My Christmas (Fitness) Wish List

Over the years I’ve somehow transformed from a Christmas-crazed kid who counted to make sure that my sister and I had the same number of presents under the tree, to someone who truly enjoys giving at the holidays. I would much rather watch my nieces shriek with joy when they open a gift than receive one myself, and I often find myself answering “Oh, I don’t know, I don’t really need anything…” when someone asks me what I want for Christmas.

Truthfully, there isn’t a whole lot that I need, and lets be honest, asking people for things makes me kind of uncomfortable. But when it comes to fitness gear, I find that I can’t get enough, and there are always new things or pieces of clothing that I want to try out. I thought I’d put together a list of the things that I’ve had my eye on, so that maybe some of you can get some ideas for the fitness fanatics in your life. I’ve tried to include things in every price range, so whether you’re looking for stocking stuffers or major-present ideas, maybe you’ll find the right one right here!

1. Gloves: The gloves that I currently wear for my bike commute and for those chilly morning stadium runs have a hole in one thumb that gets bigger by the day. With the assumption that the world is not going to end in 9 days, and that the temps are only going to get colder over the next couple of months, I think it’s worth getting a new pair of gloves to keep these digits warm against the cold Boston wind!

GlowmitNew Balance Competitor Glo-Mitt – $24.99

New Balance makes some great options, with the Endurance Glove for a basic option, and the Competitor Glo-Mitt for higher visibility. The reflective surface and bright color of these would be awesome for bike commuters, or those who run in the early morning darkness. Safety first, kids!

2. Headbands: For those of you who don’t know, I’m a sweat monster. I sweat more than the average girl, and because of that, it gets really irritating when I have sweaty pieces of hair flopping around my face during a workout. The right headband will stay in place, not squeeze too tight, and will even look cute as a bonus. My favorite headbands are the flourescent braided ones from Under Armour, which come in awesome colors and two different sizes. These would make an excellent stocking stuffer or addition to a secret santa gift!

UAheadbandsUA Headbands 3-pack – $19.99

3. Compression Socks: I have yet to try these, but I’ve heard great things from fellow runner friends of mine. I would love a pair or two to wear during stadium runs and after for recovery, and I know many running enthusiasts who swear by them. While no one ever says they want socks for Christmas, any runner in your life would probably be happy to receive a pair or two of these!

compression socksCEP Compression Socks – $59.95 

I actually don’t know which brand to suggest for these, only because I haven’t used them yet myself. You could find these at virtually any sporting goods store though, as well as from any of the major fitness/running companies.

4. Another pair of THESE:

New Balance Minimus Walking - WW10

 New Balance Minimus Walking shoe (WW10); about $50 at a NB Outlet

These are by far my favorite sneakers I’ve ever owned. I’m not a runner, so I can not attest to running in these (and they are technically made for walking), but I wear them for lifting, on my bike commute, and on stadium runs. They are so comfortable, though, that I’ve taken to just wearing them around at random times as well. Since I wear them so often, I know they’re not going to last forever. Another pair would make me a very happy girl, and I highly recommend these to anyone who asks! Especially if you are shopping for a woman who needs good shoes for weight lifting, these come with my recommendation 100%.

5. Crops/Tights – Comfy and flattering sports wear should be on the top of every girls list. I really believe that with well fitting, comfortable and flattering clothes, you can have a better performance! (Feel good and look good, you’re bound to be better, no?)  Crops and full length running tights are great for my bike rides, stadium runs, and weight room sessions, and wearing these allows you to get your work done without fidgeting with shorts that keep bunching or that restrict your movement.  A few good choices are below, but there are so many options out there, with so many different fits, so I definitely can not say which is best for every body.

capriNew Balance Fitness Capri – $37.99


Under Armour Allseasongear running tights – $59.99

6. New Earbuds: I use the Apple earbuds that came with my iPhone, and honestly I love them. They don’t fall out of my ears even during a stadium run, although every once in a while they do stop working temporarily due to getting drenched in sweat (I’m not kidding). What I think I would love even more, though, are the new Apple earbuds. The new shape is lovely, and looks like it fits nice and snug in your ear with little movement. I haven’t tried them though, so this is just based off of pure assumption, but as far as I’m concerned, Apple products don’t usually disappoint.

appleearbudsApple EarPods – $29

What’s on your fitness Christmas list? Do you own any of the items I’ve listed here? What do you think of them? What’s your favorite fitness accessory? 

15 thoughts on “My Christmas (Fitness) Wish List

  1. I agree with the crop pants and running leggings. Not only do they not get in the way, they show off all the hard work you’ve been doing on your legs! Full length running tights also double as long johns for outdoor ice skating 😉

      1. I’ve yet to try snowboarding but I can imagine I’d spend a lot of time on my butt.

  2. I am looking at the Intelliskin 2.0 shirt to get my shoulders back into alignment. I am also crazy about anything with “New Balance” written on it! I love my shoes!

    1. I’m a New Balance nut too… And I haven’t heard of the Intelliskin shirt. I’ll have to check it out!

  3. Great list! I use PROCompression socks and Love them! Like not even for running recovery; but everyday wear. And weekend wear. And hanging around the house. And doing deadlifts. lol 🙂

    1. I REally think I need to get myself some of those…

  4. i just got (and fell in love with) the saucony guide 6 as my new running shoe of choice. the local running store only had them in white/turquoise, so my christmas gift from my dad is the neon pink/green pair to rotate out. i’m the most excited – nothing says “i’m awesome” like neon pink running shoes!! : )

    1. Nice!! Absolutely, once you find a great pair of running shoes, it’s best to get a couple pairs if you can! (Especially if one of them is neon pink) 🙂

  5. JUST FYI, compression socks are amazing and the new earpods are sweet! Just found your blog:D

    1. So glad you found me!! And I really do want to try the Earpods…if I don’t get them for Christmas it’ll definitely be a purchase very soon!

  6. The fitness wish list is a great idea. I do not have the items on your list though I do have the NB minimal running version of the shoe you have here and love how they feel for a run. I’d like a thicker soul one for cycling as the pegs dig through the thin bottom of the minimal shoes. I’d probably have to say a new pair of lift gloves, hot pink tape for my gym rings, and a new arm band for my iTouch. But clothing will have to wait until next year. I’m stuck with the ol’ Army issue for now 😉 Happy HO HO!!!


    1. Ooh great idea with the tape for the gym rings!! And as for the shoes for cycling…I’m kind of a fake cyclist, in that I don’t have clips on my pedals, so the light tread is fine for me. I definitely wouldn’t be able to wear those if I got some racing clips!!

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