The GoodOnYa Bar and A Giveaway!

I want to first start off by saying WOW. I am completely overwhelmed by the response my last post has gotten, and I am so happy that I have been able to reach so many in the athletic training world though this little blog. Welcome to all of my new followers, and a I want to give a huge THANK YOU to the crazy number of people who have shared my last post on Facebook and Twitter over the past few days. You all are the best, and I hope everyone continues to enjoy visiting this site! There have been some incredibly thoughtful responses since Monday, and I truly appreciate each and every comment/tweet/email that comes in.

But since not everyone who reads this blog is an AT, moving on to today’s post:

This, my friends, is a product review.

I wrote a review of another product a while back, but after I posted it I realized that I wasn’t really that kind of blogger. I realized that I would rather write about my ideas and experiences than review foods and products, unless the item I’m reviewing is truly something I believe in, whether it be a company, product, or type of food.

And we have a winner. The GoodOnYa Bar.


This is a product and a company that I can believe in. This is a small company from Encinitas, California, with ideas and philosophies much like my own. When I first heard of these bars, I decided to peruse their website to learn more about them, and what I found compelled me to reach out to them to give these bars a try. To quote the website:

“We are part of the movement and want to take food back from the multi-national corporations that feed us. It’s time to understand what we are eating, find local sources and tap back into decisions that benefit the earth. Because we are of the earth, every single thing we do here matters, it is a closed loop. When you drink a sports drink with a coloring that is petroleum based, you are supporting the companies that think it’s ok to put gas in your body! Those companies don’t care about anything except profits. And the health of the earth as well as the health of your body doesn’t cross their mind.”

This is a company that was started by an Olympic athlete, in a quest to create healthy food with the best ingredients, little processing, and nutrients that can help not only our bodies, but our environment as well. To read about a company that doesn’t just care about the bottom line, but that also cares about health of us and future generations; now that is something I can support 100%.


To quote again:

“We bought a variety of bars over the years, the same ones I ate when I was an athlete, but we found ourselves bored and at times shocked at the nutritional content. We didn’t even know what soy protein isolate was and that was in almost every bar we tried. We don’t like ingredients that aren’t directly from nature. We just don’t think you should be eating things you can’t make yourself.  So we decided to make our own, and here we are.”

To find out a little bit more about this company and what they are about, check out this short video here:

Again, a company and product that falls right in line with my own nutritional philosophy. I had to try them, and try them I did! And this, my friends, is what I found:

I was sent a sample box of their three flavors of GoodOnYa Bars: Breakfast, Peanut Butter Honey, and Peanut Butter Chocolate.

As soon as I got them, I couldn’t wait to dig in.


The first one I tried was the Organic Gluten Free Breakfast bar. Nutty, hearty, and slightly sweet, it was absolutely perfect for breakfast on the go. Instead of tasting like something that had been processed and was sitting on a shelf in a warehouse for months, it honestly tasted like something I could have just whipped up in the kitchen moments before. Besides the awesome flavor, it was satisfying too, taking care of my hunger for the next 2-3 hours (which for me, Ms. Eats-All-Day-Long, is saying something).


The next bar I tried was the Organic Gluten Free Peanut Butter Honey. I grabbed this one after a morning stadium run, eating half of it as part of my post-workout breakfast, and the other half of it later to keep my energy levels up during a marathon study session. The flavor was less peanut-butter than I originally expected, but it was still a delicious and satisfying snack. Again, I felt great about the ingredients that were going into my body, especially as a direct-post-workout snack, and was happy that it tasted like real food, not like artificial flavorings and preservatives. This one was less sweet than the breakfast bar, making it an equally good choice for a breakfast on the go.


Of course, I saved the Organic Gluten Free Chocolate Peanut Butter for last, as history tells me that that would be my favorite flavor. Like the Peanut Butter Honey, it did have less of a peanut butter flavor than I was expecting, but the chocolate chips sprinkled in added a nice bit of sweetness to the bar. Although not an overwhelming peanut butter flavor, it was extremely tasty and seemed like a perfect post-workout snack. Overall, this one was an excellent, filling snack, and like the others was not too sweet.

