Work Those Glutes: Kettlebell Pyramid Workout

I haven’t posted a workout on here in a while, so what better day than today?

This is similar to the Burpee Pyramid that I posted about a million years ago, with a few other things added in. When ever I have to work out at home, I love utilizing a pyramid scheme, as I can work up a great sweat in a shorter amount of time.

And with the KB swings and high rep, lightly loaded squats, this is a great plan to work on that explosive power from the hips and glutes, which will be very helpful for my weekly stadium runs! If I have any readers who are part of the November Project (or who otherwise frequently do hill sprints or stadium runs), give this workout a try on one of your days off. It’ll get those glutes ready for the stadium on a day when you can’t actually get out there (say, when everything is covered in 2 ft of snow).

Even for those who don’t do stadiums/hills regularly, doing a little glute focused workout will be good for you too.  The glutes are one of the most important muscle groups in the body, and getting them properly activated is so important for proper movement patterns, avoiding injury, and just plain old beasting your workout!

Here’s the workout that I did on Saturday, since I was snowed in and couldn’t get to the gym. Just another reason why investing in a couple heavy KBs is a smart idea — you can get a great workout in with extremely little equipment.  Plus, they make for excellent decor. 

Equipment Used: Heavy KB (24 kg, or about 53 lb), TRX (homemade).

KB workout


  • Form is imperative for KB swings. This is a hip-hinge movement, not a squat. The KB should swing due to momentum and explosion from your hips/glutes, not your arms.  Keep your back flat and your lats engaged.
  • These are HEAVY KB swings. If 10 lbs is heavy for you, than so be it. But most of you will be able to swing much more than this.
  • The Goblet squat is a lighter weight than you would normally do. Doing so many reps would be near impossible with a heavy goblet squat. These can also be bodyweight squats if that fits your fitness level better. I used a 15 lb KB which was very light for me, but it was all I had besides the heavy ones.
  • Take as little rest as possible during the pyramid set. 
  • For the weighted glute bridges, hold the heavy KB over the front of your pelvis, as you would with a barbell for a barbell glute bridge. Place a folded towel under the KB for comfort.
  • Want a challenge? Time yourself! Do this workout again next time you need a quick, in-home workout and beat your previous time.

That’s all folks, now go get strong!


Do you have kettlebells at home? What is your favorite piece of at-home workout equipment?

10 thoughts on “Work Those Glutes: Kettlebell Pyramid Workout

  1. I’ve never used kettlebells – we don’t have them at my gym and I don’t own any! Would I get the same effect doing the kettlebell swings with a dumbbell? I’ve always wondered that.

    1. You can absolutely do swings with a DB! It’ll be a little bit different because of the weight distribution of the KB vs. the DB, but you can still do swings and get the benefits of them, you just have to make sure you’re using something heavy enough!

      1. I’m glad you answered that, our gym only has a really light then goes extreme heavy KB. While this kicked my butt with light. 😉 I’m glad to know I can up the anty with a DB. I just now picture me flinging a DB across the gym if I don’t grip it right 🙂

  2. Took my brain a second to figure out what the TRX was for … LOL Only starting with 2 push ups ?? 😉 Come one go for it… you know what I’ve noticed on Push Ups since working the rings and body weight is how much easier it is. An added bonus! I will give this Pyramid a try!! Thanks for the workout!!

    1. Haha, your comment made me laugh! Yes I only started with 2 pushups, because doing 2 after each set will give you 30 total! And I wanted this workout to focus more on glutes. But if you want to do more girl, GO for it! 🙂 Let me know how you like the pyramid! I find it much harder with KB swings than with Burpees but both are great quick workouts.

      1. I about DIED. LOL I did 10 pushups per round. The glute bridge I think I may have to work up to, my glutes/hip area seems to be weaker than I think

        Is that a good example for form?

    2. Yes! For some reason this wouldn’t let me comment below the video, but that’s a good example. You want to make sure that you’re getting a good squeeze with your glutes at the top, and that your hamstrings aren’t doing all the work. Cheers!

  3. Just did this last night for the first time and it wrecked me good! I was panting and sweating, and my lower body is jelly today. Now that I know what I’m in for with it, I’ll start timing myself and work up to my heavier KB for swings (bad back, have to get that form down before I start hauling more weight around). Thanks so much for this!!

    1. So glad you tried this!! It is one of my favorite routines to do when I work out at home. Definitely a good idea to work on form before moving up in weight — keep up the good work!!

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