Pyramids and Planks

I don’t have a ton of time this week so you’re probably going to get a couple of quick posts.

It’s ok, nobody likes words, anyway. You’re all just here for the pictures.

And I don’t even have very many pictures for you today! What a jerk.

Anyway, today I want to give you a couple of fitness ideas that I’ve been using in my routine lately. The first is a method of hill sprints, which I Know you all love, and the second is a new way to spice up your old planks.

I actually did the following at the stadium last week, and it thoroughly kicked my ass. But since I know not everyone has access to a stadium, this would be just as effective as hill sprints. I would just recommend finding a good sized hill — one that is about 50 yards long and steep enough so that you can still run up it, but that it’s a challenge to do so.

Just remember to push yourself through the entire workout! If you’re working hard enough, the smaller sets of 2 and 1 shouldn’t actually feel easy despite what you may think. If you push hard enough through the longer sets, the last 2 and 1 should be all you’ve got left in the tank.

Moving on to everyone’s favorite exercise: The Plank! (and even better, combining it with the side-plank).

I’m going to be totally honest with you here. Planks bore me to death. I hate them. So I’ve figured out a way lately to incorporate them into my routine, reaping the benefits but without the mind-numbing static-ness of it all. (Static-ness? I don’t know. I couldn’t think of a real word that would work there).

Here’s the deal on why you might like this: You are not required to hold one plank for more than 20 seconds. Here’s the deal on why you might hate it: It’s much harder than you would think.

No rest in between positions! 

Trust me, the final 20 seconds is no piece of cake, and you might be cursing me at that point. But hey, you’re planking for 3:00 straight, with the added degree of difficulty from the position shifts. Win!

Just make sure that on your planks you’re staying straight like a board. No saggy mid-sections or tent-butts please!

And with that, I’m out. Well, not before I show you this:

IT’S A PUG IN PUG SLIPPERS! Can you get any cuter?!?

Do you ever use a pyramid scheme in your workouts? What’s the longest you’ve ever held a plank? Do you do planks or do they bore you too much? What’s in your fitness plan today?

3 thoughts on “Pyramids and Planks

  1. Sable@SquatLikeALady October 17, 2012 — 10:16 am

    Love pyramid sets! Reverse pyramids are fun too =D

    I prefer posts with more info and less pictures personally!

  2. Planks actually really bore me too! But I did a neat one out of Fitness magazine where my feet were on a stability ball and I had to take one foot off the ball at a time while in plank pose. It was TOUGH!

  3. Planks I LOVE, I do a 7 minute series so each one is held for 1 minute each with a 10 sec rest between. My run I’ve been using an iTunes album – Treadmill Coach and its really helping to push me on my sprints. LOL Oh my goodness where do you find those pics? Pug in Puggle slippers so cute!

    Have a fantastic day! I’m hoping to hit the Elliptical [ just downloaded a new album to help motivate me on that one! ]

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