When The Going Gets Tough

…The Tough Get Tougher

As I mentioned last Monday, I had a long, tough week this past week. I’m not saying this so anyone will feel bad for me, because I love my job and I know it just comes with the territory. But I just wanted to pop in quickly to let you guys know that although it was a week filled with uber long days and endless amounts of stress, I managed to still feel pretty good during most of it.

How did I do this?

  • I rode my bike to work every day except one (because it was raining and I was being a big whiny baby). Never mind that riding my bike actually cuts my commute time in half, the fact I get an automatic 10 miles of cycling in per day is a definite WIN.
  • Even though I had to be at work extra early all week and didn’t have time for the gym, I was determined to get a few good heart pumping workout sessions in. I did this by squeezing in hard work where I could, no matter how little time I had. Twice last week, I stopped at the stadium on my way to work and ran 10 stadium sprints. One other day I stopped at the outdoor fitness area along the Charles River mid-ride and did a body weight/plyo circuit. Each of these workouts took only 12-15 minutes, but they all thoroughly kicked my ass.

  • I practiced my pull ups whenever I got the chance. Even though I didn’t have time for the gym, I did have time to hop up on my pull up bar at home a few times per day. Reps are reps right? And doing 5 pull-ups is more physical activity than doing none!
  • I prepped some homemade snacks at the beginning of the week, so that I would have a little extra energy for the longer days at work. Keeping myself from getting famished in between meals was key to my sanity, and having home made snacks made me feel better about what I was fueling my body with.

  • I tried my hardest to keep up with a good sleep schedule. I didn’t get quite enough sleep every single night of the week, but I was able to get a consistent 7 hrs/night, except for one. Without enough sleep, my mood and brain power go downhill extremely fast, which is not good for me, my co-workers, and certainly not my patients!
  • I relaxed when I could and took some “Me” time every day. Yes, this meant stepping away from the blog for a few days, but I think you guys understand. I read a little each night, lounged around on the couch a little more than I should when I got home from work, and spent some much needed time with Will. Sometimes you just have to let yourself relax for a little while, you know?

So that’s how I survived my hell week at work. I’m not saying that these tips will work for everyone, but they helped me to feel healthy and energized through some very long and stressful days. I know that not everyone can ride a bike to work, and certainly not everyone has access to showers at work (Trust me, if I didn’t have access to a shower, those stadium runs pre-work would make for an ugly, smelly day in the office!). But even when you simply don’t have the time for your normal workout schedule, and the last thing you want to do after a 13 hour work day is cook dinner, there are always little ways that you can help yourself. Find the things that keep you energized and add a little positivity to your day, and battling the stress gets that much easier.

Do you have any tips or tricks to get through stressful times? How do you keep yourself energized and positive when life gets in the way? How do you fit in physical activity when you don’t have time for the gym?

6 thoughts on “When The Going Gets Tough

  1. onehealthymunchkin September 5, 2012 — 5:31 pm

    Steph you are so inspiring with how you tackled this tough week! I probably would have just given up on workouts altogether – I still get stuck in that “all or nothing” mindset sometimes. But I love how you squeezed in short workouts when you could. That’s so much better than doing nothing!

    When I get stressed with exams, I take breaks to go on walks with Meg. It really helps clear my head and keeps me from getting frazzled!

    1. I definitely used to have the “all or nothing” mindset, but I’ve realized how much better I feel if I just get a little bit in…so a quick stadium run is a great way to do a lot of work in a very short amount of time!

  2. Awesome! Glad you made it through your week. I love to stretch before bed and make a point to do it when I’m busy, even if it’s a little later than I’d like. It helps me relax and keeps me from getting tight when I’m stressed. Also it helps me get to sleep.

    1. What a Great idea! Sometimes I foam roll at night, which isn’t the most pleasant thing but I always feel so much better afterward 🙂

  3. I love this post–it’s so good to hear about healthy balance! My hubby has been riding bike to school when he has a little more time. It’s such a nice way to start (and end) the day! Other days, like when he’s studying ALL day, we’ll take quick bike breaks every few hours. 🙂

    Your bars look delicious. I’m definitely bookmarking that recipe! 😉

  4. You sure know how to take care of yourself, hunnie 🙂 I LOVE YOU AND YOUR LIFESTYLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been out of the gym more than usual lately, but that’s OK 🙂 I know I’ll get into my usual routine soon enough 🙂

    I honestly need to keep a good sleep schedule when in a stressful time/busy week. I had an awful sleep on Wednesday night and it took a strip out of me!!!!!! 12 – 3 am! I am still not caught up, but YIKES was Thursday a BRUTAL day. It all caught up with me on Saturday, though. What an awful night – luckily I listened to my bod and went to bed at 8:45! YES! 8:45 on a Saturday 🙂

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