Random Friday Thoughts

It’s FINALLY Friday!

I swear this week has seemed like it lasted about 3 weeks… has it seemed that long to anyone else?

Anyhow, today’s post is full of random thoughts, because that seems to be my MO lately.

Random Thought #1

I haven’t done a good, well-researched nutrition post for you guys in ages. I’m working on one right now, so hopefully I’ll get it up next week! Sorry about that, I seem to be slacking a little bit. I actually have a few that I’m working on, as well as some super duper training posts that I think you’ll really enjoy. Now if only I can get them out of my brain and onto my blog… Hmm….

Yeah… Morans!

Random Thought #2

Screw the front squat. No, no, I don’t really mean that. What I really mean is, screw my right wrist and my complete lack of ability to get in a good, front-loaded barbell position. My back has actually been feeling ok (not great, but no worse either), so I’ve gone back to the back squats, because the lack of range-of-motion in my right wrist is really hindering my arm positioning for a proper front squat. Never mind the fact that wherever I place the bar on a front squat, I either feel like my clavicle is about to snap in half, my right wrist is about to break, or my deltoid is going to be ripped from it’s attachment on the acromion. Let’s just say I need a little help. Anyone have any good front-loaded barbell positioning tips?

Random Thought #3:

I am extremely sad that the swimming portion of the Olympics is over. Missy Franklin probably made me laugh and cry more than anyone this year; she’s just an incredible athlete at such a young age. What an inspiration for other young girls out there! And let’s not forget Michael Phelps (I’m pretty sure forgetting him is not humanly possible). I forced Will to watch every word of every interview with MP, saying every time… “It’s the LAST one!”, or even, “YES we have to watch his medal ceremony, because it’s the LAST time he’ll be up there for this event!” Ah, Michael Phelps, I’ll miss you and your freakishly huge wing span.

Oh, your arms span the entire lane? That’s normal.

Random Thought #4

Will graduated from PA school on Wednesday!! YAY!! I’m so proud of him — it’s been a very long 2 years of school and clinical rotations for him, so I know he’s more than relieved to be done! We had both of our families come to Boston for the ceremony, and to our house for brunch before hand. My plan was to photograph all of the food that we prepared, to show you guys, but I got so stressed about getting everything ready in time that the only thing I remembered to photograph was the fruit salad. Oh well. You’ll just have to trust me that everything came out wonderful too (especially the bacon wrapped dates with goat cheese… DROOL).


Random Thought #5

In case anyone’s curious how my workouts have been going lately, I’ll tell you now that they’ve been all over the place. After a couple of weeks out of the weight room entirely (but not without workouts, don’t worry!), I’m back in it to win it. Here’s a little looksie at my leg day on Thursday:

Dynamic warmup to start, of course, followed by some back squat warm up sets, and then the following:

Back Squats 4×5, 1×4
1A: Barbell reverse lunges 3×7 ea leg
1B: Elevated SL pelvic thrusts 3×6 ea leg
2A: Trap Bar deadlift 3×8
2B: Inverse Rows 2×6, 1×5
Glute Ham Raises 3×8
3A: KB double arm swings 3×20
3B: Weighted Walking Lunges 2×40

And all of this was followed by a boat load of foam rolling and stretching of course! Also, I shouldn’t mention this, because it’s embarrassing, but I will anyway: I woke up yesterday (Thursday) SO convinced it was Monday, I proceeded to do the above workout in the weight room without even thinking about it. It wasn’t until about 3 pm that I realized I had already done a heavy squat day… on Monday… my normal squat day. DOH! Oh well, double squat days in one week won’t kill me, right? Although I am awfully sore today.

Yeah, that happened. Major brain moment over here. Maybe the top picture is pretty accurate after all?

Have you ever gone an entire day thinking it was the wrong day?  Will you miss Michael Phelps next time the Olympics come around? 

7 thoughts on “Random Friday Thoughts

  1. hmmm i’d love to see a vid of you performing front squats so i can see your hand position and where the bar is on your chest BUT, without video evidence, here are some suggestions:

    for the standard front squat rack position (which i honestly think you should keep practicing, because your wrists DO get used to it) – i would lighten the load and use more reps. think of it more like training for your position vs training for your legs. you WILL get used to it i promise. a few little corrections can help (i.e. holding the bar a bit more in the palms of your hands instead of all the way on your finger tips at first – it won’t cause your wrist to bend back as far). little things like stretching the flexors in your arm can help this issue in a couple of weeks. also, widening or narrowing your grip can make it rest more comfortably on your collarbone…everyone is a little different when it comes to that, so you might have to try a few variations. once your hand position is better, it will support the weight MUCH better.

    other variations: cross arm (body builder style), zercher squats, and standard DB front squats – the cross arm will help you load the position, the zercher will challenge the stability and upper body, and the DB’s will allow you another way to practice the rack position AND keep your triceps from getting too tight (another common issue with the rack position). you can even front load your split squat and your lunges, which automatically forces you to lower the weight while still keeping the rack position!

    hope some of these help!

    1. Thanks Kristen! I knew I could count on you for some quality tips. I swear the front squat is my biggest frenemy…I know I should be doing them but it’s pure torture. I also am about 80% sure I have a pretty significant wrist injury (any over pressure into extension is extremely painful), and am getting x-rays next week. I’ll let you know what the verdict is, and if I’m just being a big baby. I have included some front loaded lunges and split squats, but anything too much heavier than 65ish pounds just feels like I’m crushing my clavicle and wrist. I will definitely try a little bit different grip width, different placement on my hands, and will also have more of an update once I figure out what the H-balls is going on with my wrist. Maybe I’ll even get a video one of these days so you can REALLY critique me. 🙂

      1. PLEASE you’re probably so bad ass that you’ve been front squatting with a broken wrist… in which case you get ALL THE AWARDS. but definitely let me know!!! good luck!!

  2. Um, well I was going to comment about the front squat, but I think I was beaten to it 😉

    1. Haha, I know, I think Kristen covered all the bases on that one!

  3. great workout! boston?! where abouts are you?! we should meet up! front squats–totally love hate and have to take it easy on the wrists for sure. I find that holding the bar a bit wider is a bit more doable btu then again I am not lifting CRAZY heavy with front squats mainly because I need to build up strength in my upper body!

    1. Thanks Naomi! And YES Boston, I live right in the city! We should definitely meet up, because you’re Beantown too, aren’t you? Let’s make it happen!

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