Stop All The Hating

Around this time of year I see/hear two things more than anything else:

1) People with New Years Resolutions to Lose Weight! Look Great In A Bikini! Get Toned! Go To The Gym EVERY MOTHER EFFING DAY!


2) Those of us who already go to the gym regularly griping about the resolutioners (I know it’s not a word) and how much space they take up at the gym for 3 weeks (until they forget, you know, that they were going to go. Every. single. day.)

And I’m not totally innocent here. I have done my fair share of complaining about the swarms of people who enter the gym after New Years, taking up space in the weightroom, taking up space on the treadmills, taking up space IN MY AREA WHERE I LIKE TO FOAM ROLL.


But really, if you think about it, weren’t we all one of those people at some point? No, maybe we all didn’t start working out because of a silly New Years Resolution, but I promise you at some point you were the new kid in the gym. Maybe you were even that guy/girl who didn’t quite know gym etiquette, or how to work into sets, or how to not offend people with your stinky, unwashed clothing. (I hope to God that last one wasn’t you, but if it was, your secret is safe with me).

And look at you now, you gym rat, you. You stuck around, didn’t you? You are a regular now, and you’re a better person for it. So isn’t that all these people are trying to do? Make themselves better? The more I think about it, the less I complain about these gym newbies. As the writer of a fitness and nutrition blog, I consider it my mission to inspire as many people as possible to make that initial step towards making themselves better. And that initial step often involves getting their ass to a gym.

Yes, Your gym.

Your space.

Don’t we all agree that as a whole, citizens of the United States could stand to be a little whole lot healthier? You see it every day in the news and media, the staggering obesity rates and horrifying amounts of time that people spend sedentary nowadays. So yes, these people are taking up space in your gym. And I know we all joke about just “getting through the next 3 weeks until they all go away”, but in reality wouldn’t it be amazing if they all stayed? If they all kept up with their fitness routines, becoming healthier and fitter each day? Sure, the gym would be a little more crowded, and yes you may have to wait a little bit longer for your treadmill, or your weight bench. But if those people are truly working hard to better themselves, I don’t think it’s really fair to hate on them for that. Isn’t that what we ultimately want for everyone?

There is one small caveat however. There are always those resolutioners who are truly just taking up space. You know, people who go to the gym just so they can say they’ve gone to the gym, but really the  most strenuous thing they did once they got there was walk around and stare at themselves in the mirror. Or even worse, they sat on machines (taking up space) while texting/chatting/flirting/being bros.

They are taking up valuable space. And they can either get after it, or they can leave.

As for the rest of the resolutioners, they ones who actually are working hard; who actually are doing what it takes to become healthier, why don’t we applaud them instead of hating on them? Why don’t we encourage them, smile at them (not in a creepy way, please), and make sure they stick with their resolutions? Maybe one reason some people quit on their gym plans so quickly is because of the negative feedback they get from the regular gym-folk like us.

That’s not cool.

So I’m saying it here and now: Newbies, come on in! Make yourselves at home, and work your asses off. We don’t bite (unless you’re just taking up space. Then watch out.)

How do you feel about all of the gym crowding that goes on in January? Are you welcoming to new gym-goers or do you wish they would all go home? Were you intimidated when you first started going to the gym?

15 thoughts on “Stop All The Hating

  1. letterstobesent January 9, 2013 — 8:01 am

    The only thing I judge (and yes, hate on) is the amount of girls at my college on their cardio machines watching the Food Channel! It makes me hungry! I’ll stick with the news! (But I guess it also helps me decide what to make for dinner that night… 🙂

    1. Hahaha, that does seem like a counterproductive thing to watch while on the elliptical! Maybe that’s their strange way of letting themselves “indulge” 🙂

      1. Truth! I guess if it keeps em fit and happy, why should I deter them?! 🙂

  2. I’m cool with all the New Years’ newbies bc I know they probably won’t last too long. Like you said, maybe 3 weeks. I can appreciate the new energy they bring to the gym. All to the good.

    1. Good point on the energy… For the ones who are excited to be there, it can be a good change of pace. And yes, unfortunately, most of them wont last. Survival of the fittest, I guess?

  3. Great post sweetie!!!!!! I love seeing new people at the gym, but I am definitely not totally innocent! I’ve become frustrated when I shouldn’t have!

    1. Thanks Meg!! I’ve done the same, it’s hard to not get annoyed when you have to wait for equipment!

  4. i’m so guilty of this! which is ironic seeing as i’ll be teaching to packed studios for the next few weeks, which is extra awesome. but the crowds outside of that can definitely be frustrating – mostly because i hate crowds in general. making them sweaty and confused just adds insult to injury. i remedied this a few years ago by becoming a morning gym rat – our pre-sunrise crowd doesn’t see a huge increase in size, couldn’t imagine why! : )

    1. Great point! I train in the morning too, and you’re right, that time of day really doesn’t see that much of an increase thankfully!

  5. I never actually got frustrated with the January joiners because I’ve been there – I used to be out of shape and I could barely run two minutes. So I know how scary it is to step into a gym for the first time and start working out with everyone’s eyes on you (or so it seems). I give major kudos to all the people who take up a resolution to work out and I try to give them a smile when I pass by them!

    1. It IS really scary to be the new kid in the gym; I remember how intimidated I was when I first started venturing into the “big boys” weight room. Now I’m totally at home in there, but I always feel for people who come in who are clearly new/scared/timid, etc.

  6. Personally, I don’t believe in New Years Resolutions–for me. I like to have almost daily resultions that are on a small scale, but, nonetheless make an impact. So, I am one of the super annoyed people at the gym in January. When I used to work 8-5 (or 8-7 or 8 a lot of days) I would go after work. In January, I never worked out. I knew I would be mad at people. Now, I go in the mornings and love it…still getting annoyed in January. This January there are way more people in my space. I need a lot of room because I am a machine with heaps of weights and stuff. :p OK maybe not but I need a lot of space for my stuff. This post helped me a lot with my rage at the gym. The last year or two I have tried to smile at people more at the gym. I am sure I am creepy but it is more like a “Go get em” smile, because in the last 3 months I have been getting a lot of encouragement with my weight increases, so why not pass that along!
    I did want to mention I saw TONS of people using the Bozu balls or whatever and doing weights. A lot fell off, a lot looked like they may snap their legs, but they were trying. I do hope the trainer helps them so they aren’t turned off the gym forever because they get hurt.

    1. I agree with you that NY resolutions aren’t always the best idea, but I do think it’s good for people to set some new goals, whether it be at the new year or not. I totally understand needing your space, and that also comes in with people figuring out and understanding gym etiquette. Glad you’ve been spreading some smiles and positive energy at your gym — that’s what all gyms need!

  7. *Sigh* Your right, but I’ve alreadynoticed those new years peeps dwindling. I DO hope that more would make it a realcommitment, when I wrote my new years blog I realized2012 was the first time that became a reality for me. Maybe 2013 will be a few more peeps year and then we’ll all be healthy!!! A positive way to look at it, thank you!


    1. Thanks for your positive comment, as always!! Its always interesting to see who stays and who calls it quits — there’s gotta be something that makes you keep going back, and for some people it takes a few tries!

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