouIgnoring the problem won’t make it go away. 

Random Monday Thought #2: I’m still ridiculously sore from my lift on Friday. So sore I’ve been walking like a cowboy all weekend, I call it my cowboy strut. After mangling my finger and being under no-sweating orders from my doctor for 2 weeks, I more than ready to go when I hit the weight room last week. Never mind that the finger splint I’m still in means that my grip is severely decreased, so I’m pretty much limited to back-loaded barbell stuff for now (Go ahead, try overhand-gripping a loaded barbell or heavy dumbbells without your index fingers. Not so easy, is it?) So Friday I finally got my butt back in the weight room, and to my delight, only lost 10 lb off my back squat after nearly 3 weeks off. Now though? I feel as though I’ve ripped every muscle from my pelvis. Me thinks I jumped in with a little too much too soon. Ah well, live and learn, right?

Random Monday Thought #3: In the past, I’ve talked about girls nights I have with a group of friends about once every  month. We pick a theme, pick someone to host, and then all make something (food or drink) according to the theme. Honestly, although we all have the best intentions, we often end up with a mix of bread, cheese, sugar, and wine, because that’s just the way it goes. (And there’s totally nothing wrong with that). We had one of these dinners this past weekend, and my lovely friend decided to make the theme Rules on Rules on Rules. Essentially, there was no sugar, butter, or flour allowed. And you know what? I really think it turned out to be our best dinner yet. We had vegetable spring rolls, spaghetti squash/black bean tacos, goat cheese stuffed dates, and risotto, and it was all absolutely delicious. Proof that get togethers don’t always have to be about junk food and alcohol, and that healthy eating can still be fun, creative, and delicious!

That is all for now! Enjoy your monday, and please, no napping at your desk. It’s not attractive. Especially if you’re still covered in green glitter and fake tattoos from your attempt at being Irish yesterday.

someecards.com - I'm respectfully devoting the day after St. Patrick's Day to eating Lucky Charms in my underwear

Would you expect the heads of HLB to respond to my last post? Have you ever gone back to the gym too hard too soon after an injury? Do you have any fun traditions with friends that involve food? 

3 thoughts on “Random Monday Thoughts

  1. I wish my friends were cool enough to have a party like that! Haha

    I’m SO nervous about going back to the gym. I will be taking almost two months off – yikes! The worst part is I can’t even push myself to lift super heavy either, so I won’t know how much my lifts have suffered. Although maybe it’s better I don’t know…!

  2. That party menu sounds amazing! I’m crashing your next one, okay? 😉

    I really wish the heads of HLB would respond to your post. I truly think there needs to be SOME kind of regulation about who can blog under the “healthy living” label.

  3. Happy Tuesday! (yeah I’m a day late to the party).

    It’s a pity that HLB didn’t reply. I also think fitfluential has the same problems.

    Hope the DOMS goes soon.

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