Strength is Beautiful: Olympics 2012

There are so many reasons why I love the Olympics.  Watching elite athletes from all over the world, knowing that many of them have dedicated their life to this very moment is inspirational in itself.  Being able to feel, through my TV, the national pride of every country as they compete in events often gives me goosebumps. Seeing athletes up on those podiums, being presented with their Olympic medals is awe inspiring to say the least, and often makes me tear up a little bit (I know, I’m a big baby).

But one of the things I love the most about the Olympics are the female athletes.  Strong, beautiful women who train like it’s their job (for some, it is), and who have been working towards this day for years, are about to compete in every sport from gymnastics, to soccer, to volleyball, and everything in between.  With all of the negativity that often surrounds female athletes and strong women, I wanted to take today to celebrate just a small percentage of the awesome ladies that are about to compete for the US in the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Logan Tom, USA Women’s Volleyball


LoLo Jones, USA Women’s Track and Field 



Natalie Coughlin, USA Women’s Swimming 


Jessica Hardy, USA Women’s Swimming 


Jordan Larson, USA Women’s Volleyball


Tobin Heath, USA Women’s Soccer


Alex Morgan, USA Women’s Soccer


As noted above, to get to this level, these women train more than most of us could ever dream of. They lift weights (heavy ones), they do sprints, plyos, and anything else to give them a competitive edge. And you know what? They are not bulky, manly, or masculine, terms that are often thrown around when referring to women who lift weights. (And if you think they are, you need to get your eyesight checked. Or your brain.) No, I can think of many more appropriate adjectives for these women: beautiful, inspirational, strong, motivational, athletic, graceful… The list goes on and on.

There are so many women out there who don’t want to train hard or lift weights because they don’t want to get “bulked up” or “look manly”. I know it’s been said a thousand times, but ladies, using these women as our inspiration, can we leave that mindset behind and please start realizing that strength and beauty can be one in the same. You’ve got all the proof you need in the pictures above, and I could throw a hundred more in there as well, if I had more time!

I hope everyone has a few minutes over the next couple of weeks to really appreciate all of the amazing athletes that are competing in London, male and female. Beauty aside, they all have amazing talent, strength, and determination that has led them to compete, and they deserve our attention and respect for that.  I know I’m most excited for swimming, track, and volleyball, but honestly when it comes to the Olympics I’ll watch just about anything!

Do you plan on watching the Olympics? What are your favorite events to watch? Do you have a favorite Olympic athlete?

13 thoughts on “Strength is Beautiful: Olympics 2012

  1. Wow, that first woman is HOT! A bunch of the guys at work have tickets to the women’s volleyball and they were devastated when I told them the news: if it’s too cold, the ladies will be wearing trackpants! The weather was amazing for the past week, but it’s gone back to rain and cold today so I’m not too hopeful for them. LOL!

    As for me, I am fleeing London to get away from the mayhem! We don’t have a TV so I don’t know how much of it I’d watch anyway…

    1. Isn’t she gorgeous?!? Haha, that’s great… I was watching last night and knew that some people would be disappointed they were in long sleeves! It must be CRAZY there, so it’s probably a good idea to get away for a few days!

  2. Another great post! Happy Friday! And check this out – I nominated you for a couple of awards.

  3. Great post! I love a hard training session – muscles truly are beautiful! So excited about the Olympics – you can’t help but be inspired by the athleticism!

    1. Thanks so much! I do too — I wish more women would be proud and excited about muscles instead of trying to avoid accentuating them! And I agree, I’ve been watching non-stop, it doesn’t matter the sport I love it all!

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!! So stoked for the games tonight, it’s gonna be so epic! 🙂

  5. “get bulked up”… worst thing any woman can think about weight training. Those chicks are hot AND badass.

    I’m biased to rowing/horseback riding events… but those were my sports growing up!

    1. You speak the truth!! And I think we’re all biased to sports we’ve played…I was a swimmer so I’m always glued to the TV when it’s on. Especially Ryan Lochte this year!

  6. Timmy Jones Johnson August 3, 2012 — 4:49 pm

    Um, you forgot about the best looking of them all, Hope Solo, is that really her name?

    1. Haha, I ONLY didn’t put her because she’s not just an athlete, she’s basically a celebrity now. She’s EVERYwhere. I thought I’d put some of the other beauties that don’t get as much attention!

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