Pumpkin Oat Breakfast Cookies

I have to apologize, because I know that around this time of year, it’s like Jack the Pumpkin King threw up all over blog land.

There are pumpkin smoothies (YUM!), pumpkin cakes, pumpkin bars, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin cheesecake… pumpkin pumpkin pumpkin!!!

But you know me, I just had to get in on the action. I have been using pumpkin a lot lately, mostly in yogurt bowls, oatmeal, and in smoothies, but I’ve also been working on a little somethin’ somethin’ for ya!

I first made this recipe last week, and while it wasn’t an epic fail, they were just blah.

So I put my thinking cap on, made a few additions, one subtraction, and voila!

Pumpkin Oat Breakfast Cookies 

I began with 1 C of oat flour, but wanted them slightly more dense, so I upped it to 1.5 C. This is a personal preference! 

I have to add a little disclaimer here: I call them breakfast cookies because they are not too sweet and are excellent for a breakfast on the go. However, they are not just for breakfast! I’ve been eating them mostly as an afternoon snack; they’re nutritious, tasty, and with fiber and protein from the oats and pumpkin, they’ll get you through that afternoon snack food crave-fest.

This last time I made them, I couldn’t decide exactly how I wanted them, so I ended up splitting up the batter into thirds. One third were kept with just raisins, one third with chocolate chips and raisins, and the rest were made with raisins and chopped pecans.

My favorite? The ones with chocolate chips of course!

I must admit, they are also ridiculously good with a dollop of almond butter on top (or sandwiched in between, as I’ve been doing). What? A little almond-butter-pumpkin-cookie sandwich is a totally normal idea.

I keep mine refrigerated, although they don’t last very long in my house so I’m not sure how long they’ll keep for; 3-4 days I would imagine. Just pop one in the microwave for about 10 seconds to warm it up, but I think they’re great cold too!

I also have to add one thing: Whether you make these cookies or not, one thing I recommend buying is the Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Butter. If you don’t have a Trader Joe’s near you (you poor, poor soul), I’m sure you can find  pumpkin butter elsewhere but I can’t vouch for how good it will be! It is pretty darn sweet so you never need very much, but about 3/4 Tbs mixed in to my breakfast yogurt bowls has made for breakfast-heaven lately.

And last but certainly not least, if you don’t have the pumpkin butter, you can still make the cookies. I would just add in another banana or a small amount of brown sugar to sweeten them just a touch.

Happy Weekend everyone! I’ll be spending my weekend eating pumpkin things, doing some writing, and studying for my upcoming CSCS exam.  I’m not gonna lie, I’ll probably also consume some pumpkin beers somewhere in there. Fun stuff, huh?

Do any of you have any big plans this weekend? Do you tend to fall onto the pumpkin-craze bandwagon each fall? What’s your favorite recipe to add pumpkin to? Do you use Trader Joes pumpkin butter?

3 thoughts on “Pumpkin Oat Breakfast Cookies

  1. OMG these look so good! My MIL found a no-bake pumpkin cookie I’m going to try out here. Just cause a girls deployed doesn’t mean she doesn’t need her fall-pumpkin binge! Happy AUTUMN!


  2. These look amazing Steph! I love using banana as a sweetener, especially with pumpkin. They pair so well together! Pumpkin and banana oatmeal is my go to breakfast in the fall.

    I love TJ’s pumpkin butter too. My mom brought it back from the US for me 2 years ago and I was so sad when I finished it. Luckily I found a good local substitute!

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