If I had to rank them, I would definitely say the Breakfast bar was my favorite, followed by the Chocolate Peanut Butter and Peanut Butter Honey. They are all delicious though, and would suit many different tastes, especially those of you who don’t like bars that are packed with a ton of sugar and other sweeteners. And I can’t say it enough that this is a company I can stand behind 100%. The GoodOnYa Bar is real food made from real ingredients, not some chemicals created in a lab. It’s made by people who care about you and the environment, using ingredients that will nourish your body the way you deserve.

And to make things even better, for those of you with intolerances, allergies, or aversions to certain foods, these are not only gluten free bars, but they are grain free, non-GMO, non-soy, and non-dairy as well. BOOM.

If you’re someone like me who is always on the go, bars can be a great snack choice. However, as noted in the quotes above, so many other bars are packed with ingredients that you can’t even pronounce, additives, and tons of sugar/sweeteners. These bars have none of that, and they’re delicious. What more can you ask for?

To learn more about this awesome company, you can check out the GoodOnYa Bar website here, and you can also follow them on Twitter or like them on Facebook.

And as a very special offer, I’m doing my very first giveaway for this product! The winner will receive a sample box with one of each flavor (Breakfast, Peanut Butter Honey, and Peanut Butter Chocolate). To enter, please leave a comment below and tell me which one you’re most excited about trying and why. 

To gain additional entries, you may also do one or all of the following: 

1. Follow me and The GoodOnYa Bar on Twitter

2. Like The GoodOnYa Bar on Facebook

Please add an additional comment here for each of these actions to be counted.

*Important Note: The giveaway will close at 9:00 PM EST on Tuesday January 22. One winner will be chosen at random and announced on Wednesday January 23; they will then have 48 hours to contact me or another winner will be selected. Good luck! 

**EDIT: This giveaway is now closed.

ALSO: Even if you don’t win the giveaway, you can still get a little deal anyway (because I love you all that much). GoodOnYa Bar has been generous enough to offer free shipping to all of my readers. All you have to do is enter the coupon code TrainHard at checkout, and you’ll be all set! If you’re someone who loves real food made with real ingredients, without all that processed nonsense, give these a try. You won’t regret it!


Disclaimer: All ideas and opinions herein are my own. Besides the 3 complimentary bars that I tried, I was not compensated in any way for the ideas and opinions stated here. 

19 thoughts on “The GoodOnYa Bar and A Giveaway!

  1. Sounds delicious! I hate that they put soy in EVERYTHING!!

    I’d love to try the peanut butter honey!

  2. I follow you on Twitter! @winetoweights

  3. Just followed @thegoodonyabar on Twitter!

  4. MMM sounds tasty, I’ve had a problem with most of the bars like Cliff and others making my stomach hurt from the abundance of fake fibers… I wonder if this would actually work.  It would be nice to find an on the go healthy snack.


  5. Any of the bars with chocolate, for sure!

  6. Chocolate Peanut Butter will be my winner, regardless of if I actually like the taste of the others more. Why you ask? Because this girl (thumb point happening right now) LOVES me some Choc and PB!
    As for this company–impressive find, Ms. Stephanie Anne :p! The whole post I was crossing my fingers and repeating, “please be gluten free, please be gluten free”(I got crazy looks from students that now know about this company too). I don’t do bars, even though they would save my life some days, because of how many ingredients I cannot say. I have tried making my own bars and every time have failed miserably. So, this seems to be a perfect solution!
    I have liked them on FB and am a competitive person, so want to follow them on Twitter but that would be disingenuous because I haven’t been on Twitter in 5 years (oops, my bad). So, I hope you account for my honesty and reasoning in this competition.
    Also, my birthday is coming up on January 26 if that helps me win.

  7. I think the breakfast bar sounds the tastiest! I would try it on a day when I am rushing off to walk to work and don’t have time to cook breakfast.

  8. The peanut butter honey sounds delicious!

  9. I like them on Facebook (Danielle Knapp)

  10. I’d love to try the Peanut Butter Chocolate bar, as it combines two of my favourite foods!

  11. I joined your Twitter account.

  12. I am following the Goodonyabar on Twitter.

  13. For me, it is definitely the chocolate peanut butter bar. Sounds like a winner!

  14. chocolate peanut butter would definitely be my favorite!

  15. I follow you on Twitter

  16. I follow Goodonyabar on twitter

  17. I like goodonya bar on Facebook

  18. The chocolate peanut butter bar sounds delicious!

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