Work Out Wednesday – Incline Interval Run

Yo blog peeps! I was too busy stuffing my face enjoying a dinner out with friends last night, so today’s post is a quickie.

As it just so happens, so is today’s workout.

Sometimes we’re all in the need for a quick and dirty workout, right? When you don’t have time to get a full lift in, or if it’s your off-day from lifting, some quick, heart-pumping conditioning can work wonders.  I tend to do interval conditioning about 2 times per week. One of those is usually a stadium run, and the other tends to be a treadmill workout. Every once in a while I throw a day in with a plyo/conditioning circuit, but that’s beside the point.

Interval workouts are a great way to get an excellent conditioning workout in minimal time. Whether they actually are better at blasting fat I’m not sure (there is research that goes both ways), but I don’t think anyone can deny how efficient they are if you’re short on time! Besides, who wants to spend 60 minutes on a dreadmill when  you could get just as much work done in 30? 25? 20?

I’ve done the following treadmill workout with several variations, but I’ll give you the base version, and you can work your own magic from there!

See what I did there? You’re welcome, ladies. 

The entire workout takes between 20-25 minutes, depending on how long you take for warm-up and cool-down. I don’t generally spend too long on my treadmill warm-up, because I make sure a get a good dynamic warmup in before hand. A dynamic warm up, in my opinion, is more beneficial than just hopping on the treadmill to jog/warm-up, but you are free to do whatever type of warm-up you please.

Now lace up your sneakers, crank up your incline, and let’s goooo!

To me, the incline is really the key here. Running up hill is a little bit easier on the knees, and the added incline also helps to give you quite the glute (booty) workout so many women are looking for. Also, your “walk” speed should be a brisk walk; slow enough to allow you to recover but still quick enough that you feel challenged. Don’t slow it down so much so that you’re plodding up that incline!

I’ve also recently started ramping up the times — I was able to comfortably complete this twice over the past couple of weeks while taking down the rest time on the sprint/rest intervals to 20 seconds instead of 30 (Sprint 15 sec, Rest 20 Sec). Back in early spring when I was doing this workout a lot, the 15/30 interval time would kill me at incline level 8. Now? I tried it at that interval time and it was too easy! I guess the obscene amount of stadiums I’ve been running this summer have really paid off… Who doesn’t love seeing progress like that? Remember you can adjust the speeds, incline level, and interval times to fit your fitness level. Have some fun with this one!

If you ask me, hill sprints and intervals are the only way to run. (Not for everyone of course, but for me). I get some sort of sick satisfaction out of them, and I never get bored. If, however, you have an injury or just plain don’t run, you can do this type of workout on other forms of cardio as well! Hop on a bike if that’s more your style, crank up the resistance a little higher than usual, and start your timer!

Heck, sometimes I do sprint intervals on my bike ride to work. Yep I’m that crazy girl doing sprint intervals along the Charles while everyone else is moseying along, trying not to sweat on their commute to work. Booooring.

Do you ever do intervals on an incline? Do you enjoy running on an incline? How often do you do interval training?

11 thoughts on “Work Out Wednesday – Incline Interval Run

  1. I really like doing incline intervals! I’d rather work harder than move faster if that makes sense.

    1. Agreed! I feel like you accomplish more in less time.

    2. Totally makes sense, and I feel the same way! I’m pretty slow even at a sprint, so moving fast isn’t really in the cards for me 🙂

  2. Inclines are TOUGH … which is why I like ’em! You definitely don’t have to go very fast – or long – either, to get a lot out of it!

    1. You really don’t, which is why I love them! As long as you’re working hard enough, you can get a great workout in in no time at all!

  3. Funny I was just about to hop on the treadmill and so some sprinting. I guess great minds think alike! I love hills (and have gotten pretty good at running them indoor and out) but unfortunately they don’t bode well for my plantar fasciitis (frustrating) so I work around them. I would LOVE to run the stadium with you sometime.

    1. I would LOVE to run stadiums with you! Let’s definitely set something up!

  4. Love those speedy workouts!! I occassionally do interval training on treadmills… I can only run at an incline for 30 seconds though then I need to come down!!

  5. onehealthymunchkin August 22, 2012 — 8:24 pm

    Geez Steph this looks killer! I have a hard time running at a level 2 incline, let alone level 8! But I’m going to remember this workout for the next time I want to torture myself! 😉

    1. They are definitely tough, which is why I say to adjust the incline level to fit you! But also remember that they are run/walk and sprint/rest intervals…I definitely couldn’t run at an 8 incline for an extended period of time!

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