Checking In

Hello World!

I just want to start off by saying thank you to everyone for the kind words and wishes after my accident last week! All of your comments, emails and tweets were wonderful, and I can’t thank you enough. I am still nursing a bum ankle, but that’s about it besides some nasty lingering bruises. So all in all, I’m healthy, I’ve been working out again (although no heavy lifting for the legs just yet), and word from the bike shop is that I should have my bike back on Friday. Woo hoo! I’m ready to get back to my bike commute, although I realize I might be a little apprehensive for my first few rides.

What else have I been up to? Well, quite a bit actually! In a nutshell, I’m a busy busy bee this week, with hardly a second to think, let alone blog.  I will update you all on everything in the near future, but for now I just wanted to stop in to say that everything going on this week is forcing me to take a mini blogging hiatus. I’ll be back for sure with a real blog post for you on Monday, but for today, I’ll just leave you with something that sums up exactly how I feel right now:


And another random quote that I found, that I thought was worth sharing:

4 thoughts on “Checking In

  1. Glad you’re feeling better! Your positive outlook is encouraging and refreshing, as always.

  2. I’m so glad you’re doing well after your accident Steph! 🙂

    And I love that second quote! That’s such an awesome way to approach life.

  3. loriannehutchins December 5, 2012 — 7:24 pm

    I love the traveling quote! And your blog. Both equally as much.

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