Motivation Monday: Strength In Numbers

I’m not one to have a workout buddy. I train solo, and I like it that way. In fact, it’s a running joke around my office that I really don’t tolerate people talking to me during my workouts… it gets a little dangerous.

WHY must you talk to me when I’m in the middle of a back squat?

I’m not sure why I am that way, but I always have been when it comes to gym time. I hate to socialize while I’m lifting; I get in the zone and I stay there. So then why, when a friend of mine asked me to join her for a large group stadium run did I say yes? I have no idea. But I’m glad I did.

Last Wednesday, I joined a group called the November Project. It’s an exercise tribe, as they call themselves, that meet up for 3 workouts per week. Monday is a “destination deck of cards” workout, Wednesday is a stadium run at Harvard, and Friday is death hill sprints in Brookline. To quote from their website, from the two dudes who started this shindig:

During our involvement at highly competitive Division I collegiate rowing program we realized that no mater how tired, cold, sad or hungry we were, somehow we always showed up for practice. The reason? We didn’t want to let down the other seven guys in the boat. Using that model we started scheduling workouts that we knew we had to show up for because we didn’t want to leave the other guy hanging.

It’s brilliant, really. A tribe, a cult, a group of crazy fitness freaks, whatever you want to call this thing, it’s brilliant.  

I had actually heard of the November project about a month ago through a link on Twitter or something just as arbitrary. I read about the Wednesday Stadium day, and although I do run stadiums on a regular basis, (and love/hate every second of it), I was scared to joint this group. Why? 2 reasons:

1. The early start time. These people meet at 6:30 am, which, granted, is only about a half hour before I normally get up, but that 30 minutes snuggled in my bed is valuable.  Getting my butt to Harvard for a 6:!5 warmup means I would have to be out of my house at 6:10 (I ride my bike)…. Meaning I would have to wake up, oh, WAY EARLIER THAN I LIKE TO.

2. These people seem to be a little cray cray. Seriously. If you look through the website/blog, you’ll see postings of times from the weekly stadium runs. The most badass of the November Project folk run a full stadium in the time it takes me to do half, and I’m not going to lie, that was intimidating.

So what happened? Why did I change my mind?

I grew a pair (not literally…thank God. That would be awkward), and realized that the only thing that was really holding me back was my own fear. And if I can go in the weight room and sling around iron heavier than my body weight, I sure as hell am badass enough to train with these people right? So when my friend Meg suggested that we go, after a couple days of wishy-washy, back and forth, “ok maybe I’ll go once” thoughts, I thought to myself:

“Let’s do this!”

(Never mind that Meg bailed on the day we actually went.)

Sorry dude, called you out. 

But two of my other friends were there with me on that cold Wednesday morning. We met, hugged it out (as is apparently customary at the November Project workouts), and proceeded to get our butts kicked for the “newbie” workout of the day.

The verdict? It was incredible. There were so many other people there; people of all ages, body types and fitness levels. I heard grumblings of being “so hungover” (really? On a Wednesday morning?), I heard a few other mumblings of “dude this sucks”… But besides the few negatives, I heard a whole lot of cheers, whoops, hollers, and words of encouragement. I saw high fives, hugs, and tons of smiles. And you know what? When I finished, I had a smile on my face too.  The energy and positive atmosphere was kind of intoxicating, and made it a completely different experience than I’ve ever had running the stadium by myself.

Here’s just part of “the tribe” getting their Stadium on. Like ants huffing and puffing up and down the concrete. But AWESOME ants. 

Sure, my lungs were screaming from the early-morning cold fall air, and my legs were shaking like crazy, but I finished with my friends, and also alongside about 100 other people that were there that morning. 

After we finished. Feeling good!! 

Like I said, I’m not someone to have a workout buddy. I don’t generally do group fitness classes, and I don’t belong to a running group, or anything of that sort. I never really understood why people talked about the group atmosphere of Cross Fit. But now? I get it! Pushing through an insanely hard workout was way more fun with all of those people working towards the same thing. Even if it was just a silent head-nod in passing on the way down the stairs, there was a common understanding that we were all in it together. We were all having our asses handed to us by Harvard Stadium, and we liked it. 

Needless to say: I will be back. I’ll be back this coming Wednesday, as a matter of fact. So who’s with me? Any Boston area peeps that want to join in? I can’t say I’ll be joining these dudes for the Monday and Friday workouts, because my time in the weight room is precious to me. Maybe every once in a while when I need to switch things up, but for now I think I’ll stick with the stadium days.

Do you usually work out with friends or solo? Do you enjoy a group atmosphere? Is there anything in your town similar to the November Project, or if you live in Boston, have you thought about joining up? 

16 thoughts on “Motivation Monday: Strength In Numbers

  1. I usually workout alone mostly because it’s hard coordinating schedules with other people and then I just got used to the convenience of going alone. That said, this sounds awesome! I can’t believe I’ve never heard of the November Project before and I’m checking it out now!

    1. Definitely check it out!! Had another great workout with them this morning… if you’re going to go sometime let me know!

  2. LOL Wish I could join you 😉 If I’m ever in Boston I’ll see if your still a cray cray 😉 hehe… great work! I so get the inspiration for the most part I like working out alone but there is something to be said for that “pack” feeling of the group success.

    1. Yes! Jenny if you ever are in Boston I would love to meet up for a workout!! And a pack keeps me motivated, although I never knew that before. This morning I crushed my time from last week, and I know it was the crowd that kept me going!

      1. That’s awesome!! Can’t wait to hear more. 🙂

  3. This looks like fun! I used to be a dancer, so I often miss the group aspect of training. But nobody at my gym talks to me. Sometimes I feel left out because everyone chats to everyone, but I know they’re just staying out of my way because I’m training hard. I actually asked one of the most social guys there if he thinks I’m a bitch and that’s why he doesn’t talk to me! Haha.

    I saw a workout shirt online the other day that simply said “Go Away”. I want!

    1. Hahaha, this made me laugh!! People generally don’t talk to me at the gym either, mostly because I have a really bitchy default face, which only gets exaggerated when I lift 🙂 And I want that shirt!!

  4. We love having you and hope that you continue to #RecruitMoreRacers of all speeds, shapes, sizes, and early #Rise&Shine ability. Please continue to train with us and spread the word that Boston has a grassroots community that can’t be stopped. Here is our post from this morning’s session near Central Square called #DestinationDeck #PiggyBackDashDeck

    1. Thanks so much for commenting!! Crushed my 1/2 tour time this week compared to last week, can’t wait to get the full tour in! You guys are an amazing group, and I think I’m addicted!

  5. I’m like you – I’m more of a solo exerciser. I like just zoning out and going at my own pace. But I think it’s also partially because of fear of not being good enough. This actually sounds like so much fun though and if we had something like it near me, I would definitely consider going!

    1. I zone out too, big time. But there’s something about this that I just love, it puts me in the best mood afterward!

  6. That sounds so cool!! I use soccer like this, no matter what I will be running once a week because I don’t want to be heckled for missing. Plus we don’t have enough girls for subs so if I don’t show up the team plays down, not fun. That picture is incredible, I was reading thinking oh a handful of people, false, a stadium full of hustlers. I prefer working out alone except for yoga! I like being told what to do for that!

    1. Having a team counting on you really helps with the motivation huh?! And yes, so many people… there were even more this week, it was amazing!

  7. loriannehutchins December 5, 2012 — 7:28 pm

    This is amazing! I am so impressed with how many people woke up that early to do stadiums! Go you!

    1. It’s AMAZING!!! It’s such a positive atmosphere with so much energy… I’m seriously addicted to those people.

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