Boston Local Food Festival

Happy Columbus Day!

What a noble holiday, celebrating Christopher Columbus for being such a stand-up guy.

Wait, what? Whatever, I’m working anyway, so the holiday aint no thang for me, but what I am wondering is whether there are people out there who have actual Columbus Day celebrations? What a theme party that would be.

Anyway, on with the blog.

We had some friends in town this weekend, and we took advantage of the nice cool fall day to walk around downtown at the Boston Local Food Festival.

Of course coffee was my first stop at the festival! 

The festival was held on the newly renovated Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway, which is basically a grassy knoll that winds through the busy streets of the Boston Waterfront, in  close proximity to Fanieul Hall. With no shortage of local farms, restaurants and small business offering food, as well as live music and several live food demonstrations, it was a great afternoon despite the crowds!

We tried out plenty of samples and goodies throughout the afternoon, starting with this Maine Sea Kelp Slaw, which I was a little iffy about but just had to try it. Hey, us Mainers have to stick together in the big city, you know?

It was actually pretty good, and was served with some sort of vinegrette on it which kind of cut the kelp taste out altogether. I did try a few pieces that did’t have any of the dressing on it, and it definitely had a hint of “ocean” taste to it. I’m not sure I would actually go out of my way to buy this stuff, but I’m glad I tried it!

We also tried a bunch of other morsels while walking around, including this delicious cashew butter, apple and parsnip soup, fresh tomatoes, and kale chips.

I ended up purchasing the cashew butter because I fell in love at first taste, and the soup, from Beacon Hill Bistro, was a little different but very tasty!  Will loved it; I only had one bite but was impressed with the complex flavors.

The food gem of the day, though, was definitely this smoked-pork flatbread sandwich we got from Blue Glass Cafe. With the meat being smoked directly in front of us, we couldn’t resist this for lunch, and it didn’t disappoint. Topped with kimchi, microgreens, and a mix of other flavors, it was delicious, and at only $5, quite a steal!

Smoking the meat, preparing the plates, and the finished product! A whole lotta yum.

After a bit more walking around, of course we had to also try some sweets (because what is a food festival without some home made baked goods?). We settled on The Everything Cookie from The Cookie Lady, accompanied by hot chocolate with a homemade marshmallow.

The cookie was so ridiculously good; it just might be one of the best cookies I’ve ever had. And the hot chocolate? Out of this world. It was so decadent though, it took 4 of us to finish that one small cup because it was so rich.  However, with the afternoon turning colder by that point, it was a nice ending point to our delicious day of treats.

Besides the food we devoured sampled, there were also some pretty awesome food demonstrations. One of which was an “iron chef” type of competition between two local chefs that I stuck around to watch for a few minutes.  I believe their “mystery fish” was Skate, but I didn’t stick around to see what they ended up coming up with. My bad!

Also, this last piece that I’m going to show you guys is not for those of you with a squeamish stomach. If you tend to get a little woozy when you walk into a butcher shop, I would just skip the end of this post altogether.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

One of the coolest (yet also pretty gross) demonstrations was about how to use the “whole pig”. This woman had an entire half of a pig laid out on the table, and went through a very detailed presentation about the different cuts of meat, what you can do with the different portions, how to butcher it, etc. I stuck around for a little while and then left to wander, but I was there long enough to snap a few pictures.

Seriously…if you don’t want to see this, close your eyes and scroll down for a second:

Take note of the hand saw especially… home girl really knew how to use those tools! Watching her saw through the bone was not the most pleasant part of the presentation, but the anatomy/science geek in me was kind of loving every second of it.

And there you have it! I’m so glad we found out about this festival beforehand, and I definitely hope to try it out again next year. I am a big believer in supporting local farms, farmers, small businesses and restaurants, so to spend an entire afternoon doing just that with some great friends was excellent! The yummy treats were just an added bonus.

How did you spend your weekend? Would you be grossed out or intrigued by the pig presentation? Do you try to buy local products/food?

9 thoughts on “Boston Local Food Festival

  1. WOW what a fun weekend!!! Mine was just wpent doing homework booooo haha
    That pig would’ve probably freaked me out initially, but it actually sounds kinda interesting! 🙂
    Hope you have a wonderful week ahead!

    1. It was a little freaky at first, but it was so interesting!!

  2. This looks like such a great time!! I love food markets – they always have the best eats and atmosphere! I think the pig demonstration is kinda cool, especially since we eat meat but usually have absolutely no idea which part of the animal its coming from!

  3. I LOVE your yellow coat! & I wanted to go to this festival!! That pig presentation def would have freakeD me out, especially since I spent yesterday at the Topsfield fair petting little piglets. haha

    1. Thanks so much!! I actually just got the coat last weekend, so I’m still in love with it too 🙂 And Yes about the piglets…I wouldn’t want to think about them turning out like that pig either!

  4. onehealthymunchkin October 8, 2012 — 8:37 pm

    What an awesome festival! There’s nothing better than getting to try tons of different food samples. 😀 I definitely would have gone for that smoked pork flatbread sandwich too. Yum!

    I like to buy local fruits and veggies, so I go to our farmer’s market every weekend until it closes in December (sad face!). I like buying other products locally too, but I don’t go out of my way to find them as much.

    1. The smoked meat smell was wafting throughout the entire festival…there was no way we could resist, haha! I do the farmers markets in the summer time too, it’s definitely tougher to find local stuff during the colder months 😦

  5. How awesome! I get sooo homesick every time I read your blog!

    1. That’s whyyy you should come visit again!!!

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