Review: Zico Coconut Water

A little while ago, I was contacted by a representative of Zico brand Coconut Water, asking if I would like to review their product for the blog. Seeing as I am a coconut-water fiend already, but had not tried Zico before, I thought, why not?

They were nice enough to send me this nifty (I don’t think people say nifty enough anymore) backpack with a few 11 oz containers of the original flavor, as well as one liter of their newer Chocolate flavor.

I have to admit, when I first opened the bag, I was a little off-put by the liter of Chocolate flavor. To me, coconut water seems like something that should either be in its original form, or in a fruity flavor such as mango or pineapple. Chocolate? Not so much. However, I can’t do a review without actually taste-testing the product, so taste-test I did, albeit with little hesitation.


I’m going to leave you in suspense about the chocolate, and start with the Original.

The Original, in my opinion, tastes just like any other original coconut water out there. I tried one of them at room temp, and one refrigerated, and found that I much prefer it at a colder temp. It has a light, refreshing flavor, is extremely thirst quenching, and tastes great on a hot day or following a workout. I have talked to many people who don’t love the taste of unflavored coconut water though, so if that’s the case, don’t expect this to be different than other brands in that regard.

Now on to the Chocolate.

The star of the show. 

I. Loved. This.

Let me say it again. LOVE. It tastes like a lighter, more refreshing version of chocolate milk, and is delicious to drink straight out of the container (trust me, I did this several times). The chocolate flavor is strong enough, but not overpowering, yet it does not taste like watered down chocolate, which is what I was afraid of. And the best part? At 70 calories per serving, it’s not going to break the calorie bank if you’re having a chocolate craving!

Additional observations: Both flavors are great additions to a smoothie. The original is a great liquid addition to a smoothie without altering flavor or adding sugary fruit juices, and the Chocolate is an excellent and tasty addition to a PB/Banana smoothie (one of my faves)!

One thing I do have to add, however, is that coconut water is in no way a “free” drink, in terms of calories and nutrition. There is natural sugar in the original flavor, and some added sugar in the Chocolate flavor in the form of cane sugar, which makes it a little bit more of an indulgence in my book, not something I’d drink by the glass every day.

What are some additional benefits of Coconut Water when compared to water or other sports drinks?

  • Zico Coconut Water is a great source of potassium, in fact, according to the label, it has 670 mg in one serving, which is more than in a whole banana.
  • Zico is also a great source of electrolytes besides potassium, including magnesium, sodium, calcium, and phosphorus, all great at replenishing  your body’s electrolytes after a tough workout (or over-indulgent night, if you know what I mean).
  • I have been known to have some over-indulgent nights (I know, it’s hard to believe). But I have taken to drinking coconut water after one of those nights, and weather it’s placebo or actually from the additional electrolytes, it helps me to feel better faster the next morning!

Do you like Coconut Water? Have you tried Zico? What’s your favorite way to drink it: plain, flavored, in a smoothie? Would you try the chocolate flavor?

**Disclamer: I have not been compensated by Zico or any other third party for this review, aside from the coconut water itself. The thoughts and opinions stated above are my own, and were not influenced by any outside source.**

1 thought on “Review: Zico Coconut Water

  1. onehealthymunchkin September 10, 2012 — 6:33 pm

    I love coconut water, but I’ve never tried the chocolate kind. I need to go on a hunt for it! I should have thought to buy some for after Saturday night… maybe it would have made Sunday a little less rough for me haha. 😉

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