Fitness Challenge Week 6: Sprint!

Since I gave you an easy week last week with the lunges, this week I’m cranking it up a notch and giving  you a sprint workout that will probably make you want to slap me.


Why sprinting?

Well, for starters, because I like it. Second of all, for all of you steady-state-cardioers out there, adding in 1-2 sprint and/or HIIT workouts each week will really help you to kick your fat-loss into gear. *Note: I am not suggesting that interval/sprint training is the end-all, be-all of cardio. I really believe, based on research that I have read, that both types of cardio have a place in a training program. But if all you do is steady state, adding in some sprints or intervals could really help increase your results, when paired with a balanced training program and nutritional plan.

And although it’s not the only thing you should be doing, sprinting is a valuable tool in a training program, be it for fat loss, strength, or energy-use efficiency. If you lift weights (which most of you do), adding sprints to your program can help with your body’s ability to power through the end of those tough sessions in the weight room. Sprints will also help your body to burn more calories post-exercise, and who doesn’t want that?

So without further ado, here is your workout:

As it says above, you’ll need to set up cones, or some sort of markers, at 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 yards. Or better yet, you could use an already lined football field!

This picture is actually perfect, because you won’t need a full 100 yard space, only 50 yards. This is because each sprint (besides the 10 yard ones) will be done with a cut and turn at the mid-point. Why? Adding in the cuts gives this workout a little more difficulty… and for any current athletes that are reading, makes this a more functional workout.

This workout wont take you very long, but it’s tough! I would not perform this on a day of, before, or directly following a heavy leg day in the weight room.  And if you are very new to working out, or have never ran/done sprints before, I would do a very modified version of this. Try starting out with half the reps of each distance and see how you do. I would even omit the full 100 yd sprints if this is your first time doing a workout like this.  And if you are advanced, I would add 1-2 reps of each distance after the 20s. As always, safety needs to come first! If you have a pre-existing injury or feel pain/shortness of breath/dizziness, please discontinue the workout and consult with a medical professional.

Now get out there, get motivated, and get going!!

yes yes yes.

Do you do sprint workouts usually? How often do you incorporate sprints or HIIT into your training?

3 thoughts on “Fitness Challenge Week 6: Sprint!

  1. This looks intense! I love sprinting. I’ve been doing an experiment over the past two months, where I’m trying to lean out only by doing sprints. I get my steady state cardio in the form of walking to and from the train!

  2. okay, I think I’m ready to give this a try this week. (especially now that the humidity broke around here!)

    1. Oh I know, I’m so glad the humidity has finally broken, I was going a little crazy! Give the sprints a try, I have sort of a love/hate relationship with that workout 🙂

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