Eating My Way Through NYC

Since I know some of you love looking at food pictures, I’ll indulge you a little bit today.

And when I say indulge, boy do I mean it.

As many of you know, I was in NYC with Will this past weekend visiting friends and enjoying life. Every time we go to NYC, I end up eating so much incredible food, and this trip was no different. I truly think that about 80% of my time in that city is spent eating. I just can’t help myself.

Unfortunately, there were certain times throughout the weekend where I either didn’t remember to take pictures, or just felt plain weird taking pictures of my food, so what I’m left with is just a portion of what was consumed. I also have to note that with these pictures and last week’s banana post, it seems likely that many of you probably think I exclusively eat desserts.

But as much as I would love a world full of just desserts, it’s not true. It just tends to be what I take pictures of, for no particular reason. Plus, it’s way  more fun to write about cupcakes than kale, don’t you think? (Although I do love me some kale).

And with that, I’ll shut up and get on with it! And since this is a post full of eats, I’ll link up to What I Ate Wednesday, hosted by Jenn over at Peas and Crayons. Enjoy!

It’s really unfortunate that I didn’t get a picture of my brunch on Saturday morning, but there’s nothing I can do about that. I will tell you though, it was a “Farmers Frittata”, with eggs, bacon, asparagus and potatoes, and it was simply divine.

That afternoon while walking around, Will and I stopped by the amazing cupcake joint, Baked By Melissa, for some of their delicious bite sized treats.

Pictured here are Mint Chocolate Chip, PB &J, Cookie Dough, and Peanut Butter Cup. OH. MY. GOD. I ate 2, but honestly could have polished off a dozen of these bad boys no problem. 

Later that afternoon, we stopped by the famous Russ And Daughters for a snack, since we wouldn’t be eating again until a late dinner.

If you’ve never had a R&D Bagel before, you’re missing out. I’m not even a huge bagel lover but these are amazing. This is Will’s, complete with Lox, but I just ate a few bites of the bagel/cream cheese to hold me over. 

Later that night, we had a dinner that was to die for. Truffle pizza and pumpkin filled Tortelli pasta, both of which I unfortunately did not photograph. I did remember to get dessert though!

Vanilla Gelato with Espresso poured on top. I can’t even tell you how good this was! 

Sunday morning, we headed over to the famous Clinton St. Bakery for brunch. This place has gotten so popular that we had to wake up early to wait in line to put our names on the list… and still had to wait 2 hours for a table! It’s worth it though, for these little slices of heaven:

These pancakes are without a doubt, the best pancakes I’ve ever had in my life. I’m not sure what they put in them, but they’re addictive! Will and I split the pancakes and the Spanish Scramble, complete with fresh tomatoes, spinach and chorizo. 

That afternoon before we got on our bus, we also stopped for one more mini meal. We went to a little tiny Venezuelan place called Caracas that we had been to before. If you’ve never tried Arepas before, I suggest you get on that. And if you’re going to try them, head to Caracas because this place does it best!

Look at all that goodness, including plantains. YUM! Definitely hit the spot. 

And with that, we were off. But let’s not forget all of the coffee I consumed over the weekend as well!  Here are a couple of my favorites:

Even at nice coffee shops, I almost always have to get my cappuccino in a to go cup, because it takes me so long to drink them. Although there’s nothing like a nice, ceramic coffee mug, sometimes you’ve just gotta get moving! 

And there you have it. Like I said, there were other things eaten over the weekend, meals that I really wish I had taken pictures of! But this is better than nothing.

Have you been to NYC? What are your favorite places to eat when you go there? Do you tend to go to little hole-in-the-wall places like Caracas or the more famous restaurants when you travel?

7 thoughts on “Eating My Way Through NYC

  1. Would be embarassing to tell you that I may be drooling @ this exact moment?? Seriously girl, it all looks delicious!! LOVE NYC foods! I don’t think it’s possible for the hubs & I to visit w/o getting some sort of pizza!

  2. HOLY YUM!! I’m with the comment above me– I’m literally drooling at my desk haha
    Can I be your traveling buddy next trip?? 😀

  3. Oh gee’s, your food looks so good. I LOVE to eat out…it’s my weakness. 🙂

  4. Sable@SquatLikeALady September 26, 2012 — 12:02 pm

    Next time I go to NYC I’m taking you!! haha!! You picked all the best places by the looks of it!

  5. Oh wow, your food looks awesome!! I always take photos of my dessert, even if 90% of the photos don’t leave my phone haha. I’m dying to go to New York. If all goes to plan, I should be heading there next summer 🙂

  6. onehealthymunchkin September 26, 2012 — 5:47 pm

    I bet that pumpkin filled tortellini was amazing! And that pizza. Gosh, I love Italian food. I’ve never been to NYC but I’m dying to go! I think I could spend a year there just trying to eat my way through all of its restaurants!

  7. Droollll pumpkin filled tortellini?! That sounds exquisite! So many wonderful fall flavors coming out right now and any use of pumpkin is a-okay with me 😉

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