Health Re-Boot

Hello everyone! Today you’re getting a half-assed, fake post, and this week’s challenge will be coming to you tomorrow. Sorry.

I spent the weekend at a beautiful wedding of 2 dear friends, and I am now so exhausted and brain dead that this is all you can get out of me.

The bride and groom. Congrats Emily and Zack on such a beautiful day! 

The wedding was a great time — wonderful people, amazing food, a kick-ass band, far too much wine, and a whole lot of dancing! All of that amazing food and wine, however, has left me feeling… how should I put this delicately… puffy.

Too much wine + too much sugar + too little sleep + not enough water has left my body feeling uber gross. (But would I take any of it back? NOT a chance. Living it up sometimes, especially for weddings, is a requirement for happiness in my book).

But now is the time to get back to reality and tone it down a bit, especially since I have birthday festivities coming up next week and we all know how birthday’s go! (And if you think I won’t eat birthday cake, you’ve lost your damn mind.)

So this week, and for the immediate future (besides my birthday), I’ve gotta set some ground rules. I’m putting them here to keep myself accountable. Ready? Go.

  • Very little/no added sugar – Save the sweets and treats for the big occasions. No random desserts for this week.
  • Limited carbs  – I’m not the carb police, but I do know that avoiding high quantities of carbs this week will help me to de-puff (carbs hold a lot of water and can add to a bloaty feeling)
  • Tons of colorful veggies – This one is big. I think my body could use an influx of antioxidants and a multitude of vitamins/minerals right about now.
  • Be Really careful with portion sizes – Really really careful.

That’s it! Honestly, these are things that I usually do anyway, I just know that keeping an extra strict eye on them for this week will help me feel back to my normal self. Making small changes like cutting 100-200 calories per day will easily make up for the excess calories I packed in over the course of this weekend, and that really doesn’t take that much effort.

At least I crushed it on the dance floor so I know I burned a few of those excess calories off already 😉  Add in an extra HIIT workout and a little bit extra to each workout, and I’ll be good by the time next weekend rolls around… at which point I’ll probably have to slow my roll and do this all over again.

A little MJ on the dance floor… 

How do you reboot after an over indulgent weekend?

8 thoughts on “Health Re-Boot

  1. I love, love your dress. You look fab – have a great week!

  2. I love your dress – so pretty! I can totally relate to you right now. I’m supposed to be leaning out, but I ate SO much food yesterday. Ugh. I feel so bloated and disgusted today. It’s definitely easier to follow a low carb diet when I feel puffed up like a balloon!

    1. Thanks Tara! And yes it is!! I ate so much this weekend that I’ve hardly been hungry all day today!

  3. Ahh let’s see salads & veggies & lean meats oh my!! ;o) I had one of those weekends myself

    1. Ahh… Yes indeed! Those weekends are so worth it but brutal for the first couple of days afterward.

  4. Sable@SquatLikeALady July 16, 2012 — 11:57 am

    I LOVE your dress!! Where did you get it? I have a wedding to go to in September!!!

    1. Thank you so much Sable!! I actually found it at a consignment shop about a year or 2 ago, believe it or not. (I’m a bargain hunting master!) I think it was probably my best consignment find ever, and I’ve been waiting for the right occasion to wear it!

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